Guy Sebastian - Can't Stop A River Lyrics

Gone are the days of my mistakes
I'd give everything if everything is what it takes
I'll bring the sun and I will chase the rain
If I needed to

But those may be the ways of mine
But I've been down that road so many times
And if you'll depend upon me
Then maybe you'll see

You can't stop a river from flowing to the sea
Some things just happen like they're meant to be
And it doesn't matter where you are
Or where you go or what you do
You can't stop my heart from loving you

There is a dream I keep alive
Wonderful and heavenly and standing by your side
Bringing you all the colours love can spare
Just to be with you

There may have been times when I
Should have been there to hold you through the night
And if you'll depend on me
Then maybe you'll see


I've been miles away
But I'm paying my dues
But don't worry, I won't blame you for a minute
I won't blame you this time


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Guy Sebastian Can't Stop A River Comments
  1. 강신현



    강신현 혹시 성대뜯고싶어하시는 시년띠 맞으신가요?

  2. Michael Chang

    My favourite Guy Sebastian Song :)

  3. Tom Simpson

    Is this on iTunes because I can't find it ?

  4. Scarlett Rose

    8 years later still love him. 

  5. samlaleo


  6. pauloneiva neiva

    muito bom parabéns

  7. Seren Var

    LOL wait i replied to the wrong person LOLOLOL

  8. Seren Var

    and most 'succesful' to look were he is
    and no offence but other than 1D he is the only one thats REALLY popular

  9. luvthamusik

    person under arairah trolls..

    Isn't this amazing? Hey and see Gary Pinto there who does BVs and was part of CDB top group years ago AND who's coach this year on XFactor 2012!

  10. kolomotua22 further comment

  11. Chiefcookandbottlewa

    This is great - he always really nails this song. The best video I've seen of his is the one he did at the Basement and followed it by "loving you" - mesmerising vocals and performance (YouTube video 8gqItCUcsO8)

  12. prinia

    @60mitchie so true. Love his shows, he's so funny, with an outstanding vocal range too. Can't wait to catch his June tour in Australia

  13. mitch e

    you are abbbbbbbbbbsolutely fabulous young man........XXX up there with the very best of em yeah!

  14. 151caligula

    Ok my voice doesnt compare but I think our song is better... 'Stop the river' check it out

  15. Corey Lavis

    best Australian Idol Winner EVARRR ;D

  16. Stacia Lin

    luv luv luvvv soulful....sang with such totality

  17. korntime

    I can't stop watching/listening to this performance...compared against a live version from Duncan James, I think Guy's version has so much more soul to it...and me likey

  18. Rida Bogx

    so good!

  19. Charlotte Brand


  20. babyboylovesmusic

    RIDICULOUS HOW WELL he sang this!

  21. ashwin42

    For any of Guy's fans, in the last few weeks he's done the raising money for the Flood in Washington DC, Gday USA in Los Angeles show, special for the BeeGees and Barry Gibb, special Peapod Benefit, including John Legend and the Black Eyed Peas, and also with QuestLove and the Roots band at pre-Grammys show & OZ day. March 2011, in UK for 1 week, then OZ & NZ for rest of March, beginning of April. btw this WASNT the best version Guy sang either!

  22. yellowbananamonkey

    i loved the song when duncan released it...but this is just a whole different class!! He's amazing!

  23. Darron Friel

    @satinfloss nah, he's insanely good, but Kurt Nilsen is the best singer to come out of a singing competition and potentially the best male singer in the world. But anyways, this guy is great :D

  24. ashwin42

    @blazinbloke @satinfloss This Guy is better than ever. This video is 2006, he's tried to get overseas since 07 but he's continually offered stuff he can't refuse. Like making The Memphis Album with Steve Cropper (Blues Bros) who said 'this guy can sing anything, anywhere, anytime" then they actually toured with him! Like having his own show with the APO at Sydney Opera House. He's got 5 #1 singles, I think its 6 multi/platinum albums by now. He keeps writing music & working almost nonstop.

  25. Blazinbloke

    I hate XFactor (in the UK) and everything it currently represents. It is absolute dross. When I found this fella on you tube out of pure luck it raised my hopes that, outside of the UK, real talent does exist albeit this bloke was discovered a long time ago now. XFactor (UK) as it stands now is no more than kareokee compared to this but yet the bloke with the high waste band continues to make millions from it. I wish people would wake up that real talent does exist.

  26. J Ville

    hope i can find an instrumental for this one... i'd like to sing this song...

    awesome guy!!:D

  27. valerie camilleri

    I love Guy so much. He can cover peoples songs and do his own.....its alllll good!!!...always!!!! And he is the type of man every mother would love for her daughter to meet one day. A real gentleman.

  28. zaralise

    i never tire of this. SUBLIME.

  29. theyogiandkaren

    again.... wow wow wow wow

  30. loadabollocks

    Amazing to hear this again. He's always been a great singer, but he's probably twice as good now.

  31. luvthamusik

    @lainelladave nah, thats Gary Pinto who was part of the BVs for Idol but he's also a great friend of Guys and they wrote some songs together too. You can see him singing "Lets Stay Together" at QV on youtube. Gary is part of CDB band with his own bros. Guys brother is Chris, he's great and cute too, I think he's releasing an EP soon. Oh and there's Ollie who sings too, thats Guys older bro.

  32. David Eades

    is that his bro chris as the backing singer ?

  33. possumsnest

    Just beautiful. Flawless.

  34. MessinAboutify

    congrats Guy ANOTHER Platinum album, five now. And bet you'll enjoy your move to the States. Look forward to seeing you on X-Factor as one of the judges, hope you get to sing too

  35. Bifes TOS

    @yug62 Thanks for that comment, because I had never heard him sing that music is amazing thank you =)

  36. Bifes TOS

    yes he have an awesome voice, this was the first video that I saw of him.I´m a fan too,and in Portugal his not famous too.

  37. walteke perucho

    ohh thanks biffffffffffffffff I didn't know it.... well I am peruvian and I have to say that I am a fan of guy sebastian.... he is not famous in Peru and I could listen his music thank to youtube...!!!!

  38. Bifes TOS

    @peruwaltekee is not american idol, but Australian idol

  39. Shad Stephens

    That's from Australian Idol

  40. walteke perucho

    when was that american idol????

  41. ashwin42

    should be on your iTunes, its on his Closer to the Sun album. He's supposed to be moving back to the US in late March, think its to LA this time, but NY is still being considered again, he was there last year.

  42. ashwin42

    the best!!

  43. cober155

    I know his malay decent and as far as i remember back since being taught in primary school malaysia was part of asia. So my facts were straight you tool. Did u even read all the comments fuck people are retarded. I and JPrime were defending the fact that he was malay/australian and not filipino. You can't even spell Asian so it goes to show how much you learnt in school.

  44. luvthamusik

    did you see that Guy will be singing with Jordin Sparks at the grand final at the Opera House? WOOHOO!! SOOOO excited.

  45. FLAME4564

    heheh again 100% aussie talent right there :D.

  46. prinia

    Guys new single, Like it Like That video is here on youtube, under Guysebastian channel. Its really fun and dancy too. LOVE it.

  47. cober155

    His not filo you idiot, i'm fillipino for chirst sake and I watched his career grow ever since I voted for him on australian idol years ago.

    Why do the filos from the main land try to claim any asian that is successful as part filo it's embarrassing.

    His a malay decent. Just because he happens to tour the phills does not automatically make him filipino. And I can admit Guy smashes every filipino singer with out breaking a sweat.

  48. ashwin42

    Its Guy Sebastian, nuff said

  49. prinia

    did you go to his Live & By Request shows? AMAZING flawless vocals. He sang around 4 doz songs in total over the whole of the shows. Absolutely stunning live artist

  50. zaralise

    i think this is one of guys best performances ever :) flawless vocal

  51. ashwin42

    Then WHY are you here? For sure AC will go overseas, & we're not going to cry out & whinge. Back to ACs vids mate. Good grief, you'd think there'd be enough room for all without this cryin and cussing

  52. ashwin42

    Guy's going global with his US album, due out mid 2009.

  53. ashwin42

    this one and I've Been Loving You Too Long, my faves of this guy atm

  54. Kumulaau

    not a bit of filipino in him at all.

  55. TakeOffMyColors

    ich mag dunc lieber xD

  56. Angelo Liquicia

    nice song

  57. ashwin42

    I actually did listen to him, he's doing a lot of Guy's stuff eh? Not a bad voice, but the audio I listened to wasn't great because it sounded like he flatted a few notes and I dont think he would have been doing stuff at that level if he did that, surely. Like Guy can sing anything, anywhere, anytime.

  58. prinia

    thank you gerrard0991. It was going to be a single but Mushroom 4got to mention it had already been sold to elsewhere. We got Taller Stronger Better instead. Guy may well be touring in UK and US later this year, possibly August.

  59. prinia

    Okay, so we have as regular players of Guys fabulous music Vega 91.5 and Light Fm 89.9
    2UE and 2GB (who have an interview up on their site. And 89.3fm.. These are just a few...
    :) Thank you

  60. prinia

    now you can get a FABULOUS LIVE VERSION OF THIS on Itunes or ep, with Cover on My Heart, "Cant Stop a River from The Basement, and Closer to the sun. Oh, and if you buy from Itunes,you can get the oh, so superb Jealous Guy too. From the Basement. I want the WHOLE of the basement. Which btw will be on ABC TV Oct 4

  61. ashwin42

    come back to point out theres a couple more versions. atm im really into the sunrise one, or the adelaide one

  62. neoz geo

    fuck off..why i can't add this to my fav?

  63. ashwin42


  64. prinia

    there is Unbreakable, Be Mine, Guy's VOICE is his strength, and the fact he can sell and connect with any song. His live performances are something REALLY special, but with this album he tries to emulate that feel

  65. xpixiedustx

    great performance! i love this! does anyone know if the rest of the album is bluesy and soulful like this song?

  66. asianhabibi

    u are really cute! love your songs ....god bless u mate!

  67. ashwin42

    can't decide this one or the one from jen iris. he seems to be getting better each time, if possible

  68. prinia

    Love this track from his album CLOSER TO THE SUN.

  69. nanouk5

    What a heartfelt performance. Love u Guy.

  70. Megan

    that was great :D!


  71. Emma Wright

    aw thanks cliffary, you cant stop my heart from loving youuu xx