Gus Dapperton - Ditch Lyrics

Take me to your home, oh
Take me where you're whole, oh

Arms around my head won't rest
So I, close my eyes instead
Harm around my head won't rest, I dread
So I, close my eyes instead

I want lots of you, ooh
Oh, can't you seen I've grown? (grew)

Arms around my head won't rest
So I close my eyes instead
Harm around my head won't rest, I dread
So I, close my eyes instead

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Gus Dapperton Ditch Comments
  1. Oriana Vieira

    I know maybe it's too late for this but please make a music video of this song I would love it :)))))

  2. Shakera Dillard

    I met Gus and the whole crew . Awesome people ❤️❤️❤️.

  3. Martin Beck

    Stranger things vibes

  4. Kevin Nunez

    That bald girl can have it!! Sexy

  5. kim

    Is it just me or does this song sound different now???

  6. Massa Sh

    Im cutting my hair like gurl with no hat

  7. Swagkilla1904

    Who's the girl on the left?

  8. Alexsandro Oliveira

    Someone know the name of the girl on the right?? (I know it's Gus on the left)

    ilyana. xiv

    is that a joke??

  9. Ibrahim Hussain

    takes me back to sad times

  10. Tomas Ferreira

    this song will always remind me of a very special someone <3 if you're reading this you know who you are :)

  11. Jay Litty

    Forever will love this song🥰

  12. Rodrigo Vallejos

    That picture would be a current image ' s smiths. i like it.


    i play gus for my gangster friends

  14. You're sleeping, I'm Crying

    This is actually my phone alarm lol !!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dau Rojas

    Amo está canción mucho

  16. Luís Fernando García-Ramírez

    magnifique musique, merci merci beaucoup

  17. Max Hunt


  18. Mari Ribeiro

    Puta som bom

  19. Relatable

    I listen to this song E V E R Y D A Y

  20. 4hungary2

    For some strange reason this just hits the spot right after the person who I still believe to be the love of my life broke up with me on Messenger. Maybe I am a psychopath as she says. Thanks Gus!

  21. Silent Monologue Productions

    How could anybody dislike this

  22. Affection

    isso que é arte

  23. whyyoulidl

    prob my fave gus track. get's me everytime...

  24. Derek Carlton Anderson

    Only because I am tall skinny white dude with blue eyes do I hope to get a bull cut and be just like gus...ok jk that's not my style but I dig how he makes it cool to have your own.

  25. zamarripa461

    I love this song so much but what’s it mean? Anyone help a b out 😭

    Les Anderson

    zamarripa461 whatever you want it to mean


    Ur right 💓

  26. DopeyB21

    Loving the synthwave.
    Taps into my earliest gaming memories.

  27. whyyoulidl

    Over and over: this track just gets better every time!

  28. Harmony French

    I love this song sm <3

  29. Papa Salt

    Like Gus Dapperton? Then check out our band’s EP, Hot Strip Pink, on our YouTube Channel! You’ll like it, we swear! If you do like it, make sure you subscribe to stay updated with us, and check out our other music!

  30. Soren Dillinger


  31. Kame Fukuro

    Hypnotic From The First Play.

  32. The1977Punk

    If you like Gus Dapperton, check out Ted Duchamp - Better Days, think you'll enjoy it, have a nice day!:)

  33. Miguel Romero

    Stranger things looks greattt, 11 definitely blossomed as well as well you know who

  34. joehaze215

    Stranger things type beat

  35. Ali Rivera


  36. Lavender Town

    God,i need a new concealer

    Inkosi Inkosi

    Raquel Minchetti follow me on insta @xerxez_


    Lavender Town lol

  37. mapaxe e

    What is the name of the girls?

    Asheville Reviews

    Well Gus is the "girl" on the left, wearing the wig and the pink hat.

  38. Mandy Monotone

    Reminds me of being 14 and roaming nyc

  39. Keanudabeast

    Found it

  40. CMD Parodies

    Ed Edd n Eddy - how to end a cartoon

  41. Bionic

    Im think im on .....

  42. ShadowMage602

    They grow up just like us.

  43. jessica

    does the girl on the left have arms?


    🤣I love this song... And GUS DAPPERTON IS AMAZING.

  45. Thurnis Haley

    god that shaved head girl is so fuckin masculine lmfao short end of the stick, huh?

  46. Victoria Olalde

    Kinda reminds me of stranger things or 80s :)

  47. Aerials Cloud

    Essa música é muito boa, vsf

  48. Ray Herrera

    If anyone interested in the notes a
    F A C E (2 counts in order)
    F A C D (2 counts)
    C E G B (2 counts)
    C E G A (2 counts)
    That's the synth lead!


    now i can learn it on guitar thanks!


    Ray Herrera do beyond amends!

    I Am The Marble

    I spent my time doing it by ear when I so happen to stumble upon this comment. Nice

    Edu Dish

    Under ups

  49. riplink

    The girl on the right is very pretty. Her facial structure and chin are amazing! 😍

  50. Isaiah Hebert

    Gus is such a treasure👌

  51. gopro_2027

    Deftones & Gus


    gopro_2027 I don't know why you would associate deftones with gus (maybe chino's 80s inspiration) but I love you already cause they're both my favourites


    I just like both bands lol. Been listening to both a lot recently.

  52. Richie Demo


  53. Leon S. Kennedy

    The lyrics ruin this song.

  54. Lin

    How could someone disliked this video duhh

  55. Briana Haro


  56. Charlez Engle

    I never get sick of gus dapperton, he's so entrancing. You want to keep hearing him over and over again

  57. Kord DaTroll

    I love this shit i no my mother will too

  58. Will Joe

    sleeping jams all the way

  59. ストーナーFTeaPea

    Ditch tha bitch

  60. ogfuntime

    this is next level

  61. Bryan Roman

    Is anybody else visualizing Gus dancing to this??🕺🏽 😂

  62. Jo Mukabire

    My name is in your heart...dig deep for the answer...reach for the heavens...from the depth of the abyss...

  63. oceanempire

    I had no idea how much I needed this guy's music! Down the rabbit hole...

  64. Devan Snider

    Fucking liberals.

  65. Zavvier Jaxxan


  66. Matt Phelps


  67. Enrique The Gerbil

    The song was good until he started to sing.

  68. Sloppy Joe

    Reminds me of the song Pulse from Cave Story. . .I like it


    FINALLY someone else sees it

    Sloppy Joe

    krystle right? Glad I'm not the only one

  69. Jack James

    This guy fucking sucks

  70. thanks

    1.25x. Make that a song

  71. Mateo Chavez


  72. Jess CCC

    I am under the influence atm, but is it just I that does not see the background girl s right arm!?!?!!?!?!?!

  73. Heisemberg Ballers

    Música hermosa

  74. Danny Garcia

    Also obsessed with this and him

  75. Ali Rivera


  76. Hellish Gaming

    I feel like gus should make some music for stranger things

  77. Kiyamma Moss

    overwhelmingly great

  78. Marleigh Sigler

    Oh no people a figuring out about him :(((((((( the boi is becoming pop ular

  79. lol Muskett

    Ughhh I need see this guy liveee

  80. Pablo Vallejo

    I'm gonna blast this all over and make him blow up

  81. zachlukas13

    someone needs to make an hour long loop of this song

  82. Jasmin Lee

    Anyone got song recommendations?

    Kundivy Dauda

    father nomi anything by Rex Orange county, dark red by Steve Lacy,locket by crumb,


    porches last album

  83. Fenrir

    Who's the girl with the shaved head? I find her extremely attractive . . .

  84. Ger Unkwon

    The song's melody sounds exactly like Crescendo - Haunted

  85. Rodrigo Martínez

    Speed it to 1.25. You´re welcome.

  86. Malcolm Bravo

    He’s good. Kinda groovy.

  87. STee

    Love your Musics

  88. Retro Ray's Succulents AKA retroraysrealm

    so sick!!!

  89. Marissa Rose

    also stop with the damn stranger things comments

  90. Marissa Rose

    great song

  91. Noe Angel

    Listening to gus and learning about him really got to me and I wanna be a better person cause of him

  92. Aiko Tanaka


  93. dillon q

    Am I the only one who noticed Gus with the wig? Savage

  94. Twyla Morin

    That basssssss

  95. Marlene Lagunas

    Omg yas

  96. Gabe Waite

    Probably my favourite song from 2017:)

  97. Wizard Owl

    i wish all his songs were like a minute or two longer ugh

  98. woah11ify

    Mmm that synth bass