GWAR - Fistful Of Teeth Lyrics

Too soon the killing was over
The stench of death was all that remained
Death he commands in this poison land
Distributing pain
The choking sky, black buzzards fly
Scanning the dead for fresh meat
All I have to show for my woe is a fistful--a fistful of teeth

The roar of battle
Oh, how I cherish the sound
Of splintered shields and bursting bowels
As we trample the town
And then I saw you
You had tears in your eyes
And when we impaled your family I felt I should apologize
Soon we mated with fury
Our mutant baby had a worm for an arm
It's face was blistered and furry
But not without charm
But when one day my mood changed
And I melted your brain
A fistful of teeth is all that remains

I murdered you
And ate your soul
The bleakest black
The deepest hole

I scream out your name
Or at least what I think you were called
Fate's finger gives me the blame
If you saw my tears I know you'd be appalled
A fistful of teeth
As I eat our baby I'm thinking of you
You are not here to feed me
So I ate our baby, I wish we'd had two
I tried to love you
But brought only pain
A fistful of teeth is all that remains

I tried to love you
I tried, I tried
A fistful of teeth
Did I mention that they were teeth from your vagina?
I tried to love you
But brought only pain
A fistful of teeth is all that remains
I enjoyed the pain
I murdered you
I ate your soul
But somehow I filled up your hole

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GWAR Fistful Of Teeth Comments
  1. Phil Greer

    This is GWAR's version of Jethro Tull's Aqualung.

  2. Thomas Jenkins

    A true love song

  3. Abram Hepp

    That solo is fuckin epic .... Rip Oderus Urungus

  4. Chuck Kellar


  5. Pierre LeDouche

    94 likes vs 2 dislikes? That's got to be a record for approval ratings on YouTube. Love me some Gwar.

  6. Mace Steffy

    R.I.P. Smoot


    Mace Steffy and Brockie most importantly

  7. Crashus Maximus

    As I eat a baby, I'm thinking of youuuuuuuuu....

    Disgruntled pacifist

    You're not here to feed me i wish we had two.


    I love the way you have all these videos setup to hear the next song.
    All the music videos should have this option.

    I'm not gonna buy a CD unless I know what it sounds like.

    I have the "Violence Has Arrived" CD and it kicks ass!!!
    Thanks for posting these. You make life worth living.

  9. brnleague99

    I always listen to this song on days I have a dentist's appointment.

  10. ASmackOfJellyfish97

    What in the absolute fuck, man?

  11. thewretchedspawn11

    my dog ate mine no shit

  12. Reece Eber

    GODDAMN!! gwar is one of my all time favorites! i actually bought this cd years ago, fuckin broke over the summer