Gunplay - Krazy Lyrics

[Hook: Young Dro]
I'm crazy, you wanna fuck me?
I'm crazy, you wanna fuck me?
I'm crazy, you wanna fuck me?
I've had enough of me, I'm crazy
Leave this shit, I'm crazy
I'm crazy, I'm crazy
When you ain't there, I'm crazy
If I keep that thought I'm crazy

[Verse 1: Gunplay]
Geeked all week, leave me the fuck alone
This [?], Black Bottle, pink molly keep a nigga numb
This bad bitch a freak, she tried to steal a nigga tongue
I'm on one, on two, on three keep the party going
Wise words, eyes blur, can't talk, just quiet words
Loud music, loud girls, tough words in my wow world
Spanish islands, [?], being honest it was non- [?]
Celebrating like nine fiestas
After the way I [?]
Up one week, ain't slept one night yet
Eyes so red, ain't one white yet
Ain't never met a drug I ain't like yet
Never had a raw paper I ain't like yet
Never met a nigga I ain't fight yet
Never met a bitch I ain't swipe yet
They be askin' what's wrong with a nigga
I'm crazy, ain't find nothin' right yet


[Verse 2: Young Dro]
I might be crazy, but I get you stupid
I know you don't
And trick you goofy
I'm a show you I'm a troubler
I'm a show you I'm a break you
Bitch, take that coat off
Everything, why on silk?
Crazy little motherfucker, you need to be buried

I'm on my mind, I ain't rolling right
That might be slow
Did you see my eyes and tell?


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Gunplay Krazy Comments
  1. Shyenne Lewis


  2. Rome O

    I'mma show you how a Choppa look, put it in ya pocket book - Dro

  3. Delbert Hardin

    Niggas really sleep on Gunplay that Bible on the dash though

  4. Erin Fitzgerald

    Still bumpin in 2018. My theme song.

  5. planète original crew

    Good son gunplay boss👌

  6. Felicia del Pino

    Im krazy! But pussy still good & tight!😂😂😂💪💪

  7. Afolabi Sanu

    Too fresh

  8. Montel Mitchell

    song hard as ab still, I bumped it when it came out, this beat 🔥 too. this is one of the songs that made me start producing beats and tracks, this song still bump tho. 💯 check out my beats BTW! (Montelien)

  9. Nik Nak

    mani love i this song this how i be freeliing frfr @youngdro @gunplay 👊

    Eric Wilson

    Fuck the world

  10. liaa santiago

    This beat is 🔥🔥

  11. AceWonder74

    "I might be krazy...but bitch you stupid" 😂

    liaa santiago

    😂😂 favorite part

  12. Guilherme Ortiz

    Man i forgot Dis song . DIS SONG IS MY LIFE , ITS ME

  13. John Mark Kissiedu

    What's the name of the model at 2:21

  14. Wilson Guilherme

    @Flavio Silva this girl is soooooooooow nastyyy !!!

  15. Chrissi Johnson

    with all that $$$ he's getting from rick ross, you think he would fix his nappy hair lol

    Chris Ramsey

    Obviously you haven't been to Miami,that's how they rock they dreads

  16. LilSlykk1

    Only song I could like from him is Rollin he wasting talent he's got a good voice but doesn't use it to his advantage he spits them elementary bars and makes these whack ass songs


    Have u checked the living legend album? Fire. One of da top albums of 2015 easy

    Guilherme Ortiz

    +LilSlykk1 fuk you

  17. tasha wright

    True straight fireeeee

  18. jwill5crew941

    You a hater brother this song is fye

  19. Lime Lives Matter

    That Song Is Bullshit