Guy Sebastian - Black & Blue Lyrics

No one could hate me more than I hate myself
Cause I only blame me if you fall for someone else
I'm lost under these sheets
I'm haunted, tortured by your ghost
I couldn't be everything you wanted and that's what hurts the most

Somebody's gonna love you
Love you like I never could
When you were mine to hold
I never held you like I should
Somebody's gonna touch you
In places I could not get to
My love was not enough
And it leaves me black and blue
And it leaves me black and blue

I tried to replace you
I tried to cure my thirst
But that didn't erase you
It only made it worse

Somebody's gonna love you
Love you like I never could
When you were mine to hold
I never held you like I should
Somebody's gonna touch you
And do the things we never do
My love was not enough
And it leaves me black and blue
And it leaves me black and blue

I hope he doesn't make the same mistakes
I hope he gives more than he takes
My heart is locked in this fight with fate
I can't accept that it's too late, oh

Somebody's gonna love you
Love you like I never could
My love was not enough
And it leaves me black and blue
And it leaves me black and blue
And it leaves me black and blue
And it leaves me black...
And it leaves me black and blue

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Guy Sebastian Black & Blue Comments
  1. sodium chloride

    okay this is underrated as :((

  2. Andrew Hopkins

    so old, so good. always gonna be one of my favorite songs.

  3. Australian Hamstar

    Anyone 2018

  4. Gena Catchpole

    This song reminds me of beating myself up about losing someone

  5. Sandun Nirodha

    Black and Blue, God vs Man, Day vs Night, Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham

  6. Ira Hakim

    love it!!

  7. Ashley Marie

    I tried to replace you...It tried to kill myself...

  8. Annissa K.

    Freaking hell i would die for this song!

  9. Crus De leon

    He deserves more views then this! Cmon guys..

  10. Blake Jones

    Where are the views?? Doesn't get anywhere near the amount of attention, should be getting. Underrated artist

  11. Stuart Dunn

    Not bad you have a good voice

  12. Stuart Dunn

    Awesome song

  13. Alanna Ivana

    This is such a great song, damn.

  14. Emily

    This was really awesome live! So talented.

  15. Nae Life

    probably got the title from that trending dress

  16. Clopo

    He's actually even better live. This song in particular he gave an absolutely brilliant performance of.

    Annissa K.

    Alive?!? Thats mean.


    +Annissa Kirk I said live, as in live in concert.

  17. Stewart Isho

    Love this guy man the best guy ever 😍

  18. TheBamf23

    does anyone know what they main chorus beat of this song is off? i've heard this beat before off another song and i cant think of what it is

  19. Anna Banana

    When he says could OMG my ears

  20. oscar quant

    i love you hit !!!👍👍👍👍

  21. Michael Varnavas

    it is white and gold not black and blue

  22. Naomi S

    I think this is the best yet. Thumbs up if u agree 👍🏼

  23. claire obrien

    what a song !! <3

  24. Alice Horspool

    I love your song you are a good singer

  25. Owen Buchan

    It would be so much better if you were wearing the dress XD

  26. Tekiu Motisha William

    i love you hit
    guy sabastin

  27. the tea

    So the dress IS black & blue, not white & gold.

  28. edj

    the title should have been white + gold

  29. Cameron Kuz

    Who else is here because of Backstreet Boys!!! Guys, guys, who's with me? High Five? :( FML

  30. bodaniel

    This is the best song Guy has ever made.

  31. Warren Meggitt

    Nice work ,should be proud of this

  32. lee firi

    put this on the speed 1.25 - sounds awsomeee!

  33. Ameli Carver

    Cool song!

  34. Rebecca Utrobin

    It's white and gold...

  35. Chris Villafuerte

    I think he means white and gold

  36. Kaiti Baart

    My husband remixed this and it's so good

  37. Matt Lau

    It's been awhile since his last album

    Natty Brown

    +Matt Gurung His last album was released in November last year.

  38. Alicia Varas

    i personally dont like his music that much but this song is good! But of course the radio is going to kill it but yeah! XD :)

  39. Cynthia Landrau

    Absolutely obsessed with this song! 🎶

  40. Iridis Oculos

    Brittney Lee Saunders sent me here!!
    Cool song 😊

  41. Katie

    Who else is here because of Brittney Saunders ?

    Iridis Oculos

    Me too 😜

    sto pet

    +Katie Guerra me tooo

    Alyssa Callaghan

    +Katie Guerra ME<3

  42. Samara Caldwell

    it's so easy to judge a song wen you first hear it.
    not once with any of his songs have I said nah don't like it.

    they are all so catchy,
    I bop to all off his songs and dance to all of them in the car.
    love him

  43. Edge1234101

    Im not exactly a Guy Sebastian fan. But if he keeps making bangers like this, Ill be one.

  44. dailydayy

    Any one else here because of Brittney?

  45. mary kathryn grass

    Brittany sent me!

  46. Inactive Music Channel


    Annissa K.

    Jarrardo i think we have the same brains!

  47. John Fahrtmansen

    greatest song ever written One of the greatest artist

  48. Road to Hattah

    this song is fucking horrible , who the fuck listens to this shit music .. why does he ruin his good vocals with bad EDM peice of crap shit

    Cameron Aiello

    People have different tastes, some like it and some don't. You can dislike it, that's fine, but others are entitled to an opinion. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean everyone does as well.

    Cameron Aiello

    Also piece*

  49. Mitchell Costello

    This is aweful ..... dissapointed in guy

  50. Brian Hallmond

    I can't accept that it's too late!

  51. KristinawithaK

    Guy has really hit on point with this! Wow!

  52. melieD boss

    His a reason im proud to be Australian.

  53. Angelo Li


  54. Josh Zanghi

    ▕╮╭┻┻╮╭┻┻╮╭▕╮╲ ▕╯┃╭╮┃┃╭╮┃╰▕╯╭▏ ▕╭┻┻┻┛┗┻┻┛ ▕ ╰▏ ▕╰━━━┓┈┈┈╭╮▕╭╮▏ ▕╭╮╰┳┳┳┳╯╰╯▕╰╯▏

  55. Abe Abraham

    far out this makes my ears bleed

  56. xxlizziexx3

    i'm addicted to this song

  57. Ariel Blacher-Rasheed

    This is such a terrible song! Guy Sebastian has an amazing singing voice, but the production on this song is just disgusting

  58. Jenny Lovell

    This song is a bit annoying, and not catchy at all.

    Catherine Duong

    +Jenny L *cough* cough* omg *cough* ummmm.....

    Dessii Cooke

    +Jenny L I don't like you.

    Jenny Lovell

    @Desiree Cooke I don't want anyone to like my opinion. 

  59. FS2004looney

    His next song - "White & Gold" confirmed

  60. GC Splash and Shine

    awesome song

  61. Online Vest Reviews

    and it leaves me WHITE AND GOOOOOOOOOLD!!!

  62. TakeTheL

    Wtf no I see white + gold

  63. Jassy Maree Gibbon

    Guy omg I love this so much I can relate to the lyrics they really speak to me

  64. Sara woopwoop

    This is just the best eong!

  65. fretsonflames

    17 people couldn't hit the high notes

  66. Jed Alcarde


  67. Callum Johnston

    grate artist

  68. Music Pyramid

    nice music bro.... it suits your voice. mix some rnb with this style and your on a winner. club music mixed with soul. awsome

  69. Simmi Mumphrey


  70. Lbraxton09

    That dance beat is a copy of Sandro silva - epic
    Sounds too similar.

  71. matthew price

    great song guy

  72. Lakiela Havea-cain

    ha yeah haha

  73. Steph Hey


  74. Jennifer Hartley

    this is a great song but the sad thing is that you
    have people like miley cyrus who is more famous than someone who is actually talented

    Natty Brown

    +Jennifer Hartley Sucks doesn't it. He should be a world star, but sadly it is not likely to ever happen.


    +Natty Brown not likely to ever happen? why not?? Guy already /is/ famous and there is no reason for him to not get more recognised.


    Miley cyrus is very talented. I'm not a fan but she deserves her fame. I get your point though and you're right. He deserves more popularity

  75. Thriller Kitty

    What's his next song? White and gold??

  76. Mlp Galaxies

    "somebodies gonna touch u to places i never could" What does this mean? But i love this song


    means that shes gonna be more comfortable entirely with someone else.

    Mlp Galaxies

    @mzgr3k0 oh ok cause it didn't make sense to me :)

  77. karen peel

    love this its like you wrote about me and my X HE DIDNT TREAT ME RIGHT .

  78. Paolo Mazoff

    wow, this is good!

  79. MALLAZ

    its a good song also its sounds good when you speed it up when it gets to the chorus the muisc bit.

  80. burchison

    lol seriously? clear ripoff of epic by silva&quininto


    +burchison it sounds nothing like epic - for starters there are no vocals and it is just repetitive duff duff duff


    @TheBoofyDog its ok, you dont have an ear for music

    Michael Johnston

    First thing I thought of when I heard this as well. The original bigroom track.

  81. Lailonniel EleneiRose

    I typically really like his songs, but this one is just kind of average in my opinion, maybe an acoustic version of this would make it more appealing to me, but I'm not really feeling the dance vibe.

  82. Bellasenorina

    Fantastic Guy, love it

  83. Jordan Lee

    Song's awesome dancing is extremely weird

    Natty Brown

    +Jordan Lee Ha yes. It was wasn't it. Makes you wonder what will happen in the official video clip. But the song. Wow.

  84. Nihada Liha

    you r the best

  85. 78nick666


  86. Rezna shaikbzeni

    I mean black and blue or white and fold

  87. Rezna shaikbzeni

    It reminds me of the dress bleach and blue or white and blue

  88. Yvonne Kho

    White and Gold

  89. Héctor Pereyra

    #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney this could be won eurovision

  90. golfAndy Le

    Thank you guysebastian

  91. Marcy Wolters

    Yes yes Such a groover. Lyrics have meaning too. Thank you.

  92. imova

    love this!! lyrics that strike a chord, are relatable, and sung with guy's amazing voice. <3


    Great new single, looking forward to the new album.

  94. SM Sim Racing

    Black & Blue! FORZA INTER PER SEMPRE!!!!

  95. yeahIhave

    Omg give me this on a club and i'll destroy the whole place

  96. SmallSneakers

    I love this song! Gonna jam to this for dayyyyssss

  97. sdiep1

    Love all your songs! Supported you from the beginning. :)