Guy, Buddy - Born To Play Guitar Lyrics

I was born in Louisiana
And at the age of two
My momma told my papa
"Our little boy's got the blues"
I grew up real fast
And I've traveled very far
One damn thing's for sure
I was born to play the guitar

I got a reputation
And everybody knows my name
I was born to play the guitar
People, I got blues running through my veins

Women in Chicago
They love me to the bone
But my love for my guitar keep me far away from home

I got a reputation
Oh, everybody knows my name, yeah
I was born to play my guitar
I got the blues running through my veins

I got six strings loaded
On my bad machine
Show me the money
And I'll make this damn thing scream
I'm gonna keep on playing
And on my dying day
A polka-dot guitar will be resting on my grave

I got this young reputation
And everybody know my name
"Buddy Guy, that is"
You know I was born to play this here guitar
I got the blues running through my veins

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Guy, Buddy Born To Play Guitar Comments
  1. Rutas Dieciseis

    Bravo Buddy!!!

  2. RR JR


  3. Murat Gokmen


  4. DoctorWoohoo

    He is not of this world, man.

  5. Ronnie Boucher

    dam right yes sir buddy guy sir = i dun got them blues - and i am plunking on my les paul jnr along with you !

  6. Tewja Peepol

    King of the blues

  7. Dušan Janek

    hate that fucker obama and his snobish suit... but blues... flows in my veins.

  8. Selwyn Katz

    Ahhh too bad Mr Keb' Mo' wasn't featured in that same sad.

  9. John Grenchenko

    Little Drummer Boy I am

  10. Dessert Man

    Soon as I see Michelle OBummer I can really understand how depressed you can get so the blues really makes sense and hey I love Buddy Guy and Keb Mo

  11. Pfunandre Redvict

  12. Pfunandre Redvict

    Praise Jesus !!!

  13. Alex García

    Saw him live in Hell 12 years ago. Legend!

  14. Vanderlei Antunes

    Yes man!This is Blues!

  15. Inkata Iliev


  16. lightcaesar

    It's a shame we have to be exposed to the camera shots of all the murderous DC gangsters in the front row. It just spoils the experience.

  17. John Merchant

    Buddy Mother Fucker Guy
    Absolute Genius

  18. Mark Martin

    Who, I said it, who could possibly give a thumbs down to this. The Fabulous Mr. Buddy Guy, that’s it

    Bikini Joe

    Loose Right Side Lug Nuts ...have to put Hate in everything...Fools are even listening to this. sorry

  19. bang boro

    Suy ... 👍🏽

  20. blueowlca


  21. Dmann 816

    Do your thing in front of Trump. He would love it...

  22. Michael George

    That boy at 3:53 looks like he really knows what Buddy's talking about.

  23. Vazgen Hakobyan

    Grandmaster and magician, the imcomporable bluesman thank you Legend.

  24. malcolm ironmonger

    BG master showman! GOAT

  25. the alchemist hermes

    genial que du bonnheur

  26. Don S

    Met buddy at his Club in Chicago one of the best moments in my life

    Yuzi Lee

    Don S he’s one of the very fewest american musicians on my list i wanted to meet.

  27. A F

    Buddy Guy, com todo respeito eu lhe informo: eu tbm tenho uma fera que canta e toca muito. ❤ Vitor é o nome dele.

  28. Rafael Ferreira

    Obama = Buddy Guy, social equality...
    Trump = lies, racism....

  29. Francois Froge


  30. Yizhi Huang

    It's just me or other people also find his voice resembles the voice of the president, especially the way he sings resembles the way the president talks.

  31. Pongu Fogu

    That made drop few tears. He got his art appreciated late when almost in his sixties. One night after two starving days Muddy Waters noticed him playing in a bar and invited him for a chat in his car, where he fed him with bread and salami. So, for this black man, whose mother could never enjoy the simple opportunity to see her own son performing professionally, to play for the president of the United States must have been quite a thing. I got moved by the genuine and reciprocated feeling of mutual pride shared by the two.

  32. Francois Froge


  33. Jeff McComas

    Even the white rich acting like they got the blues

  34. foto21com

    If all those tightasses really cared about this guy's music, they would support music education. Of course, Democrats generally attempt to give that lip service. Every Republican in that room should've been kicked out before the show.



  36. andrzej furmankiewicz

    Super blues !!! To jest muza a nie pieprzenie o straconym zyciu jakim pokazuje rap posrany!!!

  37. fallin666

    it's so damn precious that a ''simple'' man like Obama enjoy this music so hard!!

  38. Michael Barton

    Is that the late great Barrelhouse Chuck on piano?

    John RICE

    I wondered if it wasn't Doctor John myself...

  39. Jakob McNulty

    All these comments talking about how the "privileged people" Are nodding there heads to it. The blues has no color.. Stop putting color to it and enjoy the god damn music.. 🤘


    Priviledged people in this country don't give a fuck about real art or music. Get that straight, because it is reality. Those people don't even deserve to be entertained by Mr Guy.

  40. A C

    Legend B G, playing in front of a crowd that has no idea what the blues are and they never will. B G should have changed his line for this performance to, "show me the money and I'll pass any damn bill you need."

  41. joel simms

    Why all the racist crap from the peanut gallery. The blues ain't got no color. STFU!

  42. Jesse Griffin

    Dese bluz can make my eyes wet.

  43. grahamcmusic

    With all that money and high profile event why are they not using a Steinway grand

  44. TheEternalNow


  45. Danny Bays

    Love Buddy! Only thing that would make it better is not showing the first row.

  46. Francois Froge


  47. Julien Guillaume

    It s a good thing eric clapton stayed home

    Jeff Gomilla

    No it's not

    Julien Guillaume

    Jeff Gomilla yes it is

  48. Uwe Tittmann

    Hi all you guys in the USA - my grandfather is buried in the USA, although I am a German. Your current president declares us as enemies of the USA, how can that be? Please, can you USA citizens stop that nonsense? And please do not forget, what German people can get achieved, if driven to the extreme? We will never accept a dictatorship of Mr. Trump just because of financial prosperity for his family. Off course we want, that you USA citizens have an improvement in your industrial live, however, please notice, that you have extreme bandids disturbing your life and please eliminate them!

  49. Richard Carew

    We are only one very small Planet and only one people ... all of us are from Africa... look at the shape of the human skull and then take a look at Africa.. it's called fractals... and.. possibly unlike the folks in the audience there... most of us can't make it from one paycheck to the next... I think I hear my guitar calling

    Richard Carew

    Mr. Buddy Guy is the best

    Richard Carew

    As long as we think we are different from each other we cannot be One Planet One People!.. it's done on purpose over and over in the media... solution... turn off the television.... please

    Richard Carew

    Please join me in my group by that name

    One Planet One People!

    On Facebook

  50. L. Jeffrey

    My Bucket list - to see this artist live! :)


    Gong to see him again tonight here at Houston HOB! Absolutely do not miss seeing him, every time is special!

  51. N Robertson

    Trump could never appreciate being at a gig like that.

  52. sumoblues

    Thank you, Obama administration.

  53. Dicky Campilongo

    AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Andy Gascon

    Louisiana Brother Blues King,That’s Right Buddy Guy ✌🏻❤️

  55. Tennerondack Bassman

    A man like this doesn't need a freak show and fireworks going on around him. It's just the man and his music. So real.

  56. hungrywolf56

    I can' t imagine Mr Trump listening to the blues, like Mr Obama and his wife, off course not, he got a hole in hid soul!!!

  57. María Montijo

    That girl with her open mouth in the minute 3.53. Priceless hahaha <3

  58. Rob S

    Was at Buddy Guy's Legends last night Jan 7, 2018 for his annual month of shows. Still sounding great.

  59. Barbara Thomas

    Not just the women in Chicago Buddy, All the smart ones love you to the bone.

  60. Suzanne Glad

    Now that BB has passed, Buddy Guy is formally the BEST guitar player in the world!!

    Billy Bibbit

    best blues singer: yes

    Best guitarist in the world: meh :p

    Javier Dela O


  61. atti drei

    Sometimes Blues can be very boring - but never with Buddy Guy! He is the greatest!

  62. Karl Rubens

    If there is something we call "god" - he has created buddy guy ...

  63. J L

    Distracting to watch all those elites bobbing their heads like they hang out in blues clubs

    Tony C

    hey asshole doesnt matter how much money you make. you can enjoy the moment and the music. Get over yourself. Been to the dirtyest blues bars in Chicago and to the Chicago symphony orchestra. True blues fans know you welcome anyone to your bar and neighborhood to enjoy the night. Been in Chicago area my whole life and have watched black n white rich and poor all enjoying and dancing to the blues. Hope you learned something today.

  64. Paulinho Medina


  65. Dewayne White

    Nice and easy blues, love it

  66. Iana BormaNN


  67. Darkwing Duck

    maybe rossroads is more the real audiance

  68. onthe trail

    buddy makes that guitar sing

  69. BloodySJohnson

    I've only started listening to blues a few years ago, and I still find it hard to believe how amazingly great Buddy Guy is.

  70. Buddy Quinn

    Buddy Guy, os the Best, even in front of phoney DC 'folks'makin believe they love the blues.....

    Larry Larson

    Don't suppose you've ever been to Blues Alley in DC, have you, dumbass?

  71. Despina Luigini Buddy..

  72. Sem Andokh

    Looks like Dr John On piano. Should Have been mentionned in the title

  73. Amos Ikner

    absolute BEAST!

  74. chris b

    I see fraud Obama and his male wife Michael in the audience

    Jaakko Haapala

    chris b you are not the sharpest pencil in the box but that's allright, somehow you'll manage, aren't you boy?


    Top draw playing.many thanks for sharing this.

  76. Mario Kasper

    Mein Gott ihr Kotzt mich an , kurz eine Mütze aufzusetzen und dann für genügend Geld den grossen Otto zu spielen .

  77. Mario Kasper

    Du alter Scheisser hast dich auch für diesen Scheisse kaufen lassen !

  78. Random

    All I can see is Buddy Guy looking away and privileged white folks trying to look cool

    Michael Barton

    I don't think you have got that right. I have seen Buddy play in Australia , England and at his bar in Chicago. He loves everyone who will listen to his music. Also he and others have credited the white blues guys from Britain in the '60s for bringing blues music and them into the mainstream, recognition and long overdue cash.

  79. Jaden Jones

    Living Blues Legend

  80. Cora Visser

    I am real proud on Buddy he is such a real good living legend we love your music Buddy.

  81. Archi Bukson


  82. - Wappapappa -

    Left a lovely sensation

  83. Jockel Jockel

    ....nice !!!!

  84. chris b

    So Michael Obama was there!!!!!


    chris b And Barack.

  85. Sergio Bollana

    Let's appreciate this legend before it's too late. Damn right you've got the blues, Mr Buddy Guy!

    Steve Kutz

    Sergio Bollana Buddy’s the man 👑☮️💟💯

  86. Rahsed Alanazi

    I respect him a lot I loved that night at Massey Hall in Toronto in 2015 when I saw Buddy guy was my first time how great was it

  87. Rafael Gonzalez

    When the blues does not have classes, levels and social status. Thanks Buddy and Keb'mo

  88. carla palmaricciotti

    Me gusta

  89. holger jester

    "I am an American"  - the way John F. Kennedy has said: "I am a Berliner" - what he probably would not saY again today  - if he would still be living! Honey!

  90. Carolyn Washington

    best Buddy Guy of all times!

  91. Arduous Ant

    This is an awesome video, :D Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on :D if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! :D Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

  92. iron life

    only one left ,wish albert,bb,srv was still here and young..but there in heavin tearing up some blues power..

  93. AeonKage

    Going to see Buddy for the first time!! Kitchener Ontario Canada!

  94. pauliefte

    Watching Obama listening to Buddy Guy gave me the thought that we still haven't had a Black President. LOL

    jerry v

    pauliefte If only we could have a President regardless of race with the class that President Obama had we could be proud.

    Mike Hellmann

    He just doesn't have a rhythm gene, that's all.

    Phume Mqadi

    lol lol lol lol...

    George Neidorf

    He didn't grow up in that or any other Black culture. Not his fault. If he hadn't Michele he still wouldn't be Black.

  95. Reid Smith

    Buddy has still got it..a national treasure for sure!

  96. Silvio Rupic

    buddy you are the king