Guns N' Roses - It's So Easy Lyrics

I see your sister in her
Sunday dress
She's out to please
She pouts her best
She's out to take
No need to try
She's ready to make

It's so easy, easy
When everybody's tryin' to
please me, baby
It's so easy, easy
When everybody's tryin' to
please me

Cars are crashin' every night
I drink n' drive
everything's in sight
I make the fire
But I miss the firefight
I hit the bull's eye every night

It's so easy, easy
When everybody's tryin' to
please me, baby
Yeah it's so easy, easy
When everybody's tryin' to please me
So easy
But nothin' seems to please me
It all fits so right
When I fade into the night
See me hit you
You fall down

I see you standin' there
You think you're so cool
Why don't you just
Fuck off

Ya get nothin' for nothin'
If that's what you do
Turn around bitch I got a use for you
Besides you ain't got nothin' better to do
And I'm bored

It's so easy, easy
When everybody's tryin' to
please me, baby
It's so easy, easy
When everybody's tryin' to please me
So easy
But nothin' seems to please me
It all fits so right
When I fade into the night
So come with me
Don't ask me where cause I don't know
I'll try to please you
I ain't got no money
But it goes to show
It's so easy

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Guns N' Roses It's So Easy Comments
  1. brian selph

    Guns and Roses would never be like this anymore no manner what

  2. duzzy uwu

    3:06 is Erin?

  3. Devin Luoto

    Appetite for Destruction, and Nirvana Nevermind are my two all time favs

  4. fairy

    1:44 omggggggggggggg

  5. jc weiland's

    In real live show/concerts their sound sux...

  6. The Boss man sir

    Send your sister to me 🤘🤘😉🍷😋😋1989 when music was awesome so was MTV what happened its 2020 🤗😍💃🕺👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💪💪of course videos like this in 2020 would offend everybody I'm pleased I grew up in an era where we could fun.

  7. minationis sapientiae

    so fuckin easy

  8. Zimm Can


  9. David Moreno

    THIS IS A KICK ASS SONG! LOVE GnR. IN MY EYES THEY ARE THE EPITOME OF SEX, DRUGS & ROCK N ROLL.... Just a question, at 3:01 is Axl wearing assless chaps?

  10. Joan Jett 69

    Now this is a damn hot rocking song ...slash ....hell yeah

  11. Daniel Pessoa

    1000 <3

  12. Jim Behr


  13. Just _ a _ Random _ Guy _ 570

    It's sooo messed up that am getting horny by looking at these women who are now probably old asf
    That is soooo wrong lol

  14. Mrs Baggins

    Steven 😍😍😍😍😍

  15. TheGhouztHD

    This video proves that G N' R took over where the Crüe left

  16. Best of cars Race company

    100% curse

  17. Camilo Hellknight

    Fuck u ass rose

    Akainu Sakazuki

    2:07 fuck off

    Camilo Hellknight

    @Akainu Sakazuki hahaha douchebag

    Camilo Hellknight

    @hardrock Yep man but im not a fool axl rose is a pussy

  18. Josue Luna

    La mejor banda de rock y el mejor cantante del mundo

  19. Sheylan Melendez

    Ley gou

  20. alfa decas

    Anyone in 2020?

  21. James Howlett

    This dude has 3 voice levels....Deep.....Soft.....and PARTY TIME.....

  22. Hingle McCringleberry

    It’s so easy

  23. Julián Alberto Fernández Rincón

    2020 bitches

  24. zang bazzanga

    I see you standing there
    You think you're so cool
    Why dont you just

  25. Steven Caudil

    I love the way the whole video shows only the original five members - nice.

    Kudrate jahan

    It's an appetite song, so

  26. Rachel Hunth


  27. kristofer batdorf

    dude i was playing this and i heard another voice singing and i turned around amd my 10 ur old was singing, and i said are you singing this and she yeah i love it when you play this song. i just hugged her.

    Caroline Victory

    Aww 😍 that's so cute and awesome!!! That's special that you can share it with your daughter and have a moment and bond!!!♥️💖💖

  28. nuclear kid

    2:14 axl on bass guitar.

  29. S8498

    Wish this was actually live.

    Claudiox_sjsjhsjsjjs 2001 2001

    What u mean?

  30. Michael Sly

    What an awesome video

  31. Suzy Valentin Realtor

    Their Appetite for Destruction album was Awesome!

  32. mihailo stajic

    Guys are back, gonna see them live this summer

  33. M Giovanni

    Izzy, Slash, Duff, Axl and Steven the five of them had a really good "chemistry" in all the meaning of the word!

  34. V Ham

    Are u sure this is 89 ,feels and looks more 91 GNR.

  35. Ed. Paul

    2:07 Eargasm by Slash!!!! 🎸🎶🎶🎶🎶🤘😝🤘. #GNRforever 🔫&🌹

  36. Winter_wolf

    Spring 1988, listening to this song 13 years old, air guitaring(?) the bass line to this. It became a lifelong affair 🤘🏽🤘🏽 #GNR4L

  37. mikao michaelis

    this is the best formation of the guns n roses, and never the others members are the same, pls gnr, come back to the old formation

  38. Clap Saddle

    I wonder if Duff can remember this

  39. khalil lachheb

    It's not easy to sing like Axl

  40. freddy ferrillo

    Would've been better if the audio was actually live.

  41. Lance Ross

    Ahh raw,so real. 80s!!!!

  42. Tiny Gameing

    Dang the crowd is crazy 3:10

  43. Andrhe Fame

    21_12_2019 🤘🤘🎸😎 Lima Perú

  44. Nico

    this is gold

  45. Tiger Cub

    VOTE #Trump2020 or #AdiosAmerica ! Rock it #TrumpTrain Patriots 😎😁🇺🇸👆🏛

  46. Mother's Green

    Looks like a great night in the club great live show.

  47. Fernanda Pace L.

    So god damn sexist.

  48. Akhil The Seeker

    Inro talk, Axl sounds like Donald Trump 😂

  49. Pablo Maroto

    Tienen todo el rollo los cabrones.

  50. Marcos Yacono

    Back in 2000 I read about this never relessed video. Almost 20 years later suddenly remastered on YouTube

  51. Colin Cayvz

    Their best video!

  52. Restless Youth Productions

    Love the HD remaster. This needs to happen with all music. Let’s you see how vibrant and real shit used to be

  53. BridgeIsSky

    With this lower voice reminds me of Iggy Pop singing style

  54. Christopher Hargreaves

    Damn Erin Everly was fine as hell back then!

  55. Barbara Jensen

    E r i n is in the background doing her thing bothers me that axle is in the back I love that car kissing that woman I know these videos are done separately and it's just a video but I hope she didn't have a problem with that

    Caroline Victory

    I think she did😭

  56. Nick Brodeur

    Probably the best music video ever made

  57. Cosmic Bro

    Chick in the white pants is so fucking hot

  58. Zimphire

    Erin had a phat azz didn’t she.

  59. Craig W

    I've listened to Appetite hundreds of times, Use Your Illiusion maybe about 5.

  60. Marilin

    Axel should be clones a one baby like you with your beauty

  61. Decamps Dissident Dotard President

    sending the love to GNR

  62. CazzSDMF

    fuck yeah!!!! now thats how you make a music video

  63. genaro ayala

    AXL Wanted to punch David Bowie in the making of this video.

  64. Slash Fan 1992

    I see you in Munich👍

  65. 3R Penas Terminator

    As hard as Steven Adler ride cymbal

  66. 3'7 sugars

    It's so *Izzy*

    I will never hear this song right after this*

    Alex Strand

    You sir are the devil


    Izzy rocks!

    John Mactavish

    Its so Izzy
    So fucking...wait a min!!!

  67. YourMom Last night

    How is this video so high quality if it was in the 80s?


    It was probably filmed on actual film, which can be digitally transferred into hd. Just like old movies you see these days in 4k.

  68. Respect/Walk

    Thanks Duff

  69. Сергей Гавел

    Damn Axl is rock n' roll maniac.

  70. Juan Prevost

    How come I’ve never seen this??

  71. Jager Gerg

    My brother died from an OD, he loved this

  72. StalkA uwu

    2287 fans of Kurt Cobain dislike this

    Kristen Marcum

    But they love 'Shotgun Blues'.


    Let's try Guns roses 👍👍

  74. John Kay

    Are you kidding me? Amazing 4k footage.

  75. Erick Landaburu

    I already have the original AFD that my dad bought in 1988, im fucking old but I still living this Band so much.

  76. Robin Olivia


  77. Joseph Rowe

    Can't believe this video was lost for a while. MTV wouldn't play it because of the half nude ladies Also this song wasn't a chart success since Welcome to the Jungle ended up being more popular.

  78. god-aw

    Children....i give you the murderers of glam rock...

  79. Dr. Psychedelic

    I see you standing there..

    you think you're soo cool.. why don't you just..

    FUCK OFF!!

  80. Geovanna Leite

    era pra eu está dormindo, amanhã eu tenho prova, mas nao estou aqui vendo meus maridos lindos maravilhosos

  81. Anok Stone

    Did twerking come from gnr ? 💩

  82. Johnny D

    ABSOLUTELY The best & last 110% sex , drugs & true rock n roll bands

  83. Brandie Plummer


  84. Gavin Novath

    I wish I can get my voice that deep

  85. Tracy Walden

    The business man sad it !!! ttt24

  86. Ermanno Petracca

    That's the fuckin only line up!!!

  87. Bagust Syamsuri

    ......November 29 2019.......
    ...Guns N' Roses=...The king of Rock...
    ...From of indonesian republic...

  88. G Birdo

    Reason 18393 why Slash is amazing: 2:08

  89. Rosemary Watt


    Sandra Lorenzo

    I can understand you, but is impossible to think G. N R : No AXL s performance. He is the soul of every inspiration.

  90. Maria Pia De Nigris

    It’s so Izzy

  91. Angel gabriel Paz sierra

    Imagine being in those shows bro

  92. David Montejo

    El mejor vídeo <3 ufff!!!!

    Aguilas marching band 128


    David Montejo

    @Aguilas marching band 128 hey!!! Jajajaja

  93. usmani.ebaad

    25% Girls with big asses
    25% Strippers
    25% Drugs
    25% Alcohol