Guyton, Mickey - Better Than You Left Me Lyrics

You said goodbye
With words cold as ice
I was shaking
Watching you go
I couldn't breathe
No, I just couldn't see
Past you leaving
Me here all alone
It's funny what a little time does, baby

I'm better than you left me
I'm better than I should be
Better than I was when you walked out that door
I'm stronger than the woman
The one that you knew back then
So don't you think I'll take you back
Like every time before
No baby, I don't think you know me anymore
I'm better than you left me

Now here you are
Trying to win back my heart
And I bet you
Thought it'd be easy to do
But baby I've changed
Now you get a taste of standing
On the side where you lose
Ain't it funny what a little time does, baby

I'm better than you left me
I'm better than I should be
Better than I was when you walked out that door
I'm stronger than the woman
The one that you knew back then
So don't you think I'll take you back
Like every time before
No baby, I don't think you know me anymore
I'm better than you left me

Now I love deeper
And I laugh a little bit louder
I smile brighter
And I fly higher

I'm stronger than the woman
The one that you knew back then
So don't you think I'll take you back
Like every time before
No baby, I don't think you know me anymore
I'm better than you left me
Oh, I'm better than you left me

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Guyton, Mickey Better Than You Left Me Comments
  1. Millicent Lopez

    BET and the NAACP should have a country music category exclusively for black artists. "country" music is African really, Google the origins of guitairs/ percussions, drums, trumpets, etc

  2. Cute_Canadian_ Redhead

    She's amazing. I fell in love with her raw voice, her power and her emotion and this song the first time I heard this song on the radio. I searched until I found out who sang it. I was left breathless at her beauty! She's a natural star. I was fortunate to see her live when she toured with Brad Paisley... I cried through her entire performance out of joy of being able to see her perform. Seeing Brad Paisley was nice too, but for me she was the only reason for the 9 hour drive, cross boarder in a heat wave in a car with no air conditioning!

  3. Anastasia Jane

    She’s so good 😍

  4. Richard Hawkins

    That supef bowl halftime show was trashy and nasty.

  5. Richard Hawkins

    This is 🇺🇸 america speak English. Too damn bad if u dont like it. Go cry. You are beautiful though

  6. autumn cloud

    Where you’d be today by Kenny Chesney

  7. Jeremiah Long

    This is actually my first tim ed listening to her and I'm hooked

  8. cydneyjunious

    Oh man I needed this!!! The representation is so refreshing. I literally want to cry.

  9. Racheal Martin

    Guys their have been a lot of great black country singers other than Charlie pride their is cowboy troy aron Neville and their chuck berry

  10. Nakitende Zanab

    Am a ugandan n am known as weird for loving country music to the core coz my dad used to sit us every sunday evening and play us kenny rogers,dolly,etc explaining all the lyrics ,2020 here am i listening to a black famale country singer. Thank you dad.

  11. theydontknow806

    The Show ’Full Frontal’, w/ Samantha Bee brought me here. I listen to a lot of country & wonder why I haven’t heard this before... 🤔👏👏👏

  12. Go CPNG

    So Likable

  13. Jetta Hammond

    I love this song ♥️

  14. Phatdaddybud

    You lost me with “You said goodbye...”
    I can’t suspend my hold with reality that anyone could say “goodbye” to you.
    Gorgeous and the voice of an angel.
    I had never heard of Mickey Guyton before.
    I just don’t listen to country radio. All the country I listen to they don’t play on the radio.
    But I will be making Mickey a habit.
    Go on Girl! Keep it up.
    Much love

  15. Nicole Buckley

    Beautiful song!

  16. Ally R M


  17. Melody

    YESSSS. Please bring back the old sound of country music. you deserve to blow up bigger than the shit that’s on the radio now.

  18. cheryl johnson

    love this song. Came here from American idol rejects.

  19. Being Antoinette

    Omg God you sound so beautiful...l love country..sing honey...

  20. Nicole Buckley

    Beautiful song 💖💖💖

  21. Lori McKinney

    Beautiful woman, beautiful voice and dammit she deserves some radio play and a stage at a country music award show

  22. Nikki O.

    I am loving this!

  23. Jasminka Karamustafic


  24. Annie Sowers

    Exactly ive been through it.

  25. Debra Cooper

    Why do ppl have to play the race card can’t she just be a great singer with out ppl pointing out her color just love the music not the color she is

  26. Green Sky

    What is with all the black this, white that comments 🤣🤣 wtf

  27. Rachel

    Wow! She’s got a gorgeous voice! It is refreshing to see and hear a Black Woman sing country! Gifts and talents knows no boundaries! 💕❤️💕❤️💕🌈🌈🌈🌈💕🌈🌹💯💯💯💯💯

  28. Donna Wilson

    I would love to see her on CMA one mother always loved country music and it rubbed off on all of her 6 children. So, it is beautiful to see a woman of color sing country music so beautifully!!

  29. Lakisha Mitchell

    Beautiful still listening in 2019 everyday

  30. Richard Monroe

    This is what I like to call a Triple B Performance. A Beautiful song, Beautifully Performed by a Beautiful Lady. Watching Nashville Squares tonight because Tanya Tucker posted she would be on. Now I am especially glad I did because it introduced me to you. New subscriber and fan.

  31. African Girl

    she looks like tiffany haddisish. they could ne sisters

  32. African Girl

    I looks like tiffany haddisish. they could ne sisters

  33. Robert boswell

    This is country music her skin color does not matter to some of us white people hers or anyone else

  34. Nebula dust

    I love this💜🙏💜🎶thxsomuch

  35. MTS

    Wow, just found you. You are now on my play list! 👍

  36. debbieb715

    she reminds me of julie reeves when she sings

  37. Teho231

    That woman can sing, I mean she is can sing . Love it !!

  38. Jeff Dotson

    It's okay to see a black woman crying over a white man in country music, they don't have a problem with that, but you would never see a music video a country music video with a black man, crying over a white woman! That woman better be black in that video! Just a little observation for you!!!

  39. Troy Killian

    She's a total sexy badass, love it...

  40. Sophia Culler

    It irrates me when other black people just like her because shes black. Because black white brown if u can sing than u have talent and if u cant sing try something else

  41. Sophia Culler

    Mickey. Has a good voice

  42. Sophia Culler

    And im not raciest. Im black also and ive been listening to country music way before mickey.

  43. Sophia Culler

    If u like country music than u like country music u dont just say oh look shes black im black now i can listen to country music

  44. Jonathan Flowers


  45. Courtney Lelande

    never heard of her before but love her voice and this song

  46. Ernie Capell

    Pure and unexpected. Good Lord she's talented




  48. Tanya McKnight

    I have just two words: pleasant surprise.

  49. Jazzmine Jackson

    I like it...nice...supporting my peeps.

  50. Karissah Garcia

    Thank you

  51. Rebel Oneal

    Thank God Country music is now waking up to all the sweetness this nation's black female artists. I'd hate to live in a world where there's only white artists

  52. Rebel Oneal

    Sweety Pie! Wild wood Pure Country beautiful brown Honey! Just listen to those female vocals man sure is soul comfort I mean southern comfort to the bone....

  53. Kardayah's Soul

    Y'all do know that we started this right? Great song.💛

  54. rachel183321

    After three years of being used and abused I finally let go of someone I really cared about and this song reminds me so much of my situation I never intend to fall in love ever again 😔💔

  55. David Bonds

    I'm a old white guy from the mid-south I started to school in 1961. When heard Charlie Pride for the first time. I loved his music. I use to get redicule for singing kiss an angel good morning on the school bus. I was called a N word lover. But I kept listening and kept on singing. This young lady is a great singer!

  56. HTTPCore

    Tell me if I am wrong but having people with a higher level of melanin in their skin in country isn't necessarily based on the prejudices of people with less melanin but comes directly from those with more melanin? Same problem arises within rap just vice versa.

  57. Brii Brii

    This has to be my favorite country song💖

  58. Loretta Watts

    Totally love this song, want you so badly to succeed in country. You have such a voice for it!!

  59. Carrie Adams

    She is dope! i hope she does a Lil Nas X..(if that is the young mans name)

  60. Debbie Chiquita Biddix

    Preach On Sister ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love this Song!!!!

  61. Chris Randall

    What are you doing now as a black man this is great to know that I am not lost as much as my fellow black men think I am because I lesson to country music sometime even my white wife thinks that at times is thier any new music out.

  62. Bruce Scott

    I haven't heard you before....but I'm betting that I'm gonna be hearing a lot more about you!

  63. Kenshirofist Gaming


  64. cassandra piscitello

    I am better than you left me belive me in good now .no more running back to my nonsense ex

  65. K ai

    I was soooo busy listening to K-pop hoping to get some inspiration hahaha this song is dmn great!

  66. mkedrona

    I'm not comparing but I've gotta say it when I first heard this I thought this was carrie underwood she sounds so good and I love this song

  67. Lisa Edwards


  68. Savannah Bruce

    She's awesome. I love her.

  69. MrAlf1963

    She is so good, i don`t see black. A voice of an angel

  70. Thomas Kaboskey

    Wow I don't know what else to say I am speechless she is so good

  71. Mely G

    She's amazing!

  72. Travis Trent

    Love this song and her! Get it country girl.

  73. Darby Covington

    She is so much better than over half these new female country singers today, her voice is amazing and she is beautiful, also Rissi Palmer has an amazing voice and beautiful as well, and she should have went way farther than she did, but oh, let these little teeny bopper new age girls and their daddy's money walk right in and get a record deal right off.

  74. love me leave me

    U where just a joke n my lifetime and I knew the joker was evil n his head and heart. She won and trust me I will not ever get n her way.i tip my hat off to her for being the go to after no one but prostitutes will b in ur will make her always last....thank God it's over and done 2017 never live in the past u will miss the present.......ahooooooooo

  75. Bradford Justing

    Wonderful ... Beautiful voice


    Charlie Pride may have been the first.

  77. Loretta Gallegos

    Really, what makes Country music "Country" and specifically a white thing??? I'm Hispanic raised in a farm area when I was young and loved to sing. Does that make me Country???
    REALLY??? What we're seeing today is the reality that "Country" comes in all shapes and colors. IT ALWAYS HAS.

  78. D. Q

    I was better than you and you couldn't handle that. You lied about everything... I have nothing for you not even hate. Just want to forget I ever knew you, cuz lol I didn't even know you...

  79. Hannah Jean

    Beautiful voice

  80. Mary Fredette

    Omg I’m soooo in lovvvveeee !!!

  81. Tiffany Boone


  82. Cedar Levret

    Love her!

  83. Liz Taylor

    Beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. I am a black woman who really enjoys listening to country music. So refreshing to see a Black woman who enjoys singing country music.

  84. Shweta Official

    WOW just WOW!!!!❤💕😘😍👌

  85. kai watanabe

    Wow ! Talent!

  86. Dessert Net Cafe

    She sounds like Dolly in a lower register. Sang it girl !!!

  87. LAdwv7495

    How did this song not blow up?

  88. Jerrod Hopson

    I love country music I don't care what color you are YES!!! Starting from old classic country music to the new you have so many Black African American country singers Charley and Darius Rucker see country so amazing too me I love it so much ❤️

  89. Annie Roberts

    She really good

  90. Frances Lester


  91. tea drinker

    "The birth of country music, as we know it, can be traced to the recording sessions in Bristol, Tennessee in the summer of 1927. The influences that brought those sessions to life go back much farther. Lesley Riddle of Kingsport, Tennessee was an African American guitar player who directly influenced the Carter Family, known as the ÒFirst Family of Country Music.Ó Riddle accompanied A.P. Carter on song collecting trips in the mountains and remembered how the melody would go as Carter would recall the lyrics. Riddle's influence on Maybelle Carter is seen in her distinctive "Carter scratch" style of guitar playing and particularly on the song "The Cannonball," which she learned from Riddle.

    Also recorded was El Watson, a harmonica player in the style of DeFord Bailey, the first "star" of the Grand Ole Opry. Watson recorded solo and with the Johnson Brothers and was recorded again in the following years. Bailey's "Fox Chase" and train whistle songs set the standard for harmonica players to emulate in the early days of the emerging country music. Bailey made the first recording in Nashville in 1927 and performed on the Opry until 1941. Jimmie Rodgers, known as "The Father of Country Music," learned to play guitar and sing in the railroad yards of Mississippi, influenced by railroad workers, many of whom were African American. Many of the songs of Jimmie Rodgers were blues, from the fields and byways of the South.

    Peer (Ralph Peer, a talent scout for the Victor Talking Machine Company who in late July 1927 set up a makeshift recording studio in Bristol, Tennessee, a small city on the Tennessee Virginia border, and cut a series of recordings "The Bristol Sessions" that became the rock on which traditional country music was built.) returned to Bristol in 1928 to further enhance his "Southern Series" and recorded Stephen Tarter and Harry Gay. The African American duo was known for its performances on piano, fiddle and banjo and played for events, clubs, dances and camps in the southwest Virginia and east Tennessee region. During the turn of the century and the early years of the twentieth century, the black string band tradition was strong, with musicians playing for both black and white audiences.

    Carl Martin of Big Stone Gap, Virginia and Howard Armstrong of Lafollette, Tennessee, along with Ted Bogan of Knoxville, Tennessee, recorded for Brunswick Co. in 1930. They played the juke joints and coal camps in the 20s, 30s and 40s and eventually developed more of a blues style as they migrated to the north. Steve Goodman, singer/songwriter who performed with Martin in the 70s, considered their group "the greatest string band there ever was. Like so many great musicians, they were pretty much never recognized by the mainstream and their influences remain nothing more than a footnote in music's history." Howard Armstrong, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, has been the subject of two documentary films and continues to play music.

    Brownie McGhee also emerged from the southern mountain music tradition, a contemporary of Lesley Riddle from Kingsport, Tennessee. He learned to play music at an early age after suffering from polio as a child. His style of Piedmont blues music was steeped in the African American folk tradition of the region. His career on guitar included accompaniment by harmonica player Sonny Terry during many years, with the folk revival of the 60s bringing great attention to his music.

    The middle years of the twentieth century brought the emergence of bluegrass music, which blended white and black influences on traditional music to create a new genre. Bill Monroe, "The Father of Bluegrass Music," learned to play from the street musician Arnold Shultz in his hometown of Racine, Kentucky. The drive of bluegrass music is attributed to the banjo, which originated in Africa, and was made with an animal skin stretched across a hole in a hollow gourd, featuring a fretless neck and three or four strings. It was called a "banjer" when it came to this country. The four-string tenor banjo was common in Dixieland jazz bands, as well as bands like the Jimmie Rodgers Entertainers. The five-string banjo is produced in both open back and closed back, or resonator, styles. The five string banjo is played in both the old-time "clawhammer" style and the bluegrass style, popularized by Earl Scruggs, who transformed the instrument from one which had been supporting in the string bands into a hard driving lead instrument.

    Country music came of age in the 1940s with Hank Williams, whose musical education began at the knee of Rufus "Tee Tot" Payne, an African American street musician. As a youth, Hank followed Payne around, periodically paying him for lessons. Said Williams, "All the training I ever had was from him." Following Hank Williams into country music and beyond was Elvis Presley, who was influenced his entire life and career by the blues and country music with which he grew up, particularly by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, a Mississippi-born blues singer who had a string of rhythm-and-blues hits. "-AFRICAN AMERICAN ORIGINS OF COUNTRY MUSIC

  92. Joy Lewis

    Perfect ... Timing couldn't be any better ..time heals the heart and soul Me again happy !!

  93. Nate Eller

    WOW! Beautiful voice and a Beautiful Lady! Does anyone know where she's from? Shes got a great Country "twang". Great Song!

  94. Jessica Zhq

    You said goodbye with words cold as ice
    I was shaking watching you go
    I couldn’t breathe
    No, I just couldn’t see past you leaving me here all alone
    It’s funny what a little time does, baby

    I’m better than you left me
    I’m better than I should be
    I’m better than I was when you walked out that door
    I’m stronger than the woman, the one that you knew back then
    So don’t you think I’ll take you back like every time before
    No, baby I don’t think you know me anymore
    I’m better than you left me

    Now, here you are trying to win back my heart
    And I bet you thought it’d be easy to do
    But baby I changed now you get a taste of standing on the side where you lose
    Ain’t it funny what a little time does, baby

    I’m better than you left me
    I’m better than I should be
    I’m better than I was when you walked out that door
    I’m stronger than the woman, the one that you knew back then
    So don’t you think I’ll take you back like every time before
    No, baby I don’t think you know me anymore
    I’m better than you left me

    Now I love deeper and I laugh a little bit louder
    I smile brighter and I fly higher

    I’m stronger than the woman, the one that you knew back then
    So don’t you think I'll take you back like every time before
    No, baby I don’t think you know me anymore
    I’m better than you left me

  95. Crystal Cooper

    Kell u really crazy u no I would never do that we talkin about him an tracy where there marriage went wrong cause they going to try to get back together u are the only one I luv always to the day I die I wouldn't never fuck around an u no that come get that tool box if u need it

  96. Tamara Mccaskill


  97. exexpat11

    I barely listen to anything country post 1982. New country is more like Pop Music. Her singing style is like Classic Country and I am impressed. The only other Country I listen to these days is Folk Dark Country that has a haunting vibe. Mickey will succeed and go far.