Gunplay - Finish Lines Lyrics

You may not know me but I'm a legend to my bredren 'nem
Never acted funny over money, I just represent
Tryin' leave the trap but I'm more active than I ever been
Loss after loss, nigga feelin' like I never win
I don't put my soul on audio for y'all to party on
I do this for the vultures, the culture, and to put my woadies on
Blowin' the lil dodi gone, my food cold, soda warm
Mama in the kitchen bitchin' bout me goin' to court tomorrow
Made the news usin' rifles, breakin' bible rules
We just some po' poets, choppas like some biker crews
Learned how to cook from a custom
Not to cut it too much, though
Find a spot, open shop, then I went for the gusto
Ain't no detours, just G4s now
Long paper strong enough that we can beat laws down
My violent course of action, 'course gon leave yo ass crossed out
Sleepless like the reaper cousin, I keep one closed eye
Two or three 45s, just for these cold times
Nigga don't know what I been through just to speak those lines
Put a smile on my city face, every acquitted case
Left the judge and the DA with a bitter taste
Money matters, nothing else
A lot of it and nothing less
Still prayin' for them true players under false arrest
Been so close to death I smelt the last one on his breath
Pastor tried to baptize me, fucked around and got possessed
Put that on my chain and that lil vein in my neck
Yeah, that list is gettin' shorter shawty, you might be next
Upgraded all my rollies with the bigger rocks
Bigger guns, yeah, I'm double backin', nigga watch

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Gunplay Finish Lines Comments
  1. mikey


  2. Spoon Gee

    This nigga MAD lyrical! I fux wit eem

  3. Robby Booker

    When im fuckin stressed tf out my go 2

  4. Toan Hanh

    Pastor tried to baptize me - fucked aroun an got possessed that was hard

  5. Alex Anders

    great chune

  6. Kidd Sav

    That list is getting shorter shawty u might be next🔥🔥🔥

  7. smellykush 14

    He's gonna come back

  8. Gerson Mergoza

    triples ccc's season

  9. Wizard King

    Mannn Thank You , i hoped you would make this 👌🏾👌🏾 keep grinding bro 💯💯💯iwill

  10. Chad wild clay chad wild clay

    shoutout killacali keep it coming gunplay...

  11. Vernon Parks

    Talk that shit my nigga

  12. I am Alpha

    Barz too Sick!!!!💯🔥