Guns N' Roses - Double Talking Jive Lyrics

Found a head and an arm in da garbage can
Don't know why I'm here
Livin' on the run for oh so long
I gotta go collect
Double talkin' jive
Get the money motherfucker
'Cause I got no more patience
Double talkin'
-I got (lies)-
No more patience man

Back in town an'a all new friends
They sayin' how ya been?
Fucked up and outta place
That's how I felt back then
Double talkin' jive
Get the money motherfucker
'Cause I got no more patience
Double talkin'
-I got (lies)-
No more patience man
You dig what I'm sayin'?!

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Guns N' Roses Double Talking Jive Comments
  1. Josue 26

    Zerin gameplays


    ….Livin' on the run for oh so long

  3. francisco araya

    izzy qlo la llevA

  4. MCA Fabio

    Izzy Stradlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Valerio Avallone

    2019 ?!?!?!?!

  6. Rolando Garcia

    Track 9

  7. Marcio Barbado, Jr.


  8. ciaran delaney

    I like the ole spanish music at the end.

  9. Theuniverse Isaniceplace

    Videos been up for 11 years and it ain’t hit a mil!!

  10. Ed. Paul

    45 seconds to the song and I am already loving it!! 👍👍

  11. Super Lógico

    holly shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt

  12. Jad IDRISSI

    C magnifique

  13. x x

    Bass is mixed too low.

  14. Buzz The Buzzard

    Actually a well constructed song. Will listen again.

  15. Vinayak Kamble

    Who's here only for that solo?

  16. Jason Morris

    No Izzy,No Guns!!

  17. mohamad yazdan

    whos here just for the solo?

  18. Mr. Link

    Você por aqui? Veio ler os comentários né kakakkakak

  19. Cardec 7

    Êita porra 👊🏻murro no ouvido 👂👊🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  20. eric benard


  21. Marjori Cristina Soares

    + uma das preferidas...
    Essa voz é minha vida AMO MUITO😍🤩😍


    I listen to this solo 1000
    times.. Maybe 1500

  23. Johnny Marlin

    The outro electric guitar solo is like pure lightning !!

  24. francisco araya

    Izzy salio de la banda y gnr se fue a la mierda

  25. juanpro x


  26. DethronerX

    Grew up more with this loud GNR, than the hits

  27. around the block

    Do you all know what song got the most likes from this album?

  28. Livi Divi

    I couldn’t get this song out of my head and I go to catholic school so everyone heard me


    BAd Ass Song

  30. Beatriz Jimenez

    Tus os cool dude

  31. Johnny Marlin

    Greatest spanish electric guitar solo outro, like pure lightning!!

  32. denden abdel


  33. nuclear kid

    Ending switch from heavy to acoustic is really familiar to avenged sevenfolds stage.No vice versa i mean

  34. Giusepp Metallic

    Izzy played all electric guitars on it

  35. Stephan de Rouw

    All electric guitars played by Izzy, the acoustics by Slash and Duff.

  36. Tibor Daróczi

    so fuck !!! It's so coool!!!!

  37. Hooman Bolandhemat

    Music tarikhiye

  38. Hayley Dillingham

    Normal talking axle with normal phone voice would sound good he showed and he now can talk in rock n roll

  39. Mister TR

    Damn fuckin crazy this song

  40. Tarida Windira

    Izzy its cool man

  41. Walter Figueroa

    nunca una telecaster pudo sonar de esta manera. un trabajo impecable de izzi, el alma de la banda.

    Leopoldo Hernández

    Izzi grabó las guitarras eléctricas de esta canción, Slash la guitarra clásica del final

    el ayuwoki

    Taita Boves se fue y a nadie le importo , ya que tenían muchos planes , la banda termino por diferencias musicales , Slash quería seguir haciendo lo mismo y Axl quería evolucionar como músico hacia nuevos géneros ,por eso Slash se fue y termino lo clásico ahí, de hecho cualquier canción nueva de Slash o axl es superior a cualquiera de Izzy que suena genérico , en su tiempo fue parte importante como todos los miembros , pero hasta ahí nomás ,de genio nada ,solo no hubiera logrado nada

    Taita Boves

    @el ayuwoki como se te nota lo fanboy, que hizo Axl? nada. Slash? menos, hablas de que Izzy es un guitarrista generíco, cuando slash es lo mismo en todo lo que hace. Entiendelo, el cerebro creativo de la banda era él. el resto unos muertos.

    el ayuwoki

    Taita Boves tú eres fanboy de Izzy , su sonido es copiado de rolling stones, y acaso que canción hizo Izzy post Guns, osea una canción que destaque ,ninguna , Slash tiene velvet revolver y sus álbumes solistas y Axl tiene el chinese democracy,una obra maestra megalomana.y tiene otros álbumes guardados listos solo q no los lanzó por la discográfica

    Rodrigo Pereyra

    @Leopoldo Hernández la guitarra clasica del final y tmb el solo de guitarra electrica men jajaja

  42. Juan el pro 77

    Beri god the slash electric

  43. Frank Mason

    i found the solo as a rude (but awesomely done) plagiarism of Jefferson starship's white rabbit. my 2 cents tho

  44. Steven Davies

    Great outro, kind of like a false ending.

  45. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Excelente banda ótimo álbum boa música perfeita saudades dessa época 1991 eu tinha 20 anos de idade saudades desse tempo que não volta mais

  46. Simon oliveira

    Al um brasileiro porraaaaaaa

  47. Kenneth Ayyaswamy

    Ending solo was epic

  48. Plejs za Probe

    No Izzy no GnR songs worth listening!!!

  49. Natto Guns N fuckin Roses

    Lyrics, please ;)

  50. Jose Moreno Lopez

    Reminds me creeping death

  51. TheRicokilla

    Dumb song

    Justin Buonvino

    Dumb opinion.

  52. Reagan Smith

    Izzy singing lead & playing while axl does backing vocals. i love this. just wish i coulda seen a gig where izzy sings it live too, instead of axl.

    Chris Buttino

    This is Axl

    Sherry Reynolds

    @Chris Buttino I ts Izzy

  53. Reagan Smith

    Izzys song. love, love it.😃

  54. olli ketonen

    amazing guitars

  55. frogtastic1000

    Great solo

  56. Combo872

    beeing 14 in 91 id always thought that Duff sang this song.
    Regardless: seeing them live in Oslo in 93, all i remember is this bliss of a gem!!!

  57. Metalovore

    Amazing riff, and fantastic solo ! One of the best songs.

    Subuku 2019

    I agree you´re god damn right


    Indeed !

    xanthippi zoufoulouli

    I looove this song!!!!

  58. Emily Lloyd


    Johnny Marlin

    Amazing Spanish solo !!


    Yeah, I always loved it too ;)

    Johnny Marlin

    @Jack1981 Izzy the Legend wrote it, slash did the outro solo, simply epic!!


    @Johnny Marlin The Slash's solo is so well done IMO.

    Johnny Marlin

    @Jack1981 Agree , Slash outro solo here simply slow hand spanish epic!!

  59. Bald Bird Barry

    double talkin' double talkin'

  60. Michał Gabryś

    Double Talkin' Jive! Bo tracę już cierpliwośc!

  61. jcincinnati

    All American white boy's intro to Gangsta rap

  62. Amy King

    double talkins liessss

  63. brandon242

    I know this is one of Izzy's song but prob my fave Slash solo damn it is unreal

    Stephan de Rouw

    All electric guitars played by Izzy on this one. The acoustics by Slash and Duff


    @Stephan de Rouw ok thanks wow i didn't know that. So that electric solo at the end before the flamenco guitar is Izzy?? you sure about that sure sounds like Slash.


    @brandon242 Drums / Percussion: Matt
    Bass: Duff
    Vocals / Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Izzy
    Classical Guitar Solo: Slash
    Acoustic Rhythm Guitar: Duff, Slash
    Background Vocals: Axl


    @RyManda brilliant. I am an even bigger Izzy fan now.

  64. Lucas 1122

    Wow....izzy did a good job there!


    Lucas 1122 Also there.

  65. Johnny Marlin

    Izzy Rules!!!

  66. toryelduifjes1


    Sam P.

    All we need is just a little patience :(

    Bob Schneider

    You DIG...what I'm SAYIN'?

  67. M. Baran Say

    I'm from turkey and i love this song man

    Dernier Ergenekon

    @KidKarnage187 not as much as chickens

    Bünyamin Kıratlı

    Gençliğimin şarkısı

    ciaran delaney

    @MrLennybach thats not nice.

    Muhammet Boy

    Hepimiz 🇹🇷❤️❤️

    Aleksandr Ulyanov

    Bu şarkıyı sosyalist türkiyede dinlemek dileğiyle

  68. M. Baran Say

    got a head and an arm in the garbage can bitch

    Sam P.

    Dont know why im here. Livin on the run for oh so long, gotta go collect...

  69. M. Baran Say

    all those fucking flats. you dig what I'm saying

  70. Tom Dux

    J'avais 12 ans j'étais à l'internat, UYI 1 & 2 m'ont aidé à me sortir de ces murs le soir quand je les écoutais dans mon walkman cassettes. Merci à vous les GUNS

    Jhp Jhp

    +Tom Dc idem.........

  71. peter heighes


  72. Eric Bolt

    Double talkin' LIAR.........

  73. steve sands

    Theres 10 double talking jive turkeys that didnt like this song.


    Hector Hugo Vargas Gonzalez 26

    Sam P.


    Super Lógico

    maybe they have lost an arm and a head on the garbage can

    Hempee Chick




  75. Diego Cepeda

    amazing rifff

  76. zymbotictoot

    Havent heard this tune for a long long time, thanks uploader.

  77. MrBuzwuzcuz

    @koberockshard ...of course "Lies"!

  78. MrKark123

    @danlvaf183 not at all

  79. miku2906

    @JustAgURLinSeattle no, its about Warren Beatty. He was Axl' s step father, think.

  80. Birkinfishere futim

    quick question: does izzy perform lead vocals on this version? sounds like his voice to me (btw I know axl performs lead vocals live)

    Bob Schneider

    Birkinfishere futim Nope it was Axl all along

    Reagan Smith

    izzy does sing lead while axl sings back up vocals on the record, & of course the screams. but yes axl does sing it live.

    Reagan Smith

    yes, that is mr. Izzy stradlin singing lead on the album version, & axl does backing vocals here. However, for some odd reason axl always sung it live???

    Sherry Reynolds

    @Bob Schneider it was a Izzy

  81. Hades 89KP

    @danlvaf183 Oh yeah, Izzy Stradlin sings this song

  82. AmHiProductions

    @danlvaf183 he sings overdubs on it

  83. Daniel Fernandes

    @johnallten axl roses doesn't sing in this song, idiot

  84. Daniel Fernandes

    this looks like "you could be mine "

  85. Rizwan Tahir

    GNR were All till they split up maan no more patience man, pretty tied up on live and let die wait for november rain sweet child o mine, welcome to the jungle in the Garden of Eden Right next door to hell where the perfect crime was committed don't worry were all dust n bones waiting to go to the Paradise city where the grass is green n the girls pretty

  86. miku2906

    it was written after they found a head and an arm in the garbage can :D

  87. john l

    Another Great Song by Izzy!!!

  88. John Altendorf

    What a talent Axl Rose is - that range of voice. Great Song.

  89. GNR4LIFE

    @MIKEY2193 considering Izzy wrote half their material, id say its a correct one. Anyone who thinks GnR was only ever Axl and Slash are clueless

  90. GNR4LIFE

    Izzy was GNR...anyone who thinks it was Slash is fucking stupid

  91. Miguel Valencia Santis

    Increible solo de SLASH !

  92. growguyuk

    @MrTephama Izzy wrote it, but its slashs solo


    Drums / Percussion: Matt
    Bass: Duff
    Vocals / Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Izzy
    Classical Guitar Solo: Slash
    Acoustic Rhythm Guitar: Duff, Slash
    Background Vocals: Axl

  93. Christopher Merryman

    Slash did the main guitar,in the solo,and slash n duff did the acoustic part

  94. Paulofernandesilva Silva

    a rock masterpiece

  95. flesh cork

    the flamenco ending is great

  96. RickyboyH

    @MrTephama If that's true, Izzy must have played it through Slash's rig, because the lead sound on this track is exactly the same as Slash's lead sound/tone on other tracks from the UYI albums.. And why would slash play that solo live instead of izzy?

  97. john l

    Izzy Rules!!!

  98. radtech21

    KICK ASS song! Awesome riff and check out the descending bassline from 0:21 - 0:27... You know you're in for something rockin' when you hear that.