GWAR - Black And Huge Lyrics

You know I'm totally flaccid
I'm just a limp mega-prick
You know I'm looking for
A stupid white chick.

All the women hate me
In the porno booth.

And now I see you
You're there on the ground
and now you know yeah
I'm raising a mound
I'm going to got to
Make you erupt
If I could just get out of my cup.

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GWAR Black And Huge Comments
  1. Putrid Abomination

    Ooh, Oh yeah baby!

    And that works on two levels! \m/

  2. tom leyden

    That band!!

  3. Takyo Bish

    This is some really good stuff


    No shit?

  4. Jared Elder

    The one dislike is white and small

  5. Snarly Whiplash

    since I was a scumdog a blew a cumwad

    Jared Elder

    I need a muthafuckin suckadikalikalot

    Austin Nichols

    This is your ASS and im in it.

  6. Aeron Hockenberry

    First gwar rules

    Edit i was unaware hell-o was the first one lmao im such a clutz

    Roger Brown

    Aeron Hockenberry Gears 1st album was hard to find. I think it was the forth I bought out of 4 at the time available.

    Edward Leas

    Well there's a gor-gor demo pre hell-o its self titled