Gunplay - Tats On My Arm Freestyle Lyrics

Gats under my Gucci belt, tats on my arm
Sliddin' up her ocean drive, comin' down like uh
Sliddin' up her ocean drive, comin' down like uh

Gat under my belt, capitol murder in my palm
My thought be so perverted, thinkin of fuckin' all of your moms
Cause I'm a motherfuckin' big dog and I don't fuck with law
Shape up your set, snip, get clipped off
Back cloud over my head, black label in my veins
Black 40 on my lap, black future in this game
It's crucial out here man, stayin' sane, tryna sustain
Coward, no such thing, my bounty more than my chain
Swastika on my tat, smockin' tropical crack
I pay way you no rap then wet gain get racks
Talkin' shit in my tennis, on my turf chargin' these tenants
I been broke befo', beaten, yoker broken antennas

Gats under my Gucci belt, tats on my arm
Sliddin' up her ocean drive, comin' down like uh
Sliddin' up her ocean drive, comin' down like uh
Gats under my Gucci belt
Gats under my Gucci belt
Tats on my arm
Sliddin' up her ocean drive, comin' down like uh

Bogota bitch
I told you, I'm Bogota, bitch

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Gunplay Tats On My Arm Freestyle Comments
  1. Rodriguez 3D

    . The hardest song from gunplay ever!

  2. Joe Jordan #23!

    Life ain't never easy anyone would pull the trigger to they head if their weren't no consequences for it

  3. frshmsc

    gunplay is a f**king king man

  4. Alejandro Marino Sosa


  5. Rìço OffHadley

    Capp 5 p

  6. Betta Black Boy 911

    lol the crazy gumplay

  7. desi wright

    Lol, tropical crack is laced weed from Florida 😶😹

  8. Frankie Quinones

    Gunplay Spanish get it mind right nd allday

  9. Alastor24

    let that nigga make a mistake and blow his brains out

  10. The Jacc Of All Trades

    Blue Luchiano coming soon check that dude out 

  11. PeterLikesKicks

    LMAO No

  12. Joseph Powers

    People who dont feel this dont understand this lifestyle its not a joke. some people get into the drug game and it takes over your life

  13. bkmnv

    if yall peep the vid yall see he tried killing himself thats why he tried praying in the beginning

  14. Adam LaPierre

    I think its one word Swasticka

  15. Hunter4547

    This IS real as it gets !Every body else is Lying about how hood they are ! you Got the Bible in yo video! Only a real nigga know that you Need God on your Side everyday Not to Mirk every dumb ass nigga that disrespect ! Much Love to Gun Play! Keep Climbing you about to pass the top Cuz !

  16. detroitgypsyi75

    you crazy thats what makes his appeal to us real people , keep it real no lies !

  17. itsleefiddes

    guessing he thinks having a gun makes him a man.

  18. FiNO FRESH

    Tropical crack is a type of fire weed in florida

  19. Boogie Johnson

    I know he did not just say , " SWASTIKA ON MY TATT SMOKING THIS TROPICAL CRACK " -___-

  20. Yungdred85

    Did he jus say smokin tropical crack! Lol wtf!

  21. john thomson

    pretty entertaining but that line is str8 custy

  22. john thomson

    LOL swasticka on my tat smokin tropical crack

  23. Thomas Ferdinand

    He said he smoking tropical crack wow lol

  24. FukThaWorldNFukU

    it wasnt even a robbery

  25. Albin Landberg

    he's going to jail now anyway lmao. i will miss this crazyass's music

  26. Christian Hotte

    gunplay does what the fuck he wants you are the fucking idiot

  27. keeplisted

    Tropical Crack....

  28. Nick Coleworld

    this video so damn dope

  29. nowaydudewtf

    you're clueless.. there are videos of him actually selling shit, snorting coke in columbia, etc...

  30. Cecil

    The nigga below me needs to chill out aint nobody care about what your saying

  31. laszlo Foris


  32. laszlo Foris

    nobody lives this lifestyle or else they are in jail doing 25 for each body. you guys are all fucking idiots aftually believe the shit rappers say. these dudes are clowns they are jumping around like circus animals for ur entertainment thats it

  33. Bryan Osorio


  34. Bryan Osorio

    if you dont live this type of lifestyle or understand it dont comment mofo

  35. Lul lal

    get out of that blizzard it aint no snow homie
    gunplay 4 ever

  36. Deena Steck


  37. Thomas Ferdinand

    She's a keeper

  38. Dunny Dead


  39. dalton rich

    so you thinking hes cracked out to?

  40. dalton rich

    real can have it all and still get real fucked up in the head...props to the bitch in the vid

    did he say tropical crack? hmm maybe thats why he wants to kill himself

  41. XxBringBackThePastxX

    if he wants to keep this job he needs to stay off those drugs

  42. rrollins09

    Dude got bars... gun play fire I think he should clean up his delivery..... Sn: Gun play one wirey as aMF Dope Talent !!!

  43. lil2ray21

    This Song Makes Me Feel Crazy/ EVIL.

  44. mrmainerr

    fuck you.. listen to gunplay ..swastika on my tat.. look at the back of his neck

  45. SavageBooGetti

    i subbed for gunplays vids. black sheep of mmg. favorite out the label


    Disgusting, this is terrible

  47. Darrell Wadlington

    same nigga that got knocked the fuck out stopitfive

  48. trayplus305

    Lol fool goin crazy..... Carol City n dis Bitch

  49. Olboync24

    I like this animated nigga:-) that's how I feel when I get off that truck(18 wheeler)

  50. D Davis

    "tropical crack"

  51. Joey Luna

    Gunplay f••kin killed it!!

  52. MrRolltide91

    @nicknicknick123321 thanks

  53. nicknicknick123321

    @MrRolltide91 bogota by gunplay

  54. chris care

    this guy is a piss.. i dont even no wa rozay is doing with him

  55. MrRolltide91

    whats the song in the beginning?


    Nigga Said He Smoke Tropical Loud WOW

  57. 0nly_Human

    Is Gunplay sane? LMAO That shit there was wild!!! But I'm still fucking wit it!!!

  58. cortez williams

    Kid Wonka kid Wonka kid Wonka kid Wonka kid Wonka kid Wonka kid Wonka

  59. daliaxox

    What's Gunplay smokin?LMAOO

  60. rogreg8

    @salcantar06 on the bench with PILL

  61. King Javanna

    He should shoot her ass !! She knows better than to mess with a nigga with a gun !

  62. Rodmusset

    @chazzybadazz what does this has to do with conspiracy? Please tell me the backround information around your claim.. oh wait u just connect it to the negative picture this video gives... ah i guess ppl like you are stupid fucks like that

  63. Jessica De Luca

    Cocaine wll fuck yo shit up!

  64. Qube Goodie

    dude thats mad harsh lol, but true,

  65. Underdogfore

    that shit cray....

  66. mayatono666


  67. chente9212

    @MOHTURKSTA he says im bogota of cocaine

  68. chente9212

    @Avallido89 no its not....Green Crack is a weed strain. Tropical Crack is not a real strand.

  69. chente9212

    wtf is tropical crack

  70. miles dorch

    lol tropical crack????

  71. JetBlue_Cale

    this nigga really do got some problems.....

  72. samsutliff

    the thumbnail is so misleading

  73. littleo123

    my guilty pleasure.

  74. sander allik

    what the fuck i just watched lol ?

  75. 5RedBandana

    swastika mean "fuck white" like germans fight 4 they nation, many member of black panther put that shit on body.(that's only my meaning, i don't know what Gunplay wanna say by that, maybe it's mean peace 4 him)

  76. Logan James

    Don Logan

  77. OfficialBlazeChannel

    he is stupid.he said "swastica on my tat, smoking tropical crack" not sure which is worse, a nazi tat or tropical crack

  78. Scoot Ball

    Real comments fake comments da all comments @ da end of da day.... Thanks 4 watching fans n haters

  79. MyMuSiCiNdUsTrIeS1

    Haters Can Hate but GUNPLAY GO HARD!!! BOGOTA BITCH!!!

  80. BoatNigge

    Too bad he didnt kill him self at 0:02

  81. 2006jamario2006

    Ross is the shit but This dude is Lame.....

  82. U30Pro

    smokin tropical crack?


    This nigga is fire! And Rick Ross been keeping him out the spotlight cause he's a shooter! Y'all better get hip!

  84. Brandon Houston


  85. Can Sener

    Bogota = capital of columbia
    either hes columbian or he loves da coke

  86. hell raiser

    I think he dope even if he wana sniff shit lol's his life ya dig but yea do ya thing b

  87. Orio360

    @MrJkeyz21 looks like you need to learn something KID its a strain name not slang.

  88. Masta Keyz Gaming

    @Orio360 Damn kid you're so lame, learn some slang before you say something stupid you square ass nerd.

  89. Kelly Hobbs

    I really like Gunplay

  90. oHHHH kILLL'EM

    His last couple joints been kinda hot..I can see gunplay becoming a hood pick this year

  91. 5RedBandana

    Gunplay my nigga, go ham as everything, if ya mofo can't understand him it's u'r problem, just don't listen!

  92. King David

    Cocane is a hell of a drug

  93. gregory roy

    Gunplay is Dope!

  94. anataone

    i hope this is the nigga that was found dead out side ross house. Terminate this clown ross!

  95. Calvin Williamson

    this shit go fed cuz!

  96. SalsBarberLife

    he got the metal to his dome cuz he depressed that Rozay put that nigga on the bench and got new starters on the team...