Guy, Buddy - Stormy Monday Blues Lyrics

They called it stormy Monday, but Tuesday is as just as bad
Oh, they called it, they called it stormy Monday, but Tuesday, Tuesday is as just as bad
Oh, Wednesday is worst and Thursday oh so sad

The eagle flies on Friday now, Saturday I'll go out to play
Oh, the eagle, the eagle flies on Friday
Saturday I'll go out and play
Sunday I'll go to church, and I fall on my knees and pray

I say, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy on me
But Lord, Lord have mercy Lord have mercy on me
You know I'm crazy 'bout my baby
Lord, please send my baby back on to me
Help me out here man, help me out

Sun rise in the east, it set up in the west
Yes, the sun rise in the east baby, and it set up in the west
It's hard to tell, it's hard to tell, it's hard to tell
Which one, which one, which one a little bad

Yeah! Go ahead Do it one more time
Oh, the eagle flies on Friday
Saturday I'll go out to play
Oh, the eagle flies on Friday
You know Saturday I'll go out to play
Sunday I'll go out to the signify church
Oh when I'll fall down on my knees and pray

I say, Lord have mercy Lord have mercy on me
Lord, Lord, Lord have mercy on me
Please, have mercy on me
You know I'm crazy, crazy 'bout my baby
Please, send her back, send her back on to me


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Guy, Buddy Stormy Monday Blues Comments
  1. Heber Almeida

    What line up is this? And this woman that sang with Buddy?

  2. LUCKY 472

    >>>>>>>>{-_-}<<<<<<<<< the BLUES plain an simple!!!🔥🎸🎶🎤🎧🎸

  3. kidd villa-pal

    This sets d standard higher🏙 ♐️💹

  4. Pappa Michael

    Where is the rest of the damn song? Cut it off in the middle, thought that was a good idea? Desecration.

  5. dharryg

    Okay world, you can let me off right here! Bye, now!

  6. Steve Kutz

    And 15 years later ... they’re still “ Living Legends” 🎸✊🏼☮️💟


    Santana no tiene par.


    Carlos is a awesome guitar player and buddy miles too

    Michael Brown

    Buddy Miles, is a drummer, and singer. Most famously in the band Buddy Miles Express, and the band Band Of Gypsys with Jimi Hendrix. I think you meant, Buddy Guy. Either way I am an a-hole for correcting you.

  9. Jayy Tee

    EAD Matallica

  10. Robert Barboza


  11. Christian Heymann

    fronkreich fronkreich montreux swizzaland and brass building company (not the memfiss horns)

  12. sumoblues

    The awesome Barbara Morrison sharing vocal duties with Buddy....

  13. sumoblues

    the blues is what you make of it...everybody have the blues...yes they do.

  14. George Pinazzo Maquera


  15. Blues Rain


  16. Michel Bilodeau

    I see spots.

  17. Mailen del rio

    Quiero saber quien es el saxofonista? Impresionante este video. Saludos argentinos.

  18. ivanficus


  19. KanchoKomancho

    comme si comme sa

  20. Rainer Solleder

    Buddy guy for president ...

  21. Milda Dovydiene

    Manifica compania mui bella muzica gracie

  22. George Parker

    Such style, such talent, such feeling - brilliant!

  23. alagogo

    t-bone is smiling rite now .

    DAMN RITE !!

  24. Zadkiel Fontecha

    Delicious piece of music! They killed it

  25. Willie Noel

    With buddy and Carlos together on stage they could be the next secret weapon of mass destruction they r the real bomb

  26. elijah ornelas

    This is the SHIT!!!!!

  27. Giovanni Wallace

    Love the guitar!!!

  28. Ronny Oliver


  29. Wagmore Barkless

    I don't think I can add to what has already been said by others; just a brief helpful hint to 47 very special people - the 'like' button is the one on the left.

  30. samljer

    This right here is the reason i ever picked up a guitar.

  31. Andrew Johnston

    The female singer is Barbara Morrison.


    Thank you, Andrew!

  32. Dailu Miller

    Hi Everyone!! Anybody remembers the name of the Female Singer? 

    Aurélio Sá

    Dailu Miller Barbara Morrison.

  33. Max Diaz Paulsen



    Pardonmyfrench, pero estos weyes, jijos de su chingada madre se mandaron!!!
    SiCabrones ;-)

  34. Jesse Harris

    How do you laugh and cry at the same time!? I did so 5 times during this video.. Fruck... life is so beautiful. It's all here and sometimes you stumble upon something so god-awesome that you beg to keep on coming back to this world after death  lololol. I needed this. Thank you thank you

  35. Vickie Lynne

    Love me some Buddy and Carlos .....I have loved my listen here and this is 100% proof why .....

  36. Dan Webster

    Wat is wuz is wat it iz Yall

  37. marcus paulo


  38. Justin Hudgens

    hot dayum

  39. Margot Elenna

    Wow.. a jewel!

  40. Cathy Brooks

    All I can say is wow! What a collaboration of two great artists!!

    Peter Pueschel

    Three, I'ld say ;-)

  41. Juan Nada

    Who is the lady singer?

  42. Marina Goebel

    so schön, ich liebe Blues!

  43. Ka Boom

    Carlos took his sweet ass time coming on stage didn't he. Who does he think he is, Axl Rose?

  44. meli melisse

    Perfect Song for tonight ... <3 *** <3 

  45. Personne

    #blues #music  

  46. Mr Lofty Breez

    Stormy Monday Carlo's and Buddy 

  47. hugo tharinger

    Who is the women singing?

  48. Ty Patterson

    If you want a little somethin somethin to pick you up, this might be just the thing.  Check it out!  Buddy and Carlos crankin on Stormy Monday.  Awright!!!!!

  49. jeff curtiss

    who is the greatest guitarist of all time, in your opinion? i vote for Santana

    Tom Lowe

    Walter trout- there are so many times choose from Srv buddy guy bb king Albert king the Beatles coco Montoya john mayall howling wolf Ronnie Spector- the list goes on but to name a few

  50. Continue sch

    Mister C.S Carslos Santana one of the coolest motherfuckaz ever maybe it come from the C.S like by me see Colin Schrader another cool motherfucka 

  51. Cheech Chong

    Two master at work... Ssssssshhhuuuuuuu!!!

  52. Fredwitrave

    I love the part where the female singer steps in!

  53. Ryan McPoyle

    I'll never forget seeing Buddy and BB jam up in Chicago. It was a smaller crowd, and they rocked it.

  54. fanni ozuna

    +me encanta esa voz.

  55. alrivera

    Is it just me, or does Carlos always seem most at home playing the BLUES?

    Rojar Dakar

    I never knew he could chew up the Blues like that. WOW!


    que  bueno  mi hermano 

  57. nitetrane98

    Carlos Santana couldn't play the blues if his life depended on it.  

    Andhika Pradana


    Paul Leclercq


    Actually I agree; he's a bloody good player otherwise - those who doubt this should listen to Albert Collins


    Say what?!?

    Dell Payton

    nitetrane98 Carlos is one of the all-time greatest guitars but I think I know what you're talking about he doesn't play Simple Blues he goes all off and guitar riffs but it sounds good to me I love the way Carlos Santana does the Blues that is his version of The Blues

    Dell Payton

    nitetrane98 Carlos Santana does not play the original Delta Style Blues like BB King and Buddy Guy Guitar Watson Gary Clark Howlin Wolf Muddy Waters Jimmy Copeland

  58. jehovahuponyou





    jehovahuponyou Aaron Walker right? 🙏🏾💜🙏🏾

  59. Kira Lynn Larsen

    Christian! Du hast in flensburg aber was wirklich schönes hinterlassen...

  60. Patricia C

    Just enjoy the music why o why do you critisize

  61. Southerngirl675

    oooooh weee!!!!

  62. Dalton Moncayo

    anti-stress. hermoso.

  63. alrobin

    watch buddy hang his head in defeat during the riff...acknowledgment of the highest order!!! Carlos brings it with a passion and a fire that ,well, maybe drug inspired,but hey ! he's a musician, that's what they do!


    alrobin who is the female vocalist?

  64. alrobin

    oh my! it seems as tho' carlos has a nice wad o' coca leaf in his jaw! check it out!

  65. ricardo bukel

    you are wrong nothing is better than having sex, modestly.

  66. Scott Brock

    That is good sax!!!


  67. Carla Birchmier

    Two excellent heavy hitters Blues Artists!!! This could be a hot commodity, if you could get rid of the annoying buzz coming from an amp. Dial it in & you'll have manna from Heaven!!!

  68. Judit Kamondi

    merre járok

    egyáltalán járok e

  69. patty rivette


  70. Robert Maharry

    It's awesome how much Buddy enjoys listening to other guys play. You can tell he just genuinely has fun with it. Awesome duet.

  71. Aurélio Sá

    Barbara Morrison

  72. Giuly Ma

    what's the lady's name?

  73. MrJC7071

    You just figured that out? Carlos is and has been one of the truly great rock guitarists from day one. Carlos is so distinctive, I can pick him out when he's guesting on someone else's album. Carlos can outplay anyone alive.

  74. Malc Bridger

    Superb, on a bleak, rainy day in Belgrade :-)

  75. Radoi Gigi


  76. soyghost1

    i guess buddy found some drugs in europe too!!

  77. Brandon Oliver

    Funny, because my wife, daughter, and I had the priviledge of meeting him out in Los Angeles and he was anything but that. Took pictures with all of us with open arms. Even shared a few tips with me on playing.

  78. peruda hudson

    i know somebody who knows santana and aparrently hes an arrogant cunt

  79. CosmicDaze

    So many great vibes!

  80. slgaringer1211

    don't get carried away now. lol... it is good I agree. sex is better ;-)

  81. tiger LEANZ

    i like the gita so much she scares me

  82. Elisabetta Tucci

    you right !

  83. Stratosphoria

    Hang on, there.

  84. Bertolucci 333

    Carlos I hope you could read this message. YOU SUCK BADLY. You have no business playing the blues. You may be able to get away with duets because you need the other people to get back on the map but alone you suck. No talent ass clown.

  85. Diego Draco

    a 20 personas no les gusta porque tienen la guitarra metida en el culo !

  86. soundshaper

    As for the video, I kind of was seeing a little too much stepping over one another and Carlos coming out on top sometimes, other times just sounded like mishmash. They're both worthy of 12-24 bars of separate soloing trade offs, that'd have been far more awesome. SRV was smart enough to do that playing with blues great Albert King. Anyone agree?

  87. soundshaper

    Seen both of those guys separately at the Florida Theater in Jacksonville, Fl, Carlos in mid-1990s, again at Times Union Performing Arts Center late 1990s. Buddy came here in late 2002 I believe. I remember he had an old time delta blues guy open for him T-Model Ford. Bottle of Jack on the amplifier, a guitar, stool and drummer with basic kit.

  88. Joshua Shane

    This is a definite first for me. I have NEVER seen any footage of Carlos playing Blues. However, this has definitely been an exciting eye opener for me. All I can really say is BAD ASS!!!

  89. corvettesR1

    Thumbs down on this one . Too much dead space. Buddy never seems to get GOING .Its nice to smile and all but ,common play

  90. Rosa Barroca


  91. John Denver

    Good thing the backing band is so solid cause this would have fallen apart.. What a mess horrie guitar and horrible singing by buddy guy.. For s guitar legend this is an extremley mediocre performance..

  92. Christoph Gallas

    Wonderfull and amazing! Great guitar-players and a great song - I like it!

  93. Bor Secrosu

    i did playd this video just for the v day

  94. Νίκος Μπουκουβάλας

    αυτο ειναι οργασμος δεν ειναι μουσικη....απο τους μεγισους κι οι δυο τους....

  95. Gunnar Langemark

    coooool crazyness!