Guns N' Roses - Look At Your Game, Girl Lyrics

There's a time for living
Time keeps on flying
Think you're loving baby
But all your doing is crying


Can you feel
Are those feelings real
Look at your game, girl
Look at your game, girl

What a mad delusion
Living in that confusion
Frustration and doubt
Can you ever live without the game

The sad, sad game
Mad game
Just to say loves' not enough
If it can't be true
Oh, you can tell those lies baby but you're only fooling you


Can you feel
I know those feelings ain't real
Then you better stop trying
Or you're gonna play crying
Stop trying
Or you're gonna play crying
Stop trying

That's the game
Sad sad game
Mad game
Sad game

Thanks, Charles

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Guns N' Roses Look At Your Game, Girl Comments
  1. Mao Chiphai

    First times listen this song from GnR then found out original from Charles Manson Mind blow!!

  2. Paola Olivera

    There's a time for living
    Time keeps on flying
    Think you're loving baby
    But all your doing is crying

    Can you feel
    Are those feelings real
    Look at your game, girl
    Look at your game, girl

    What a mad delusion
    Living in that confusion
    Frustration and doubt
    Can you ever live without the game

    The sad, sad game
    Mad game
    Just to say loves' not enough
    it can't be true
    Oh, you can tell those lies
    but you're only fooling you

    Can't you feel
    All those feelings ain't real
    Then you better stop trying
    Or you're gonna play crying
    Stop trying

  3. Relic Reapers

    Yeah there's nothing like Manson's version. Just soo real and haunting.

  4. Bader Mezzani

    Amazing acoustique version 👍👍 it's Charles Manson written

  5. 01928

    En el inframundo manson esta cantando esta cancion desnudo.

  6. Wicked King Wicker

    Charlie Don’t Surf!!

    Jim B

    I love the smell of napalm in the early morning.

  7. Dirk Diggler

    I can't believe Axl recorded this .

  8. SuperKyoi

    еще та хуета от больного хипи...

  9. Dan Holmquist

    Handfuls of dandelions on mansions grave stone next summer ok UPS owes. him too.

  10. Julie Lee

    Manson is way better singer and it was his song.

  11. Nicholas Cave

    I can't understand yanks' fascination with Manson.


    i cant understand fascination with nick cave

  12. Mehmet Fatih Turan

    Manson's version is better.

  13. whoever you want me to be

    jeez... manson's version is way better

  14. ThatGeek 806

    Somewhere theres an alternate reality where Charles Manson was an acclaimed musician

  15. Dean Marroni

    This hasn't got shit on the Manson version!

  16. Guillermo Hugo Szatynski


  17. Lulu N.

    Que merda

  18. Francisco Santos

    far better than the original !!

  19. Riff Raff

    People saying Charlie Manson was a bad singer have never heard Walter Axl Rose.

  20. Devin Hill

    Damn this was rough... Stick to screaming Axel 😂


    Devin Hill axl* and this is much better than anything you can do, get in the bin mate

    Devin Hill

    @tonyjohnson27 I dunno... I can do a pretty mean Bill Cosby impression

  21. Satanic Panic

    You know dam well Charlie wrote this if you ever listened to his music! Dont know why people were so pissed off at this when we have Oj doing talkshows and show movies with convictes killers in them lmao. It actually helped some families of the victims whereas they woulda never seen a penny otherwise.

  22. Ali Baran Dengiz

    It is just weird to see comments that praise a mad serial killer cant understand ppl

    Martin Eliasson

    He was not a serial killer

    Edward Elric

    Manson rules ! 🤘

    Reginaldo Andrade

    I can't understand too!

  23. famigliao

    far better Manson's version

  24. Stormyskys39

    Not to be a smart ass but TECHNICALLY Leonard Cohen actually wrote this song for Manson to perform for his album and then GNR covered it


    Any source?

  25. James Creaney

    Just doesn’t suit Axls voice at all.

  26. Dash Sizon

    This song was recorded twice actually... one was by delusional, psychopathic egomaniac, and the other was by Charles Manson


    Na voz do Charles manson ficou melhor. Pqp

  28. Shep Jackson

    I definitely think the eeriness of Manson’s version is what makes the song.

  29. Sean Abel

    I had someone tell me this wasnt a real gnr album

  30. donstone

    That’s shit, lol😂🤣😂

  31. T Dog

    I’m a realist. Listen to the music rather than the creator


    Jake M Bravo, you must be an intellectual

  32. Bob Molly

    Great parody

  33. Blinded Christian

    I decided To make a cover out of Charles original version.. Give it the "after what happend Sinister vibe"..

  34. OJ Pistorius

    Am I the only one that thinks is a pretty good song

    Nope I guess axle agrees

  35. King Fab

    Manson's version was MUCH better

  36. Never More

    Be happy u killed this song just like Charles Manson would order u to. An that's not a compliment

  37. Freddy Lopez


  38. r aw

    Charles was a good lyrics writer

  39. grimble

    He does not sing it with conviction. They probably just did it for their naughty boy image.

    Peter North

    yeah..its a joke

  40. Nick Pavloff

    At the end of the day it’s out of respect I guess

  41. Nick Pavloff

    Thanks for the money Charlie is all I hear

  42. Merlin Darracq

    Sounds like shit, Manson's best...

  43. Pete R

    "You Know You Want This" by Kristen Roupenian brought me here

    Steve M.

    Me too.

  44. Eddy G's Music World

    a few people would be alive today if Doris Days son Terry Melcher and Deniss Wilson didn`t reject Manson,not they`re fault,just saying my thoughts

    Richard J Banks

    Can you expand on that? Maddox is an ancient Welsh name. The family is rich now and a member made Halo & the X Files. I am trying to research the truth behind Maddox. Jr was shot in the head on a quiet highway in Colerado & it was ruled a suicide. I am trying to find out what exactly the story is since people are saying that the murders were all fake, and that it was a pysop. Was Charlie targetted at all do you think? The German ruling class destroyed the history of the logo on his head, so it appears that his story is also another attempt at destroying the symbol by the rich.

    Eddy G's Music World

    @Richard J Banks Terry Melcher was handed a tape of his music. The guy handing it to Terry Melcher was Charles Manson. Melcher rejected Mansons music. Manso sent his women to a house he thought Melcher was staying at,he was not,instead it was Sharon Tate and others,and the women killed those people inthe house. I don`t know of a Maddox.

    Richard J Banks

    @Eddy G's Music World Maddox was his real last name. There is always more than meets the eye!

    Eddy G's Music World

    @Richard J Banks I always like to learn new things. Maddox was Mansons real name?

    Yousef Abdel Nour

    Richard J Banks wait Charles Manson or Maddox as you say was shit you n the head? I thought he died in prison

  45. JJO Cotcha

    Look At Your Game, Girl - Guns N' Roses can shove it up there Ass

    Until it Sleeps

    Their, not there.

  46. ernesto marconi


  47. Jon Killings

    It's rubbish. Charlie's better.

  48. Jugger naut

    instead of this, they should have done a whole manson album.this is not his best song

  49. Charlie Brown

    This sounds so bad and rough compared to Charlie.

  50. Merrill Olen

    I like the Charles Manson version better

  51. Scott Martin

    This cover wouldnt exist if it weren't for marilyn manson showing the album to axl 6 months before this album came out

  52. Merzian

    maldito loco, quien diria que su musica iba a ser tocada por los Guns N' Roses

  53. Gabriel Freitas

    Well this music could be use on charles says

  54. MJ's Queen Lex

    Only Axl would cover this! Love that Manson's beautiful lyrics got heard. Charlie's voice is so much better obvs but THANK YOU GNRs!

  55. teresa johnson

    Charlie performed it best.

  56. playStation G.S.L

    Tan buena la canción de charles manson que hasta los guns n' roses la cantaron ;/

  57. Until it Sleeps

    Nintendo remix: Look at your Gameboy

  58. Otubrokse 96

    I Love Guns N’ Manson 😘🤘🤘🤘😘🤘🤘🤘

    Until it Sleeps

    Charles N' Roses!

    I don’t know

    Destination: tonsils no

  59. Yungdaggerdick

    This sounds amazing. I can only imagine the original artist drove the ladies crazy.

    guy woodhouse

    he threw squeaky down on the ground and ate her out the 1st time he met her. he had asked if she had ever had an orgasm. when she said no....well, he showed her. later she would attempt to kill the president in his name. he had quite the tongue.

  60. Ariana Gra-ANDHI

    A classic ruined !

  61. Will J

    Cross Record did it better.

  62. Luis Dominguez

    R.I.P. jesus deux....aka charles manson aka political prisoner

  63. Gus Tab

    ja ja ja hay que reconocer que la cantaba mejor manson....

  64. Leandro Correia

    A beautiful song. If Charles Manson had not followed the "path of evil", he could have become a music legend.

    Rayene Boussetta

    @Stuart Bennett in your opinion


    Nah, he was in the music game long enough to fail before the shit hit the fan.

    Dreamy Jay Music

    Leandro Correia agreed

    Published, 1984

    His songs are only known because of what he did. Had he not brainwashed those girls to do his dirty work for him, his music would have been forgotten about long ago.


    path of evil? fuck you

  65. Belljargrrrl

    Great song!!!! Love this version of Manson’s song.

  66. Namik Sokolovic

    Best band every time

  67. Jesus Christ

    Fan of GNR but Charles' original version is a lot better

    KC gallegos

    @Bob Molly hahaha for real sounds like high quality karaoke

    Michael Mckagan

    Don't think Axl Rose cared about doing it justice.


    I agree


    Bunch of cultists.


    ...Jesus loves Manson?

  68. Sloth HQ

    a killer cult classic

  69. Sean션

    Manson's is better.

  70. Stacey E. Lemmon

    Well at least he wrote a good song...

  71. Christopher Myers (Trepabeard)

    Such a great song. But Charles original version is the best.

  72. jmua04

    Thanks Chaz

  73. A2Z83

    edgy af Axl

  74. Alex Gomez Merino



    Alex Gomez Merino Ignorante Odioso. Charlie nunca mató a nadie.

    Celeste Lezcano

    Alex Gomez Merino sos un idiota! Culpemos ahora al cáncer por matar tanta gente y fusilemos a todos los que nacieron entre junio y julio por tener algo que ver con esa enfermedad...el único enfermo de la cabeza sos vos...el arte es vida personal,muy otra cosa.

    Villano Gaming

    No seas mamon

  75. Alien Martin


  76. James Lemmons

    See you on the other side Charlie Manson! ( words and music🎶🎶🎶🎶 ) you’re finally free from this sick society! RIP 🤜🏾🤛🏻🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

    Trey Meihaus

    James Lemmons this sick city is a garbage dump anyways

  77. renorocker64

    One of the Tate murder victims son was sent a 72.000 $ royalty check for this song , Frykowski ?


    yes...i also heard tate lived in that house a couple weeks only the previous owner was dennis wilson friend a producer who didnt give manson a record deal

    Christopher Myers (Trepabeard)

    renorocker64 Such Bullshit too.

  78. Sam Baroglio

    Wands N' Roses: The Spaghetti Wizard

    1. Since I don't have Weed
    2. New Dope
    3. Down on the Charm
    4. Wand Power
    5. Ain't It Bud
    6. You Like Mary Jane
    7. Herb of the Dog
    8. Pack-a-Doob
    9. You can't put your arms around a Spliffy-D
    10. I don't care about doobs
    11. Look at your gange, Girl

    Bambi’s Mom

    Damn. Figures I’d find an Electric Wizard fan on a video of Guns n Roses covering a Charles Manson song. Good to see you on the same side of the internet fellow weirdo. 🖖

    Caleb King

    I fukn love your fukn face friend. You deserve oral pleasures all of your days.

  79. Darien O'Crowley

    beautiful song!

  80. ethan lyric

    talk about a cult classic

    ms connolly

    😂 😂 😂 😂

    Jason Allen

    Oh boy, another "cult classic" joke in a comment about a Manson song. Never heard that before.


    written by mass murderer charlie manson

    no privacy

    Or was it written by Leonard Cohen?

  81. Martin Rodriguez

    Can't believe that when I was 12 I dedicated this song to a schoolmate girl I used to be in love with. Thank God she never knew the story behind those lyrics.

    Freddie Hankins

    She might know by now

    Lillies Rain

    Alejandro Correa Atehortúa Don’t judge the product because of the things that the artist did.....

    AMC guy

    @WILD MUSIC that book came out last year

    Massimo D'Ambrogio

    It's a beautiful song from a talented artist. There are no "obscure stories"...

    Edward Elric

    Women get wet for psychos...its the nice guy that finishes last

  82. Lex

    I guess other members of the band didn't like that Axl was putting this song on the album. Even though it's a hidden track. Can't imagine why.

  83. Twilight Symphony

    My FAVORITE band for 26 years now. ☺

  84. Diarmuid Murphy

    Written by Charles Manson

    Nick Pavloff

    Diarmuid Murphy salute from Cincinnati where he was born


    @Farhan Mckinnons i dont know he said he didnt want anybody making money off his music thats why all his songs were released after he died

    Martin Eliasson

    @PsychedelicRenegade i bought my charles manson vinyl years before he died.


    @Martin Eliasson what songs did it have on it

    anthony Ledger

    Written by the intelligence of the universe

  85. Jon Lairs

    a few songs on lies now has me a little doubting. you know w our day and age but: there live stuff i was diggin on big time 6 yrs. ago when i downloaded it in VA. GOOD STUFF FROM A TO B.

    Trey Meihaus

    Jon Lairs did you know the live songs on Lies aka their 1986 first release Live Like a Suicide were studio recordings? They didn’t like the quality so added a cheering crowd to the mix. It went from a good demo recording to an incredible live recording like that!!*@_Like_a_Suicide

  86. Jon Lairs

    first 2 commenters heard "beeps" or some nonsuch. in g n rs live performance, or some b.s

  87. Jon Lairs

    i had headphones on and i didnt hear beeps on there live jam. I listened to it all. sometimes guitarist needs jumps/perks or even a shout here or there. I thought it may have been one of best top 10 "live" concerts I have ever heard even on "YouTube". Way to go G n' R.

  88. Antnee Garcia

    They're coming back on my birthday best present ever thanks God :) much love always your child

  89. Stacey E. Lemmon

    We do like the song regardless of the source...

    Katrina LeFay

    There's people who testified to what Manson instructed that group to do on August 9th, so don't come up with that free Manson bullshit. He, himself, said prison was more of a home to him than anywhere else, so now he's finally home and that's one less nut job on the streets.

    stillwell tjz

    He didn't get a fair trial? Funny because according to helter skelter, he told bugliosi several times he did a great job and did iindeed give him a fair trial.


    the song is shit

    pastry phantom

    A2Z83 I mean this version is


    StateLaughter You are very stupid, so stupid that you should not be allowed on the internet