Gunplay - Bogota Lyrics

Bogota talk, talk, talk, Bogota walk
It's a Bogato blizzard on my Bogoto block
Bogoto white rims with a Bogoto bitch
White Bogota diamonds I'm Bogota rich
B O G O T A, B O G O T A
B O G O T A, B O G O T A
B O G O T A, B O G O T A
B O G O T A, B O G O T A

[Verse 1:]
Just Bogota singing blinging like a diamond ring
I cut the tape and do my thing and need the paper
Keep the fame, I'm off the leash, you keep the cage
I ain't playing, keep the game
I'm the beast they couldn't tame
The one the witness coundn't name
I'm the perp they couldn't blame
Smoking citrus in my chain
Chopping Christmas with my blade
While my bitches entertain
I got vicious in my vains
I got hater all in my heart
I got revenge all in my brain
Are you deserter, killer start
Snatch a bitch and pull her braids
Smack her ass and roll away
I just give that bitch a look
Ain't got to tell the ho behave
When she acting like a dog, I'm a treat her like a stray
Rent her mouth for a hour but I keep it for a day, ay!

[Verse 2:]
I got the gun they call it "Escobar"
Yams in the restaurant
Beef on a fork, got burnt, cooked, extra-hot
Carol City, Colombia
Put a hundred and one in ya
Sticks on that carpet, crib looking like Colombiyaaa
White Pablo cocaine
Way out in Spokane
Fuck I look like, listening to these poor lames
I drive some shit
That'll take up like four lanes
This MMG piece gotta lift this with four cranes
I grip on my oat grain
And toke on this dope green
My bitches is supreme, and this ain't no new thing
These pits ain't gonna curb, but your pussy's gon' purr
That ain't that clean and this package burnt

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