Guns N' Roses - There Was A Time Lyrics

Broken glass and cigarettes
Writin' on the wall
It was a bargain for the summer
And I thought I had it all
I was the one who gave you everything
The one who took the fall
You were the one who would do anything
The one who can't recall
Where she was while she was sleepin'
In another women's bed
Or the doctor's or the lawyer's
Or the stranger that she met
If there's nothin' that I can gain from this
Or anything at all
It'd be the knowledge that you gave me
When I thought I'd heard it all

It was a long time for you
(It was a long time)
It was a long time for me
(It was a long time)
It'd be a long time for anyone but
(It was a long time)
Looks like it's meant to be

Social class and registers
Cocaine in the hall
All the way from California
On the way to your next call
To those non-negotiations
To stimulate a cause
For the betterment of evils
And your ways around the laws
That keep you up and sitting pretty
On a pedestal or bed
And now you're sleeping like an angel
Never mind who gave you head
If there's somethin' I can make of this
Or anything at all
It'd be the devil hates a loser
And you thought you had it all

It was the wrong time for you
(It was a long time)
It was the wrong time for me
(It was a long time)
It was the wrong time for anyone but
(It was a long time)
Looks like I'm 'bout to see for myself

If I could go back in time
To the place in my soul
There all alone
Lonely teardrops ooh
Are callin' you
But I don't want to know it now
Cause knowin' you
It won't change a damn thing
But there was a time
Yeah there was a time
Didn't want ta know it all...
Didn't wanna know it all...
N' I don't wanna know it now
Yeah there was a time
Didn't want ta know it all...
Didn't wanna know it all...
N' I don't wanna know it now

Oh I would do anything for you
There was a time
I would do anything for you
I would do anything for you
There was a time

There was a time
I would do anything for you
Yeah, there was a time
Didn't want ta know it all...
Didn't wanna know it all...
N' I don't wanna know it now
I would do...
Didn't want to know at all...
Anything for you
Didn't wanna know at all...
N' I don't wanna know it now

There was a time...
There was a time

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Guns N' Roses There Was A Time Comments
  1. A Cook

    Chinese Democracy sounds like it was made 30 years from now. I firmly believe in many years to come new generations will find this amazing and relevant, much like Roger Waters Amused To Death, it's a gem that is made to last forever.

  2. Andy Moore

    4:24 > play at a volume to make your jaw wobble so much your teeth fall out.

  3. harleymaretich

    0:57 1:49 3:20 4:00 5:56

  4. Lewis Cypher

    Just Axl being axl, great stuff!

  5. Eduardo Rock

    O Início dessa música é impactante (☆_☆)

  6. Familia Silva

    Solos magistrales :v

  7. Andrew Davenport

    This is Guns N Roses finest track - no question. The vocal, the twin solos...I loved Slash but this 'out guns' him. Hoping to see you in England next year guys...

    A Cook

    I'd probably agree with you, this has been in my head for weird as it sounds I feel like I'm watching movie when I listen to this album.

  8. Trane Crouly

    То чувство, когда слушал этот альбом и было похуй на то, что тут нету Слэша и остальных.

  9. Daniel Alejandro

    Is that BucketHead playing ?

    Fender King

    First melodic one is robin finck then the last one is buckethead

  10. Victor Em

    You can't deny Axl is a monster when it comes to songwritting... His lyrics are pure genius, the harmony is wonderful. I still don't get why this album got so much hate when in fact it's just a masterpiece. Buckethead's licks make it even more outstanding. This guy knows how to make a tune a timeless masterpiece. Hat's off to these guys who made a really outstanding song. And to all whose who oppose... uh... well

    A Cook

    It's unappreciated now but I believe it will be seen as an enduring classic in years to come, for the most part it's to sophisticated for the average listener and it's waiting for people to "catch up" to it...people in 20-30+ years from now will rediscover it and simply be amazed at what it has to offer.

  11. JunkyardHounds

    And now this masteriece is being played by that wannabe sellout fucker slash :( sad sad sad

    Marcos Oyola

    $la$h sucks

  12. Genesis Olaes

    Guns N' Rose's masterpiece

  13. chakkaphak

    the devil hates a loser

  14. Kevin W

    Most underrated song EVER!!!

  15. ashley traveco

    Coloquem na velocidade 1.25 e apreciem a música

  16. Ignacio Quiroz

    La única canción buena de todo el álbum 👌
    Lastima que en una parte grita mucho.. y ya no tiene voz.. esa voz raspada y potente.

    Marcos Oyola

    no tiene esa voz raspada? ve como canta esta cancion en el 2009.

    Appetite for Gn'R

    la única canción buena? Que me decís de This I love, better, madagascar, street of dreams, I.R.S.

    Ignacio Quiroz

    @Appetite for Gn'R nah.. no suena a guns N roses este disco.. la voz es de axl.. pero no es guns..
    Es la verdad

    Ignacio Quiroz

    @Marcos Oyola cualquiera.. nada que ver..
    Y mira que yo soy re fan de gnr.. pero hay que saber reconocer.. que después de los 90's la voz no fue la misma.

    Michelle Rangel Santos

    @Ignacio Quiroz escucha su voz en el 2006! Si voz es magistral..

  17. Coffee GAMING network

    When it says broken glass he means he just hit a really high note

  18. Alessandro El Hamri

    Bought it when I was a kid...I wouldn’t know what I was listening to, everybody was like: is not anymore like the old guns, no it wasn’t maybe was something else but absolutely stunning, now I have shiver

  19. Nathan Never

    Apsolute masterpiece, only because of this ( not that the rest of the songs are bad ) was worth waithing for this album


    I liked it at first but the lyrics whining about all the women that did him wrong (because a guy with mental issues could never be to blame.) wore it out for me.

  21. Emka953

    This reminds me some kind of James bond or Mission Impossible type of music

  22. Fer Basulto

    No se porque menosprecian el álbum, la verdad es que es un excelente álbum con muy buenas canciones como esta, en realidad el álbum es una obra maestra y no porque no ayan estado los miembros originales no quiere decir que no sea bueno, es un muy buen álbum de mis favoritos.

    Ignacio Quiroz

    Porque no tiene la esencia de Guns N roses.. no suena a guns.. la voz es de axl y todo.. pero no es guns.. no está Slash principalmente.. es la banda de axl solamente.
    Decime la verdad.. si yo te digo.. Guns N roses.. no se te viene a la mente.. Axl y Slash?? Ahí tenés la respuesta.. ellos son Guns N roses!!!


    @Ignacio Quiroz
    Aunque no suene a guns n roses, sigue siendo un buen álbum

  23. darkstorm979

    The verses remind me of the last bit of singing in Coma. Not the exact melodic phrasing, but close

  24. Carlos BRYCH

    mi canción favorita del disco, y de Guns N Roses.

    Ignacio Quiroz

    Del disco te la puedo creer.. pero de la banda?? Man.. escuchaste todos los discos?? Conoces sus hits??

  25. E A

    Axl Rose at his best. He needed to show this side of his.

  26. lukezgio



    I wonder if he sees a shrink, I'm thinking he doesn't need one, he just puts his shit on record, and he can always take notes, when he needs to.

  28. Caleb Budde

    The low voice outside the first chorus is the 2nd lowest note ever made, and his high voice stretches 5 octaves above. His next octave was once during a live performance or something. He was neck and neck with Mariah Carey on that one.

    Bautista Juli

    wow, wouldn´t have noticed that low voice if u didnt tell it, beautiful arrangement

  29. Caleb Budde

    6 octaves... Indefinitely, Mr. Rose.

  30. Xplicit Suizyd

    Fucking Epic! Axl Rose is the only reason I started writing. His lyrics are brilliant and brutally honest. San Diego, I am just getting started. Best rapper alive. 😈

  31. Francisco Javier Morales

    Webos !! Date la chance de escucharla , si este reconocedor de la calidad de ejecución sabrás que el tiempo no importa tardaron en esto pero su resulto está de poca madre !!!!!!

  32. Mrs Botwin

    This particular track is a masterpiece of this record i think

  33. HealthyMealthy

    Overdone steak is the best way I can describe this song.

  34. Dougerro

    Ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Buckethead. The most epic solo on this album.

  35. helmut schuster


  36. rognr

    Omg! I hate this drummer!

    The Rival

    For real real

  37. Rob_Infiniti

    I still love this song.

  38. Scott Sowerby

    What happened to the film clip of this?

  39. Mike Griffin

    Highest Notes ever hit by Axl start 3:50 be sure to crank it up !! it peaks at 4:08 simply amazing ....

  40. ana sena

    chinese democracy = holy bible

  41. Bob Douglass

    sounds like axl's using autotune. lame

    Marcos Oyola

    clean voice

  42. The Rival



  43. Angel Garcia

    La mejor canción del álbum y una de las mejores hechas en la historia de la musica

    Ignacio Quiroz

    Ni vos te la creés..
    Si me decís Sweet child o mine.. te la creo

  44. The Pro Towel Waver

    Every song on the album was completed in 2000 even the vocals you hear on the album were recorded in 1999 and 2000 but it is completely overproduced

    Rob Graff

    Yep, there is good songs on here great lyrics but no emotion just way overproduced and the music just emotionless. O don't care how talented you are the feel is everything. It is a decent album but honestly seven ballads? I use it to fall asleep to which I am doing now

    The Pro Towel Waver

    @Rob Graff they should have put more buckethead rockers on the album

  45. Toca Rock Caralho lml

    Minha banda favorita de todos os tempos .

  46. uralus

    Best song on one of the most underrated rock albums of all time. Wonder if he was thinking of Stephanie while writing this song...


    i think it's a safe assumption

  47. Mariano Abundiz

    UMG!!! Put the string arrangements back on YT!!! Paul Buckmaster deserves it!!!

  48. Shauna Monday

    Jar Head maybe...where is bucket head coming from...two tear drops in the bucket ****it!

  49. PatrickDAllen1

    As cool as the guitar solos are on this track (they are!), I think this song has some of the best drum work ever. I just caught myself beating the part out on my legs. #OldHabitsDieHard

  50. Uno más del Patriarcado

    Terrible album...

  51. Sinoidotschka

    I listen to this album first time and I thought it will be shit but it’s AMAZING!!!!!

    Keith Petit de Mange

    Haters gonna hate

  52. perrofrio

    This song is crap. No wonder the album was a complete failure.

    Marcos Oyola

    Go watch $la$h shit then

  53. Seb Stoner

    Violins, guitar, bass, 🥁, wtf GnR rules. Magistrally magical.

  54. Hector Craft

    Super putísima rola y el requinto de de buckedhead super chingon me encanta este tema

  55. ANTONI242

    hey, guys, do anyone knows if Buckethead played in this song??

    Iago Blanco

    He's actually playing the lead guitar

  56. Tem de Tudo

    Guns very dos verys

  57. Comediolandia

    this solo must be from robin flink or buckthead they will do a great job at Gnr who thinks like it here And Brazil I Love Usa

  58. RazorSharp


  59. Highways6

    The gem of the album


    Highways6 holly shit, if that’s the gem, the other songs must be lower than shit.

    Keith Petit de Mange

    @perrofrio Youre stupid af if you dont think this is a good song

    It's Dee

    @Keith Petit de Mange yup

  60. José Asdrúbal Quirós

    Axl/Buckethead: genius

  61. Tad Warren

    FUCK MY LIFE!!!!!!

  62. MrIgorek13

    Brilliant and my fav!

  63. guillermo sebastian diaz

    Cuando lo escuché por primera vez me emociono! Pero chinesse democracy lo kagaron con las canciones piratas del ares!

  64. maddog76

    Axl should've just gone solo...keeping the G.R name was kind of a dick move..but I 4 give you Axl..great song

  65. Luke Dwyer

    Such a shame axl put it out as gnr would've been regarded as an instant classic if it was an axl solo album. Either way though some fucking awesome songs right here

    Fine Chariot

    I don't care what name is written on the sleeve, the music has to be good! For example, I wouldn't mind if Roger Waters would have called his solo records 'Pink Floyd'. I think it would just be fair.

  66. Coffee GAMING network

    The begging 20 seconds sounded like opening a canned drink

  67. Devin H

    yea this song is a straight up Axl masterpiece!!! Problem was damn album took so long to come out I remember it became a running joke on radio stations when it would come out.... and I think people got biased.

    Sebastian Paez are right....It is Axl Masterpiece...

  68. Isaac Baena

    This song reminds me LP 91.8

  69. Lyndsey Wood

    "He plays like a motherfcker" ozzy


    Lyndsey Wood Did he say that? Awesome! 😁👍🏻

    Lyndsey Wood

    @Castlebell sure did

  70. s j

    There was a time when Axl was a little baby inside his mums tummy. Now he supports people who would have never let him see the light of day. Axls a tough guy against innocent babies

    mudshark jones

    shut up you utter twat .

  71. superwout

    Those drums, man

  72. cafe internet

    La mejor banda que talento tan bacano para hacer buen rock.

  73. Inside the ribcage

    James bond .?

  74. Alexandra Terrones

    Not the Best song from Chinese Democracy but its a really good song.

  75. Ricky Sword

    Wow, i didnt know this one. I dont consider Chinese Democracy as a Guns N Roses album, its an Axl solo, where we can see his mature personality as singer and composer finally, very very truly.

    And you know what? Its awsome.


    Yeah same, I think of this as Axl's solo stuff. It's fucking great!

  76. john thornton

    Brilliant song! Love Axl's voice, great rythm section, Buckmaster's stint and piano, pure emotion, but Buckethead's solo in the outro? Wow!

  77. Lance Miller

    Seeing this album finally get the love it deserves is a beautiful thing.

  78. ohinek

    5:37 this lick is pure orgasm


    5:25 to 5:45 😘

  79. Michael Montalbano

    Amazing guitars

  80. Steven Graham

    Still got it

  81. Pavel


  82. Keith Lyons

    Chinese Democracy. You know, I love this weird album Axl made after a decade of desperate flailing. I mean, shit. It takes some balls to fail for a decade, offend Buckethead (I mean how do you even do that?), run out of money, eat shit, die, live again, and publish an album that sounds like Trent Reznor decided he just had to make the next GNR album. And it's weird as fuck but it doesn't completely suck. Mostly, this steaming pile of shit rocks hard and doesn't stink. How many people can say their shit don't stink? Not I.

  83. Kevin C

    wow! so many people don't know a thing about Gnr in the comments lol

  84. Giancarlo Hoffmann

    Buckethead <3

  85. Leandro Debona

    e o tom? nos 4:00min, e nos 6:00min

  86. Robert Bruce

    This is some really good stuff!!!!!!! It is underrated just because of the time lag. 1994-2008 is a long time. The problem with metal was that it allowed grunge sneak in there and destroy rock for the most part. The legendary metal/hair bands like Def Leppard, Cure, and Poison from the 80s only came out with new albums like every 4 years. That was too long by the time the 90s came about. Waiting 12 years might have been a lifetime as that basically is a generational gap. It is a damn shame this is very good stuff!!!!!!!

    Lance Miller

    Robert Bruce Grunge came in because all the new bands coming up were tired of the cliche of dressing like girls and making party songs. Rightly so, because grunge was a breath of fresh air and all those hair bands needed to go. Hopefully it never comes back.

  87. guitar covers 307

    Pretty sure he just made this to show his vocal range

    Marcos Oyola

    4:00 4:20 5:56

  88. Rodrigo Peloni

    0:56 The only part that I don't like. Does anyone else feel like the vocals don't match the guitars in that part?

    Stephen Dornan

    Agree. Vocals surprising not as melodic as the demo version. Good pick up.

  89. Christian Sætre

    world anonymous 777

  90. Lex & Cinnabon

    Years ago when most of the songs had leaked (but no official release at the time) a downloader commented something like: "This isn't GN'R, but it's some of the best damn music I've ever heard!" I can imagine his surprise when he actually heard the album.
    It's my favorite album.

    James Dempsey

    its not guns.....its some cheep china knockoff......but its still a good album ....even if its not guns

  91. DA VID


  92. DA VID

    la mejor canción de GNR

  93. guillermo sebastian diaz

    30 estúpidos



  95. Luis Vicente

    Oyete nomas esos solos :'v.


    El poder del señor cabeza de balde.

    alex trujillo

    @Sebastian jajaja cabeza de balde


    Linking Park ? :v


    No, but Guns n' Roses and Linkin park are two of the best groups of everytime.

  97. jhon pryncy

    Cada dia escutando essa música essa música e foda