Gus Dapperton - Give It To Me Straight Lyrics

Give it to me straight
You always got a lot to say
But you never wanna give it to me straight
How's your day
Give it to me straight
You always got a lot to say
But you never wanna give it to me straight

Give it to me straight
You always got a lot to say
But you never wanna give it to me straight
How's your day
Give it to me straight
You always got a lot to say
But you never wanna give it to me straight

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Gus Dapperton Give It To Me Straight Comments
  1. faking jazz together

    this is some good music !

  2. A Rizvi

    Why does it sound like, “I want to move it move it”

  3. Kame Fukuro


  4. Dae Dae

    This sort of reminds me of are u gonna tell her by Tove Lo which is the shit

  5. Derek Whitney

    I didn't like Give it to me straight & I got the floor at first but now I love them 💛💛💛

  6. Eduardo Roberto

    Sounds like Hotline Miami

  7. Gabriel M.

    B Hayes sucks ass and it says something about how good Gus is when his 2 songs are the only two on In Passing 001 that are even worth a listen. Dude makes Garage Band garbage. Shit some of these drum lines sound identical to the shit the auto generator makes in Garage Band

  8. Sushi Midget

    This is unlike Gus's usual style, but it's hella dope... It seems he like he could make some really good melodic techno :P

  9. Philip Bridges

    Anyone have any info on who B. Hayes is? This is from an EP of 'Passing 001' of him and Gus, and it seems to be his first EP.


    Philip Bridges yea I’m wondering too

  10. Daniel Martinez

    Reminds me of Blue Monday

  11. Jonni Armani

    That could be my new favorite GD,)

  12. blackghostcat

    Not saying this in a bad way. But man, this sounds like it was ripped out of a gay bar.

    Daniel Ramirez

    im gonna believe you, it seems like you know what are you talking about


    @Daniel Ramirez the big good gay

  13. Libert Antonio

    Hermoso ❤

  14. Aryan Nair

    Can anyone recommend songs that are similar to this?

    Aryan Nair

    @StrykesV3 StrykesV3 thanks!

    Mazzack NY

    Calabria 2007.... because it’s the same song

    flex offender

    I like to move it -Madagascar

    Oy Lue

    First song come into my mind: Toro Y Moi - Freelance

    crycry channel

    sad organ- men i trust

  15. startle starfish

    This reminded so much to 90's house.

  16. reincarnating


  17. Jason Funes

    gus could literally release a song of him breathing and it would still sound good

    Sus _

    Now I want a song of him just breathing, seriously

  18. Jim Bob

    Mup ouv it!

  19. the.girl.who.comments

    Great job, Gus!!!! <3

  20. Sydney Renea

    I love that people are giving it to him straight in the comments saying how this isn’t the Gus we need. Obviously some ppl have no idea what change is. I love that he drops songs that not everyone will dig but gus digs it , so he’s like fuck everyone else. Man I’m obsessed with GUS !!!

  21. Anthony Langford

    My day is shit. But hey, thanks for asking. ;) Great tune man. Congrats!

  22. Erin Elsner

    Yes pls thanks daddy

  23. StrykesV3 StrykesV3

    Gus making House music now? Awesome

  24. J4KETS

    Like pear cider, made from 100% pear.

    Jonni Armani

    J4KETS lol ,)

  25. DimkaDmitry

    You know you make people addicted, right?

  26. //◭// たわごと藩主至高 //◭//

    what a succinct way to give it to us, thanks king

  27. Sayer Slayer

    Not the Gus we want-- Not the Gus we know-- No, the Gus we need. This is my fav Song of his since Miss Glum, Poise and Panache, and Prune Juice. Instant classic.


    do you like in florescence? thats my favorite way before miss glum and the reason i started diggin

    Sayer Slayer

    @henkdachief ay, that one's good too

  28. Sam Ross

    Anyone else hear Calabria

    Mazzack NY

    Sam Ross yes it’s def ripped right from it. First thing I noticed

  29. Nirvana Blues

    🔥🔥🔥🔥as always!

  30. Tomlinson Boys

    Gus !!!!!

  31. okinoth

    goth dapperton

    Eyasu Tesfaye

    okinoth yes

    Eyasu Tesfaye

    that gus-pop infused goth ebm/cold wave kinda vibe, kinda expected him to reach this kinda sound sooner or later tbh

  32. aimee l

    Our lord and saviour Gus Dapperton has come through yet again

  33. brcmano

    it's surely way different from the other stuff he has shown us, but I like it, and there are some hints of his past stuff. great again gus!

  34. Artsy

    I just can’t love him more.

  35. Summertime Rah

    Sounds very minimal from the beginning. I like it.

  36. Greyhound

    shiiiit i love this 💜

  37. Oliver G

    this seems more like what gus wants and less like what gus thinks the people want and i like that

    s 97

    This is the real gus dapperton

  38. Ali O

    What's gus dapperton doing here?

  39. Laura Palmer

    Now give it to me gay

    Laura Palmer


    Asha Adin


    clara c:


    Laura Palmer

    clara c: hello fellow member of kurtistown

    clara c:

    Laura Palmer yeeyee

  40. SVK7

    oh boiiiiii

  41. Leo Thumbran

    This is so psychedelic for me.

  42. Bugsy Siegel

    Aye Gus❤️❤️

  43. Trinity

    wtf is this old or?... i love gus and have no idea where this is from. I'm so confused someone plz help

    Bri Guy

    It's definitely a new single


    @Bri Guy he... never posted it himself? or promoted it... i haven't been on social media but I just checked a little and see nothing. lots of confusion. very happy with the surprise tho lmao

    Bri Guy

    It's official here too

    Mason Clark

    Trinity he has something on his IG story about it


    @Mason Clark i saw that but idk how someone got that he was gonna drop a song from that post. it's confusing lmao. THANKS GUYS FOR EXPLAINING TO MY SLOW ASS WHERE THIS SONG CAME FROM!

  44. Isolated Sephzon

    No vocals?

    Etienne Bisilliat Donnet

    @Isolated Sephzon 3:05

    Isolated Sephzon

    @Etienne Bisilliat Donnet bruh

  45. retepskate

    woah I ike the house vibes

    Eyasu Tesfaye

    that 707 rimshot, thats when i knew what he was up to with this one


    @Eyasu Tesfaye and those hats haha they kinda sound like 909 ones

    Eyasu Tesfaye

    retepskate yeah he didnt go for the basic syncopated open hat pattern so i was like ohh might just be some edgy pop which it pretty much is but yeh they sound like they’re from the 707 as well and i know he actually uses roland drumsynths so it wouldve just been convenient for him to use the 707 hats from the same machine as well instead of dragging in 909 samples (cos i highly doubt he’s got a real 909, boutique maybe but idk) just some pointless conjecture anyways lol

    Eyasu Tesfaye

    retepskate definitely got that lofi house kick tho