Guy Sebastian - Oh Oh Lyrics

It's your ooh
It's got me frozen like ice
Fixated on you but i
I think it's time to leave
Cos of you
I'm blinded by the nth degree
But baby potentially
You could be the end of me

She's that shady kinda lady
Trying to get with me
Girl you know that it ain't worth my time
And when she is close to me
My head becomes jelly
Get me outta here before i loose my mind

You got me witcha (oh oh)
The way you use that (oh oh)
How do you tame that (oh oh)
There's way too much oh oh for me to bare
You got me saying (oh oh)
Lady control that (oh oh)
You gotta tame that (oh oh)
Put your oh oh away
Cos there's way too much to bare

Now 'bout that ooh
It's cool
You know i'm aware
But what is going on upstairs
I think predominantly air
And if i
Wanted to talk then i'd
Rather dial intro line
Cos there's not a lot between your eyes

She's that shady kinda lady
Trying to get with me
Get me outta here before i loose my mind


You got your oh
I got my fro
I think you should know
I need to go
Lady control
Give up the show
I think you should know
Put your oh oh away cos there's way too much bare

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Guy Sebastian Oh Oh Comments
  1. Bryan Pranata Susetio

    The first music that i ever saved to my first phone

  2. Faith Zadro

    hey GUY SEBASTIAN its faith ZADRO here just want to say that I like your song that moves me

  3. Bernice C

    holy shit love your soul

  4. Guy Sebastian Lover

    Great song

  5. Merc Ury

    whos the girl?

  6. Debbi Jean

    That's my friend Derek Antunes on the drums!!!

  7. fashioncity11

    when did this song come out???? its so old!

  8. Fiona

    omg when he still had his fro

  9. Aisling Hamilton

    you got your oh
    I've got my fro :D

  10. Bertrand Soupe

    guys awesome here, he's lost alot of his originality

  11. balqis hazar

    najwalatif brought me here :) nice btw

  12. FLAME4564

    now that is wat i call class.

    This song n Guy's afro are cool and sweet.

  13. waheed waleed

    THIS is cool listen to it music class for tests LOL

  14. ashwin42

    this was Guy's original version. I prefer his latest, the acoustic version with all the scatting. He included it on his 20 10 album, and sang it live at the ARIA Pre-Shows in 2010 down near the Opera House. And now the big Korean superstar Changmin picked it up and sang THAT version at the Christmas concert for 2011, should have a look at that. He even gets into an afro wig right at the end!

  15. Miriam Rhodes

    I got my FRO LOL!!!

  16. Miriam Rhodes

    LOVE HIS AFRO!!!! And the song both are cool

  17. MessinAboutify

    @Mercury888 it was but now he's got a new one "Don't Worry" fine track

  18. ontellio

    @enforcingrigormortis its a record to show his vocal ability ...
    hey better this guy than soulja boy right?

  19. Mikaela Clarke

    i use to dance with the kid breakdancing :)

  20. dgenaraition

    press 7 and litsen i love it

  21. fasya rizkinazka

    i love u Guy <3

  22. ashwin42

    have to say the acoustic version of this on his Twenty Ten album is awesome. Absolutely! Real Latin flavour

  23. Ojaybrewww

    Flip phones is the way to go :D

  24. carinagintner

    Bloody brilliant- LOVE IT GUY !!!!

    Carina, Gold Coast, QLD

  25. tez1seven

    good song, but its a bit too late to release this style

  26. luvthamusik

    I LOVE Guy Sebastian. If he wasnt married......... :P Did you know they used this song with a GREEAT video for Cristiano Ronaldo. Love it!

  27. melissaparker19

    love this song still!

  28. MessinAboutify

    this is 1 of my all time favorite songs of this guy

  29. Infused2

    Go the fro!!!! Brilliant!!!! An oldie but a goodie xx

  30. nihon32

    I love this video. Keep watching it for days and days. Go Guy go

  31. Winklepicker1983

    He remains the best Oz idol and probably the nicest one.