GWAR - Gwar Theme Lyrics

Gazing through the toothy maw--
you could not conceive what I saw--
In my land there is no sun--In
my country there are no guns--OK!
'Cause we are Gwar!!!
And we'll go far!!!
We've got guitars
We'll go to war!!! (Thrash your bar, Wreck
your car, etc...)
Gwar! Gwar! Gwar! Gwar! Gwar!
Steel and leather, whips and
chains, we've learned how to enjoy
pain! Life in a cave ain't too roomy--
Now only the penthouse will do me!!!!

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GWAR Gwar Theme Comments
  1. KnightKow Animations

    Death piggy

  2. Frank H

    They played this in Fresno and I was there Gwar Gwar Gwar

  3. John Mazzuca

    NOW,,FUCK,,,YOU ,,

  4. Derek Belden

    We'll eat your car. The best. Miss you Dave!

  5. James Jones

    Gwar Gwar Gwar Gwar

  6. Snarly Whiplash

    never before have so many worshiped so few.
    GBG God bless Gwar