Guttermouth - Hypocrite Lyrics

See you at church and I see you at school
Say that you live by the golden rule
But, look again, it's all a lie
You're a hypocrite, and I don't know why
You're a hypocrite and I don't know why
Your life's filled with distortions and lies

See you at a party, don't know what to say
When I catch you in a lie, you just turn your head away
But take a look around, you've got none to fool
Because none of us live by mother's golden rule

Take a look around, not a fucking sound
I stare at you
So what you gonna do?
You live a life of lies
The truth to you is no surprise
You say it's on the way
Now you fucking pay

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Guttermouth Hypocrite Comments
  1. vK B3as7 plays

    still listening in 2016

  2. derek domino

    Great album one of the first I learned on guitar back sometime in the 90's.

  3. eowdaoc

    i'm still confused as to why mark is talking about church, lol

  4. phattycobra37

    great song, glad you uploaded it

  5. TheMigzo

    HELLZ YEAH BRO, Still one of the best ever punk rock album, ALL KILLER NO FILLLER, Thanks for the upload!