GWAR - If I Could Be That Lyrics

Won't be silent
I wanna be something
I wanna see something
I'm gonna get nothing
I want you
I wanna be something
Don't wanna be nothing
If I could be that
If I could really be that
If I could be that for you
I'll huff and puff
I'd like to blow my life down
If I could be that for you
Angry stupid bitter violent
angry stupid won't be silent
Angry stupid violent
I want you

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GWAR If I Could Be That Comments
  1. Scott Dailey

    It's ok. Miss dave

  2. RiceReaper

    My favorite gwar song.

  3. Mark Rago

    My favorite Gwar album

    Jon Eldridge

    @RiceReaper did u know bjork is in the band?

    Jon Eldridge

    Sick in our heads maybe?

    Mark Rago

    @Jon Eldridge too young for the 09 tour? You're making me feel old dude!🙃 Where did you ever hear that Bjork was in GWAR? I'm not aware of that. She's European, very different kind of musician. She DID record a couple songs with Mike Patton from Faith No More/Fantomas/Tomahawk/Dead Cross/Peeping Tom/Dillinger Escape Plan/etc,etc, but as far as I know, she has never worked with GWAR. If you have evidence to the contrary, please, enlighten me.

    Jon Eldridge

    @Mark Rago I will try to find it. It's on America must be destroyed I think ..she does over vocals or background vocals whatever you would call it.. 09 tour I missed cause I was broke.. I believe they were playing with misfits...

    Jon Eldridge

    @Mark Rago it's called Beauteous Rot! I'm 80% sure it's bjork but I could be wrong. But in an interview with Dave Brokie years ago he did say she was in the band for a short while...

  4. Russ Erhart

    My theme

  5. Dave

    Love this song