Guy, Buddy - Blues Don't Care Lyrics

Blues don't care if you're young or old,
a real big deal or some poor soul.
Makes no different if you're wrong or right,
blues will track you down,
it's gonna pick a fight.
Blues don't care,
blues don't care.
I know,
cause I've had my share.

It'll creep up on you when you least expect,
make the hair stand up on the back of your neck,
try to run but there ain't no escape,
it's a middle finger on the hand up faith,
oh don't care.
Blues ain't fair.
I know,
cause I've had my share.

You can buy insurance,
try to ease your mind,
lock up your woman and hide your wine,
bury your money in the cold hard ground,
but the blues are gonna get you some way,
somehow. Blues don't care,
no blues don't care.
I know,
yes y'all,
cause I really had my share.

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Guy, Buddy Blues Don't Care Comments
  1. Rony Andrews

    BUDDY GUY is the man....Can't even comprehend blues in absence of BG....Thanks for all the wonderful lyrics and singing them out loud like you do...HATS OFF MAN

  2. By Myself

    That's Right BLUES don't care Thank you Buddy and Gary💙

  3. Максим Евгеньевич Попов


  4. Tristan Clark

    What a rockin little track!!!!!

  5. Michael Brewster

    "the middle finger, on the hand of fate! " -don't I know that! 🍄😊

  6. Максим Евгеньевич Попов

    Peace, Love and Blues!

  7. Matt Henderson

    True words, guys; take heed.

  8. toddviv

    this is the shit!!!

  9. Vladimir Sánchez

    Amazing blues, Blues legends..

  10. The Happy Wanderer

    Not only the greatest to play the guitar, Buddy is a genuinely nice "guy". If you find him at the bar in Legends, he will talk and joke and sign his c.d.'s....a real blues original and a gentlemen to boot.

  11. Gary Clark

    Buddy Guy IS THE MAN!!!! Cannot sit still when his music is playing. One of the true greats for sure!!!

  12. Robert Reyes

    Buddy never ceases to amaze! Gary Clark Jr. good too.

  13. bill bonilla

    you always make my day happier... with more feeling...

  14. Frank Manley

    Fandme fed musik

  15. Badreddine Bendami

    Awesome ... ! 2 generations ! Same old blues !

  16. june lantz

    yeah, you know it!!!!

  17. Bobby Rippey

    I went out and bought this cd. It's fuckin ass kickin, fantastic! I wish we had more musicians like Gary Clarke Jr. too. My soul is starved for great music. I hate what passes for music now. Rap and hip-hop. GOD!! I HATE THAT SHIT!! And it sure as hell doesn't belong in the rock & roll hall of fame!!!!

  18. deepintoblues

    Damn, that sounds good! Buddy is amazing and I'm starting to really dig Gary Clarke Jr too!

  19. morin michel

    un super double album ,a avoir absolument !!!!

  20. Pierre Mallette

    Please come back to quebec city!!!
    Thanks for giving me the rythme & blues

  21. jazzthunder50

    superb authentic blues from one of its greatest exponents- Long live Buddy Guy!

  22. Loviz

    Too Short

  23. allyvenableband

    Fantastic!!!! Love Buddy!!

  24. Rene Sanchez

    Good Stuff as always, and with Gar Clark Jr. great combo! Gary Clark Jr is a rising

  25. Jr. SugarFingers Linton

    Great music!, sweet groove!.

  26. Santi Requemei

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! Buddy is The Master!!!!

  27. Cora Visser

    this one is awesome wiehoeeeeeee real super cool.Thank you so much.

  28. Dasprite222

    Just heard this on NPR last night...LOVE IT!!!