Guns N' Roses - Ain't It Fun Lyrics

Ain't it fun when you're always on the run
Ain't it fun when your friends despise what you become
Ain't it fun when you get so high
Well... that you, you just can't come
Ain't it fun when you know that you gonna die young

It's such fun
Good fun
Such fun
Such fun
Aah such fun
Such fun
Such fun aah
Yeah fun,
Just fun

Ain't it fun when you taking care of number one
Ain't it fun when you feel like you just gotta get a gun
Ain't it fun when you just can't seem to find your tongue
Cause you stuck it too deep into something that really stung
It's such fun, ah

Well, so good to me, they spit right in my face
I didn't even feel it
It was such a disgrace

I punched my fist right through the glass
I didn't even feel it
It happened so fast

Such fun
Such fun
Such fun
Ah such fun
Such fun
Such fun
Ah such fun

Ain't it fun when you tell her she's just a cunt
Ain't it fun when you she splits you and leaves you on the bum
Well, ain't it fun when you've broken up every band that you've ever begun
Ain't it fun when you know that you're gonna die young

It's such fun
Such fun [x 13]

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Guns N' Roses Ain't It Fun Comments
  1. rottenleaves

    Not bad Axel, Stiv's voice was so perfect for this song with the Dead Boys. R.I.P Stiv!

  2. Mike Murphy

    Gotta hear it at least once a day never gets old

  3. Mike Murphy

    When im cruising around this one gets blasted.

  4. Mike Murphy

    When this song came out i went fuckin bezerk awesome

  5. Ty Rou

    One of my favorites. 2020 hell yeah

  6. Lars Østergaard

    yes lorraine,great song.

  7. Hell Razor

    My song

  8. Dayat Hidayat

    👍👍🙏 I love guns N' roses from indonesia

  9. Jason Colley

    I don’t like guns & roses 🌹 so much but this is an amazing cover, is this cheat chrome singing 🎤

  10. Renato Vale

    Morte ao lula!

  11. granulosum1

    Ain't It Fun,when its New Year and you family won't talk to ya!

  12. Jim From Lima

    A killer Rocket From The Tombs cover! Classic!

  13. Alan Bygrave

    not many people know this track how comes i do not now

  14. Matheus

    *Esse Álbum...* ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. Blake Johnson

    Who is singing on this track?

    Tony Only

    Axl Rose & Michael Monroe

  16. No No

    This song was recorded standered Tuning

    Angelo papas

    There's no such word as "standered"

  17. D Kryb

    Flat Earth Reality shut your two dimensional mouth up, music transcends your limited understanding of life. Keep your narrow shit to yourself and leave the real people alone to like what they want you sad fucks. Stop slagging things off just because you have a limited understand of existance, as the English say "You sad wankers" grow up and shut up.

  18. Mötley Crüe

    Definitely Chef Boyardee spaghetti on the cover

  19. Norman Noriega

    LA finist. Hollywood California one of the best bands cane out of West coast..😎

  20. Lucas Matheus Pita

    Musica Fodaaaaaaa

  21. Gibran Lahud

    This chorus tells me one thing:
    The one Guns'n Roses song closest to Heavy Metal

  22. Seventy Jobs

    2020 in cpl weeks. Yep, this song still ROCKS!

  23. Ravena Marcelino

    This song is so underated, what a pity

    guitar covers 307

    Its because its a cover

  24. Philip Halpenny

    Sounds like Cortez The Killer overdosing on spaghetti!

  25. Edward Navedo

    "Ain't it fun when you're always on the run"
    Keyword: ALWAYS
    Keep running! Keep fighting! Anything it takes! You only die young if THEY get you! Not yourself...

  26. Geraldo Trovão Júnior

    Essa musica tem o melhor solo de guitarra já visto, grande Slash o mito que criou esse riff.

  27. beto prado

    que sentimiento tan profundo 3:15-3:32, belleza!

  28. Ivan andres Guerra mendez


  29. Rickey Engle

    Ain't it,,Fun

  30. Fábio Valim

    Slash como sempre dando uma aula de como tocar guitarra com personalidade na introdução dessa música!

  31. GmJunky87

    I think I like Rocket From The Tombs better but this isn't bad.

  32. Brendan Perrett

    Ain’t it fun when you tell her she’s just a cunt 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  33. TheCanisRebel

    the intro guitar, absolutely tremendous.

  34. Gisel Pavon

    💕💕Axl rose..💕💕

  35. Luis Carlos Davila

    I dont know why i simply love this shitty album jajajajaja!!

  36. Barnabas Blackthorne McTavish

    And much like Fat Elvis, rather than remember Axl as one of the 27 Club, we get to see Fat Axl falling down with geriatric ACDC. Dad how far the mighty have fallen

    Thora Friganza

    Yeah it's so great when people die from suicide or drugs, much rather see that.

    Barnabas Blackthorne McTavish

    @Thora Friganza artists are tortured would anyway. Maybe do a little research on the art form you liberal piece of shit. Not everyone has a valid point of view that deserves to be heard. Case in point, you opening that worthless cocksucker and giving me your opinion. Don't you have any pills, razor blades, or firearms you can go play with?


    @Barnabas Blackthorne McTavish 😂😂😂😂 who touched you?

  37. Fitria Damanhuri

    I like gnr since d smp 1997

  38. Liria Gobbi

    Imposible dejar de escuchar esta bellezaaaa de tema!!!!!!!!

  39. Lorraine Thirlwell

    2019 who's still playing this cool head banging song!!?

    Flat Earth Reality

    no one cares

    D Kryb

    Screw the flat earth wankers, 5am Sunday morning in Bude and this song is sooooooo fucking cool I know I'll get shit in the morning but still screaming it out loud in 2019 and will be until I die! Big love to you but fuck anyone that doesn't get GnR.

    Lewis Cypher

    Bangin heads.. no, but, yes great song.

    Janne Tiiri

    2020 1.1

    D Kryb

    @Janne Tiiri 1/1/20 7am UK and still loving it!

  40. C’est Charlyne

    Best sound ever Slash is the one

  41. Kawase rate

    A perfect theme song for JOKER

    Bryan Mack

    Kawase rate if they played the original Peter laughner version during the end credits, I would’ve marked out

  42. John Hetherington

    Ain't it fun
    No feelings
    Same sentiment.

  43. BlisCode

    Best song gnr ever


    It's a cover, their best songs are Estranged, november rain, coma, rocket queen, etc

  44. Alex Carbone

    So fucking real

  45. patrick grondines

    SUCH FUN!!

  46. Fabio Abbati

    Alanis Morissette wrote the pop version "ironic" .

  47. Hernan Montoya

    It's such funnnn!!

  48. vincent repins

    confirm thereby then we can talk about it

  49. pwee507

    The most sarcastic song ever written

  50. Sosa Mateo

    Errbody left me even my ex that i love the most...everything is so uknown to me..When i listen to Axl its like he tells my story,and even if im in deep depresion i somehow manange to live thru day..Thanks to I dont know who but there..I just spend ten minutes on listening this song and writing my shit right here..It's such fun!


    Same.This song is telling my deepest feelings.

    Sosa Mateo

    @Csetnikke i wish u the best man,keep your head up. Ill do the same,ur not alone

  51. Ben Allaway-Haworth

    Pls play this on the radio even though it has the c word in but pls

  52. Brenden Hess

    3hrs ago fuck I'm e sellout

  53. patrock timbers

    1:46 axl rose screams like a woman at that part

    Chis 1006

    patrock timbers thats a record men

  54. Igor Bojceski

    sad but true

  55. Dan Link for the original

  56. Tony

    My first Album that I bought for myself. What a time to be alive! SUCH FUN!!!

  57. Pat C

    It's all about Slash here !!!

  58. Geoff Rose

    my cousin Jared got this Christmas 93.we were both just 11 yrs old and that Christmas 93 Rocked


    My first Album that I bought for myself. What a time to be alive!

    Geoff Rose

    Tony yes indeed .even now .as Gnr takes us into the new decade

  59. michael madsen

    Many years from the first listening. Still one of the best. Poland, Łódź, 14.09.19

  60. Wad Jay

    This was supposed to be the next single and have a music video but Guns was finishing by then.

  61. ribmeat hamhock

    Fucking sinister! It comes at you like creeping death!

  62. James Hartung


  63. Tracy Walden

    Good grief ok then

  64. Luis Carlos Davila

    If theres one album " underrated" this is one.


    Mostly of them are covers, that's maybe why

    guitar covers 307

    Chinese democracy

  65. Jim Behr
    The original.

  66. Gucci flip flop 1oqiqk

    Still gives me goose bumps

  67. Alice Cuppini

    Amazing guitar. Slash is incredible

  68. AGIS

    so much feeling in it i love it!

  69. Travis Peterson

    My top GnR song.

    Radio Ardilla

    And it's a cover. Check out the original Rocket From The Tombs version.

  70. San Joaquin Valley Transparency

    Much fun

  71. Maryana Miguel Gomes

    slash eu demonio

  72. Luigi Alessandro Di Corcia

    La suoneria di Nicola

  73. Aidan Connors

    awful cover of a amazing song

    N word pass If you sub!!

    the human corporation it’s not a cover dumbass 🤦‍♂️😂

    Caleb Heney

    @N word pass If you sub!! yes it is

    Keith Petit de Mange

    Disagreed heavily

    Aidan Connors

    @N word pass If you sub!! you name is fucking stupid and wrong just like this awful cover fuck you

  74. Erik Montero

    Wtf like music....cuando era guns & roses!!!!!

  75. Ash Kilgour Jr.

    It is.

  76. Teardrop Perkinz

    B flat 6

  77. killer Spinach

    Dead Boys. Much love.

    Radio Ardilla

    Rocket from the Tombs

    The Rival

    Radio Ardilla both

  78. Steven Hailey

    The vocals on this track are more than amazing.

  79. Ex KidDa

    This is a cover from the dead boys

    Tren Nocturno

    *Rocket from the tombs

    Black Condesa

    theyre all already dead ? fk¡ i didnt know that ! RIP gnr

    max Vicious

    @Black Condesa your sarcasm it's pretty stupid tbh

  80. vangor83

    Who would have thought guns best drug song would be a cover song, done very well btw


    @Black Condesa ???? stating a fact, wth does so mean lol

    Thora Friganza

    Mr Brownstone is really good too.

  81. David Willis

    No it’s not fun when call her a cunt. Lol 😂 it is the ultimate way to piss off a female. Be ready for a fight.

  82. Troy Younger

    Whatever patches

  83. John Sellers

    What a shit owned.....listen to the original....and then investigate the man, Peter Laughner. the writer and player....

  84. Mother's Green

    Great cover and guns n roses add a great feel.

  85. IbleedINC

    One of my all time favorites folks. Don't get much better than this right here!

  86. Brett Watkins

    ain't it fun wen you tell her she is just a ?

  87. Idelvan Adelino

    Sonzera ! 👏👏👏

  88. Brittannia Moon


  89. Mike Plonka

    I miss "GOOD" music like this....

    Black Condesa

    you meant god music

    Frederik G•P

    Black Condesa ahahaha

    Annie Steel

    Me too.

    Frederik G•P

    Annie Steel yep


    Lmao this album sucks

  90. Elle Desperado

    Does anyone on here realize that this is a cover of Dead Boys


    The Song was from Rocket From The Tombs, one of the early '70s underground Rock Band with a psychedelic Hard Rock that influenced the early punk rock. It was sung by the first singer, the second was Stiv Bators who then brought with himself the song with his new Band, The Frankesteins who later became The Dead Boys and were more focused in punk rock.

    John Kestner

    Elle Desperado of course

    guitar covers 307

    Yeah, this is a cover album

    Ryan Duffey

    I knew it was a cover I didn't know who sung it same with I don't care about you that's a cover but I don't know who originally did it

    Mr. Intensity

    In the liner notes, it says The Dead Boys (1978) It also says in memory of Stiv Bators.

  91. Gary Kemple

    Fun sucks!

  92. Vlad Angelopolou

    the only song of guns n roses that will last for some time. some hundred yrs.

    jari lindström

    Vlad Angelopolou this is cover song, original is from the Dead Boys

  93. habe94 KRK

    Last album of real GnR :(


    Real Gn'R died '91, this was the start of G&R.

  94. Jeremy3d-DR

    This solo is so good that I just can’t seem find my dope lol

  95. Eyecon

    Where everybody @ ???


    I'm here

    Mondo Bizarro

    I'm here too

    Juan Mendez


  96. saara korjus

    tää saa mun ihokarvat pystyy joka ikinen kerta onneksi michael monroe ehdotti tätä biisiä axl rosel joka ei ikinä ollut edes biisiä kuullut ja piti kovasti r.i.p stiv bators! t.mekke

    guitar covers 307

    En oo koskaan nähny suomalaista kommentia GN'R videossa:D kaikkea sitä näkee

    El Koala Fumado

    Que estaaaai hablandooo que estaaaai hablandooo. Hablar catellano ombre

  97. Attila Szabo

    Jó is ez

    Zoltan Hortobagyi

    De meg milyen?!👍

  98. T Sun

    Sexy time?

  99. New Eden

    as a singer who can now do high notes, and gnr being my fav band, this is one of the best songs in all music
    ty axl


    It's a cover