Guy Sebastian - Like A Drum Lyrics

Sometimes I can't remember
If these ashes came from flames
And if we relight these embers
Will they just burn out again?
We can try, we should try

Someday I know we're gonna feel again
Just like we did when we were younger
Someday I know we're gonna beat again
Gonna beat again like a drum

Like a drum
Like a drum

Just 'cause I, I can't measure and I can't hold it in my hands
Doesn't mean, doesn't mean that I should just give up on chance
We can try, we should try

Someday I know we're gonna feel again
Just like we did when we were younger
Someday I know we're gonna beat again
Gonna beat again like a drum

Like a drum
Like a drum

We're gonna beat again
I can already hear the sound
And we're gonna beat again
Yes, so loud that it shakes the ground

Ain't gonna miss a beat
Ain't gonna miss a beat
Ain't gonna miss a beat, yeah

Someday I know we're gonna feel again
Just like we did when we were younger
Someday I know we're gonna beat again
Gonna beat again like a drum

Like a drum
Like a drum
Like a drum
Like a drum

Someday I know we're gonna feel again
Just like we did when we were younger (when we were young)
Someday I know we're gonna beat again
Gonna beat again like a drum

Like a drum
Like a drum
Like a drum
Like a drum

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Guy Sebastian Like A Drum Comments
  1. Fun bro’s Don-Wakefield

    It is a good song

  2. 6•6•6 IWRI

    Ive been a fan of this guys for a great amount of time, he is so talented its unbelievable! All love from me!

  3. irene lawson

    I like that song I like watching it it's like me and my freind

  4. R.A.M_Styl3rMc

    Sebastian guy looks like an islander

  5. Wild Chicken

    I'm not crying

    I'm just pretending I'm a fountain

  6. jacob miles

    I love you

  7. Taliesha Du Preez

    this is amazing

  8. Tim Kerkhof

    2019/2020 ?

  9. Mary Khaterrr

    i stg all the sings from the early 2010's are the real GOOD songs. Songs these days are like trash (not all but most)

  10. Rhianna Aitchison

    Guy salvation your the best

    Rhianna Aitchison

    Sorry I rite sabation

  11. PandasGoYeet


  12. Sophie Lynam

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Marty A.M

    1k people didn't like it? Are people really that dumb? Anyone who doesn't at least appreciate this song should have themselves committed

  14. Nell lawrence

    Only true fans are still here ❤

  15. Carlos Andre

    moooore like this :)

  16. Stunters4 Life

    Anyone 2019??

  17. Cong nguyen xuan

    Why a beautiful story and beautiful song have less views =((

  18. Renita Chiquin

    Awesome🔥💯 listening on oct 21 2019.......

  19. Sun suk Byun

    Hey I like your songs

  20. Chicken Nugget

    I can feel the childhood slapping me across the face.

  21. Levon

    0.75x 👌

  22. Sahar Amjad

    Bro i love this song

  23. Michelle Garth

    I love guy Sebastian you are sooooooooooo famase

  24. Shelby Probst

    pls add this song on spotify

  25. Yasmin Galbraith

    amazing inspirational video. Makes me cry every time. my favourite song by far

  26. Cher Carlos

    I love your video

  27. Nostalgic af

    I find this so cute ahhhh uwu 🥺

  28. Dounya Mayhoub


  29. Delta Gaming

    damn its been 10 years since i heard this song, but a remix of "choir" came up on my feed and i thought i recognised the name. so glad i did

  30. Momo Cutties momo

    September 2019..missing this song

  31. Jett Richardson

    I love u can u make a video about me my name is jett I have been listening to u for so long and u just were in mellben sing I sang too throw the whole song I love you


    1:30 Nayan Cat ;)

  33. The Cunningham Girls

    I love this song

  34. 「」gday mate「」

    as a fellow australian i’m used to aussie singers not being that popular in other countries, but don’t worry those who aren’t australian and watching this video, and commenting “aussie singers are so underrated.” guy is actually pretty popular in australia.
    although i’m not sure if my friends would know him sadly, but on sunrise (sunrise is a very popular morning news program in australia) he performed his new song choir didn’t he? like three months ago or more, i don’t really remember, but yeah he is indeed somewhat popular in australia. when he released the song ‘before i go’ and this song i vividly remember these songs on the radio all the time, same with his other songs, they were on the radio too, but i can’t quite think of the other names on the spot.

    anyhow, thank you all the people commenting such wonderful things about him, he is indeed very underrated.

  35. Dalia Ibrahim

    Good song do more good luck

  36. Camilo Ospina

    #2019 Who still Loving this song?

    Lisa Foster

    Camilo Ospina totally

    James Gao

    Me! I found it on the Westpac's hold music

    Keylan Targett


  37. maksi AL

    Im still here in September of 2019 cuz im in love with this song

  38. KiwiMoo Vlogs Secretly

    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

  39. 8D Horizon

    I don't understand why is he underrated. This song is so beautiful and the same goes to battle scars.

  40. Chole Barry

    This is such a good song I can’t stop listening 🙉 to it. It is that good of a song

  41. Devi Anggraini

    Kenapa lagu ini masih enak banget😍

  42. Carlos Gonzales

    Jacob is alright bloody anoxios Americans

  43. Ilaria Mitry

    The disciples are so blessed

  44. joogiefanYT

    He’s Australia like me and I’m a fan

  45. N M

    I just love guy's song sooooo much!!!

  46. Gurtaj Kannan

    My fucking childhood is this song

  47. Ellyse234 Ford

    I love it you are so unreal I am so blow away I love it so so so so so much guy.

  48. 1SHOT

    I like this song

  49. Maddie Star

    i am youre biggest fan you have inspired me so much guy go aussie singers!!!

  50. Always Hawaii

    Australian’s childhood song😭

  51. Alexis Watkins

    Australia people are so much talent that they should be up there with the USA 🇺🇸 people

  52. Ethan Godfrey

    this is one of my favourite songs

  53. Jenna Foster

    This is how underrated australian singers are rated. I didn’t even know he was australian

  54. Sanja Savic

    Nice 💟💞💝💘💗💚💛💜💓💓💔💕💕💖

  55. Real_kobi 900

    Also why is everybody going on about the views and that he's not a American singer, it a great song guys, you don't haft to be so mean😡😡😡

  56. Real_kobi 900

    And how did you get those kids and one to ride there bike like half the state

  57. Dian Venter

    I love naruto

  58. Dian Venter

    I love dis music video

  59. Real_kobi 900

    Is a good song but it stop suddenly at the end, I knew it was the end but you could add a finish ing beat that gets softer😄😄

  60. Luisa Maua

    We are crying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  61. ihaveaname believemeornot

    His music was so good back then but I’m so proud how much he’s improved 😂

  62. Debby Cundy-Profke

    Your lyrices are so great!! so true ,you got it Guy!! love Debby x

  63. Muhammad Irfan

    For many reasons, this song always remind me to Adelaide... thank you Guy!!!!!!!

  64. Ga ku

    Why does this increase in views??

  65. Ga ku

    That’s awesome!

  66. David Daniel

    Con la mierda del trap nos estamos olvidando de la buena música, acabo de descubrir a Guy Sebastian y me parece genial. Agregado a favoritos.

  67. Coen ryan

    yo all sub

  68. Jye Govan-Smith

    I thought this song was so huge too??

  69. WeeklyOG

    Good song mate,I am Idk if I am Aussie so ahh ya. At first I thought it was like a bum cuz to me it sounded like it not being mean. But really nice story behind the song 😊

  70. Edghar Paisana Linga II

    Why he is so underrated

  71. Kristy Sturgess

    Its so cool the song

  72. Game Game

    Gbu guy

  73. Because Transportation

    My friend sang this in the Got Talent, and he won!!!!!! Thank you Guy for making this fantastic song, besides your my favourite singer and I LOVE YOU!!!

  74. Kim Sweeney

    I love you guy Sebastian from Jade

  75. Snazzy Ash

    I'm Still Listening To This Song For Five Years Straight. Why Can't Australian Music Be Appreciated More? What's Wrong With Our Country? Our Music Is Great.

    *Everyone's Missing Out :)*

  76. Lara Pogliano

    I love you, Guy Sebastian!! Don't you guys agree.

  77. an a opp ssksksksksksksks ?!

    I completely agree with you Georgia, how does someone with this type of voice get less views then a 16 year old try hard. love you GUY

    an a opp ssksksksksksksks ?!

    i am not trying to be mean but at least guy a voice and not autotune

  78. Pɴɨewaˑexe'


  79. Hannah Martin

    Omg I love you and your song

  80. shanaya Tilley

    Love it 💓

  81. stephany

    This song should have more than 1 billion views😀😀

  82. Ray Turabl

    This is such a beautiful song and yet people are disliking it. 😥😥😥😥😥

  83. Anushka Ahuja

    26 seconds Annabel is in the fucking box she is caring. please like, am i the only one who spotted it

  84. Jade Kruger

    Your my favorite singer FROM Milla
    Rafferty and Jade likes some of your songs

  85. Jade Kruger

    YMCA from rafferty

  86. Jade Kruger

    I love it ☺FROM MILLA

  87. Fraser Povey

    Is that you as a kid

  88. Miyah Gym squad

    Love you I watch the Voice

  89. MaxE Robinson

    Good job at the voice

  90. Liam and the universe

    Mini guy Afro

  91. James S

    alexa play despacito 2 (feat lil pump)

  92. kevin penados

    Just heard this song❤️😍🤩2019

  93. Official Gur preet

    We love you guy, we love you so much
    You make us hop and jump
    You make us happy and drum
    Like a drum

  94. Kristie Simmons

    I saved this song into one ☝️ of my playlist and I forgot about it for like a year and I found it today lol 😂

    He has such a lovely voice why do some people hate this song

  95. Bissan Nasser Eddine

    So underrated i feel bad this song is better then of all justin bieber songs