Gus Dapperton - Prune, You Talk Funny Lyrics

I like the way that words come out your mouth
It takes me many miles to make them out
And strawberry sits superbly with you
Go on and lick me love I'm jelly in my shoes

And I would tread upon flowerbeds to
Stare and stop
A hominid twas blossoming from
Soot and sod
Eating all my food

Well you're like the bum
Who begged and pegged me up all wrong
I've got no two cents, no sense at all
Well you're like the bum
Who begged and pegged me up all wrong
I've got no two cents, no sense at all

I like the way you decorate your neck
It takes me just a sec to break a sweat
And russet rims portray that of a goon
Go on and test me love like sipping from a spoon

And I would tread upon flowerbeds to
Stare and stop
A hominid twas blossoming from
Soot and sod
Eating all my food

Well you're like the bum
Who begged and pegged me up all wrong
I've got no two cents, no sense at all
Well you're like the bum
Who begged and pegged me up all wrong
I've got no two cents, no sense at all

Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha ha...

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Gus Dapperton Prune, You Talk Funny Comments
  1. random person


  2. William Cloutier


  3. 애교코만도

    와~ 좋노

  4. iris hernandez

    i love that barbie is in this 💗

  5. DevinGrant

    I can’t understand a damn word

  6. Sanaa Saklani

    why is no one talking about the fact that the girl from 2:04 onwards is Barbie Ferreira

  7. TheNick993

    So the joker based his dance off of Gus

  8. With Nail

    Gus you’re amazing

  9. rickythecat1

    Thank you Logan h for opening my world a little more, you showed me this song the day you’ve moved out of San cat. Hope everything is well :)

  10. Adam Stehley

    i wanna go skydiving with this song playing in the background

  11. DADAMON 99

    Sigo enamorado de la chica del banco que lee un libro uwu

  12. Zara King

    Is that Kat from euphoria

  13. DADAMON 99

    Gus ♥

  14. Rhengrun

    Wow i didnt think Joshu Higashikata could sing

  15. Kingpin SighGod

    Prune, you're the energy me flings to know my heart's need for you

  16. Maddie

    i talk funny :)

  17. monda pagai

    Love the guitar sound here!

  18. Jo Jo

    43 seconds and gus Is morrissey like wtf

  19. Government Official

    This screams H I P S T E R!

  20. Ian Yazzie

    I wish I could dance like him......

  21. Samurai Sanchez

    I don’t get the dancing donut

  22. Emma Gar

    I listened to this once and now I have a bowl cut thanks Gus

  23. Luis Perez

    This song haunts me everyday

  24. Scout with Clout

    holy shit this songs at 8 mil views now

  25. genhsis

    im forcing myself to listen to this because i can’t seem to like his music

  26. Imad Jabou

    Is that barbie ferreira in the pink coat

  27. Loid

    Essa é do tempo do pai meu filho szzzzzzz

  28. Kauan


  29. sello niebla

  30. Kat Santiago

    I love you song ♡

  31. Oleg

    "bowl cut singer" does the searching job

  32. guuudyyy

    Omg I used to listen to this back in 2018 and I forgot about it and tried to find it but finally I did 😭

  33. p4sywn44gr3sywn0sc _

    And how can you not love indie music?

  34. Ad SeSerg

    Colab with oliver tree pls

  35. ok_brandon98

    This is such a gimmick

    Daniel W

    in what sense

  36. Aleesha raza

    He kinda reminds me of Victor from Despicable Me ngl

  37. some bullshit

    what a beaver on it at 1:37

  38. Andy Acosta

    Top vote for fifa music lmao reminds me of a playlist from like 14 good days😢

  39. Num Num Town

    Anyone else notice the girl from Euphoria or is that just me?


    Also just noticed this!

  40. mario ortega

    The dude with his hair like rengouku from demon slayer is my fav, rip

  41. Gracela Aprianata


  42. hannah dean

    love love love love this song

  43. Colleen Anderson

    i typed "bowl cut music video" to find this 80s sounding gem

  44. josue gatica

    te vai a poner la capa ? la pulenta

  45. Jerry Springer Jr

    Can someone please save music? Is there anyone? Anyone at all?

  46. Robbie Kert

    Before the song a juul post came up . Fuck juul

  47. Damani Jones

    They all look like they have crippling anxiety — yet his music is probably capable of curing it. Issa MASTAPIECE

  48. Anthony Abrahams

    This type of music might be the ideal cure to Anxiety


    Yeah true better than to hear billie elliesh


    That's true I have GAD and spotify keeps driving tru song like this.


    The xanax too!

  49. Griffin Millette

    This song is like...idk even know...a breakthrough almost like an escape from reality

  50. Almond Eyes

    Heard this song before and I’m so glad accidentally found it

  51. aZz7eCh

    What, the

  52. Daizy

    @1:34 The school shooter getting ready for action

  53. Splashy

    yes, another year listening this masterpiece.

  54. Pch Iwod Skate

    I like these Gucci ads

  55. Alekha

    Congratulations, you have good taste in music


    Same to you

    Government Official

    Hipsters everywhere ahhhh

  56. Teresa Esposito

    The girl he dances with at the park is that girl from euphoria

  57. Jack Gilmartin

    When he said “and I would tread on flower beds” that shit hit

  58. brooke holzhauer

    the guy in the middle in the back seat looks like ringo from the beatles a bit

  59. CKdine

    Say what you want... but da boy got some mad footwork!!

  60. Liam S

    Imagine everyone getting a bowl haircut just for this song.

  61. Sprit3_

    This was really cute

  62. Eli Haynes

    I love how it gets faster at the beginning

  63. Alan Refugio

    Pure vibe

  64. Jeweled Steak

    This song is my favorite song of the decade, hands down


    Damn you got bad taste

  65. Darth Revan

    Keep finding really good indie rock/pop as of recent. This is class!

  66. Thirsty Wolf

    Gus Dapperton plus Oliver Tree, amirite?

  67. Beattrice Deiró de Carvalho

    i love it!

  68. Blissy Boo

    everybody do the *donut dance*

  69. Omar De Windt

    Is that kat from euphoria or I'm that high ?

  70. Tilde Bang

    wait i feel like ive seen that girl in pink before

  71. NEG Toxic3Dcats

    This song hella annoying now. Used to be cool when I knew Gas before he blew up and all the cringe arty spikey belt kids in high school ruined this genre lmao


    NEG Toxic3Dcats Sounds like you’re the annoying hipster who gets angry once an artist becomes a little known,

    Government Official

    Leave Washington DC Langley please!! Let me live in peace :c

    NEG Toxic3Dcats

    Asyr hell naw. It’s the shit fan base that ruined it. I ain’t a hipster fuck who wears striped shirts and shit.

  72. Nadia Chahid

    I want a man to dance for/on me in this manner

  73. Fish penis

    What’s with the bowl cut

  74. regs. gv


  75. Edwin Aguilar

    Still 🔥🔥🔥

  76. Paula Sanca

    I've been dancing like a madman to this song for a few days. This song says fuck depression

  77. Rodrigo Soares da Costa


  78. Zachary Widmoyer

    this song & video dulls my rampant cynicism

  79. Ecrans VO

    Is that Barbie Ferreira from Euphoria ? :o

  80. Ru Strawbridge

    Wow this colour palette on this music video is outstanding!

  81. J Man

    Moaning Myrtle Much?

  82. Kayla Waugh

    I love u Jedidiah

  83. Internet Girl

    The donut should've had a bowl cut too.

    Carol Valdez

    Internet Girl OMG FR LMAO

  84. allison s.

    this song makes me feel some sorta way i can’t explain

  85. 이성국

    Can someone give me info on whats hes wearing on 1:45??

  86. El Germán

    25¢ brought me here.

  87. Edwin Son

    vengo por el mariscos

  88. Kevwardo

    2:01 love that park got great basketball hoops

  89. Chili

    this song took over tiktok and i’m not okay

  90. Catalina Jvz

    This song is so ughhhhhhhhh I love it

  91. Adam Winkelman

    Love his music but i dont understand why he gotta look like a dolled up hermaphrodite

  92. Groove Tourist

    Dustin Martin without tattoos

  93. jayjayrumpzzz

    I found it... I had to search up artist with bowl cut and he came up FINALLY

  94. Ben Estey

    Good music, bad haircut(s)

  95. un chico

    esto merece un uwu <3

  96. upset

    This shit be hittin different when you high

  97. James Smith

    If this song isn't in the next Forza Horizon...GameStop will have a pristine used condition copy of it...

  98. Vea Was Here

    can we talk about Barbie Ferreira in this video tho?