Gunplay - Banana Clips Lyrics

[Hook: Gunplay]
Don't feed the apes [x4]
We got banana clips
Don't feed the apes [x4]
We got banana clips
I'm going zoo, every time I'm going through [x4]

[Verse 1: Gunplay]
I'm going dummy, I'm going zoo
I'm going rahhhhh
Now, who is who, you can get the ruger too
Ruger straight 151 and the [?]
You Built the [?], break it down and build the [?]
Shoes don't turn, shits tilts the curb
My shirt was silky when the court read the guilty word
Such a filthy word, back to trying milky word
I'm on my get cake, pie ass nigga
I'm on my big steak, pie ass nigga
All our bitches fish flight, pie ass nigga
All I do is check chase, plane train bicycle


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
AK with that long dick, get yo' fuckin' bone pick
I get on my 'Bron lick, your head get flicked like a coin flip
I come through with them twin Glocks
And kill you and the nigga you was born with'
Bitch I'm still the best rapper, I got bars like phone strength
I get my weed from so and so, I get my guns from such and such
And all my homies got that weight, all them niggas muscle punks
Fuck y'all niggas I'm way too strong, gettin' to the bread like Grey Poupon
Open this gun up like a book, damn Lil Tune, what page you on?
Early bird gets the worm, early dog gets the bird
High as fuck, vision blurred, unisex bullets, his or hers
You pussy cat, you hiss, you purr
Me, I go ape shit, on my skate shit, nigga TrukFit!


[Verse 3: Gunplay]
I'm going ape shit
Spend a Benz on they shift
I'm short stopping shit on they shift
On they turf, footprints on they dirt
Taking all they money, I know they hurt
Champagne, Steak pot
Tattooed the shirt under my tank top
My lane lock, my chain rock
Won't move a muscle, baby set the bank vault
Bitch I whip gang, Bitch I get bands
You trying to break me bitch, slim chance
My speaker beating, my shoes kick ass
Down the beating and game over for you Riff-Raffs


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Gunplay Banana Clips Comments
  1. Estelle Puru

    Weezy was the man in his prime

  2. Kamal Hussein

    I have enough people working for me don’t touch anything

  3. Ronaldo Buiu

    Gunplay Ft. Lil Wayne 🔝🔥🔥💪

  4. kattie samuel

    this song remind me of my brother we love this song

  5. kattie samuel

    this song remind me of my brother we love this song

  6. Ignacio Contreras Ramírez

    this the same beat than tony montana from future

  7. WurdOF Mouf

    Lil Wayne is the best better then birdman

  8. marcellas ramos

    Wayne's catalog is better than all rappers with an exception of jay z and Eminem being competition to his art.

  9. Haris Mehadzic

    Ak with that long dick

  10. Pancho Villa

    It's a magazine you idiotic lowlifes.

    You use clips to reload magazines faster than by reloading by hand.

  11. JRay Martin

    Meek mill aint shit to lil wayne and lil wayne is a better writer than kendrick but kendrick would kill lil wayne in a freestyle but lil wayne is one of my favorite rappers...

  12. nathan Mulheron


  13. Dakray Jr.

    When wayne battles he will murder you because he will actually try lol

  14. xKinGWeeZyx


  15. Seth Cockerille

    Kendrick lamar has no chance against lil wayne

  16. Avantking

    Kanye says wayne is the best so Wayne is the best

  17. Nes826

    Yea, he proved he still knows how to play "gangsta". With that voice, i'll bet he'll get all the men in prison. LOL

  18. Samurai Beatz

    New wayne proved that he still got it on this song

  19. SwingToLife

    He made millions than y'all nothing haters!

  20. Gloria Richardson

    wezzie good GUNPLAY the shit say it like tony the tiger he's GRRREEEEAAATTTT!

  21. jason caudle

    What a bunch of dumb asses u fucking fagots Lil Wayne ain't dead u dip fucks lol yea he had seasures and shit but he was released after spending a weekend in the hospital and he don't even remember sesuires

  22. jason caudle

    plus u forgot no love fuck the ect no love deserves more than ect

  23. jason caudle

    u dumb ass em is the best ever not lil wayne

  24. TonyMontana Rosh

    and its ignorance that makes you say its autotuned,tunechi means hes just a chi that has a mad tune.hes been having seizures he died but they dont want to lose money like when tupac died

  25. TonyMontana Rosh

    lil wayne died along tim ago,hence I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING.hes automated listen to his new shiz,just a good sound board

  26. ELOH

    don't be a fucking hater all yo life . His verse was too dam real

  27. CaRnaGe



  28. Code _V_83

    he may not be the best in the game but He make that TRap Shit Sound Good...

  29. fukwiil

    best rapper alive

  30. Saint Miller

    Word. Couldn't have said it better.

  31. james

    hes deff not the best rapper alive, if you think that you're an idiot

  32. HaikesXO

    Bitch im still the best rapper. ..

  33. moula9


  34. TheHidalgo99

    totally what I am thinkin homes! Wayne still can be on top of his game when hes trying and unfortunately, the negliglible the rapper is the hoter the wayne vers on it is
    u know "zip it" and "picture perfect" ? Both tracks Wayne spits fire and both tracks are on mixtapes of hotboys rappers who nowadays nobody knows anymore

  35. 5StarBloodSuwoop

    you said that meek mill was 400x better then Wayne at his age so that just shows that you need a helmet..damn this generation is full of retarted fucks

  36. Alberto Rynda

    lost what argument...the moment you decided to open up your mouth was when you lost. no one would agree with any of the bullshit that you've said. so shut the fuck up already kid

  37. 5StarBloodSuwoop

    (I was on my phone in class when i wrote you that so im not going to look for my comment)....hahaha the pathetic one is the one telling people that they misspelled on the internet hahaha cause you was losing the argument smh damn little kids these days

  38. Alberto Rynda

    if you can't re read what you wrote and see what you misspelled then you're more of a dumb ass than i thought. but here, ill tell you fuck misspelled that*...calling people retards and misspelling in the same line? hahaha pathetic

  39. 5StarBloodSuwoop

    cant spell? what did I misspell?

  40. Alberto Rynda

    right...yet you're the one that can't spell. No limit to your stupidity huh

  41. Alberto Rynda

    damn, are you brainwashed or just that stupid? I admit old Wayne was cool but Kendrick still murdered him. Meek Mill was 400x better than Wayne at his age and Kendrick shits on Meek. Shut the fuck up already

  42. 5StarBloodSuwoop

    u stupid as fuck Kendrick is good but the old wayne destroy kendrick smh...Wayne just sont try no more

  43. Alberto Rynda

    Press 4 for Lil wayne

  44. Alberto Rynda

    you sound stupid as fuck! kendrick is 100000000000000% better than lil wayne. wayne was just smart and caught the little girls attention and got them to spend their parents money on his album

  45. Alberto Rynda

    simple...those songs that get popular are being played on the radio and shit bc the artist that collab with him, plus he can't go 100% being they prob won't allow it on the songs with true niggas like gunplay, he does his shit but then it doesn't get that publicity so the views be low as fuck!

  46. iMario

    One with a brain.

  47. Jonathan Nava

    i get my weed from so an so i get my gunz from such an such

  48. Willbryan Medina

    cause haters always only look for the bad stuff :/

  49. Slammed Laurel Blue CB7

    Wayne is definitely not the best rapper alive. He's too mainstream and has all his music is straight repetitive. This song I actually like, pretty much everything else I hate.

  50. Armani moreno

    i come thru w them twin glocks n kill u n da niqqa u was born wit.. bitch i'm still da best rapper i got bars like phone strength #lmao #goemtunch!!

  51. Mc Kode

    Kendrick Fart Face Learn To Spell

  52. ImTalkinBigMoney

    i know.. still lyrics them lines took up half the song

  53. MegaTopfan

    Only the chorus... not his actual line

  54. ImTalkinBigMoney

    Dark Shades was shit, he just got the lyrics from Bill Gates..

  55. Colum Bus

    Im here for Gunplay "Tha Real Don Logan"!!!!

  56. K24A

    When eminem,Jay,kendrick, and lupe quit rapping than you can go ahead and start talking about waynebeing the best rapper alive...

  57. Metrostar500

    You make a great point.

  58. mitsubishi12391

    banana clips stay extra peeled

  59. Jacob Sugg

    song goes hard

  60. John Bill

    @MegaTopfan Exactly. Well said. I mean, I still like those, but he absolutely kills these. It's just that look who he collabed with, "Gunplay" hahahahah

  61. Go Hard


  62. Marko Lazic

    and i thought i was the only one who was wondering that... maan tune got the best verses plz do check out lil wayne & gudda - it's young money & jae millz feat lil wayne - forever winning! songs which have not more than 100,000 views and go as hard as this songg

  63. Jathaniel Prince

    Its a lip piercing.

  64. naruto1993max

    wayne says he need a break.i hope he good back on his roots.

  65. SINister Gaming

    Wayne needs to fuckin sale his skateboard, go back to new orleans for a couple months, cut off the dreads and get the corn rolls back, and start doin shit the way he used to. This verse is fire i dont get it he obviously knows how to make good verses he didnt just pull all his early shit, the carter 3, and the random ones he puts out here and there outta his ass. He knows what's fire and what's not but he gets caught up in this you gotta put out a song everyday bullshit and it ruins the quality.

  66. Mundaiis Lenegra

    fuck it looks like wayne got a little cold core on his lip.....

  67. searcyw5528


  68. Jathaniel Prince

    For a minute Weezy made me think it was '07 again. Haha this verse too hard.

  69. MegaTopfan

    He seems to be either the best or the worst, but I will still support him, im hoping "my homies still" doesnt make the final cut but him and big sean need another collab

  70. Chris RA

    Yeah, he's always hit or miss..

  71. MegaTopfan

    Yeah my homies still is just wack, he should of taken another direction for IANAHB 2

  72. Chris RA

    Yeah, Wayne is trash on his mainstream stuff, but then goes hard on songs like these.. By not totally 100% you mean suckss badd. My Homies Still is worse than Lil B..

  73. Nathon Johnson


  74. MegaTopfan

    Why is it that the best Wayne verses (banana clips, Dark Shades, why stop now remix,ect) never get popular, but somehow the verses that wayne is not totally 100% tryin (take it to the head, the motto, ect) do get popular. SMH thats y haters always talk crap about wayne, because they dont hear the wayne that proved himself to b the best rapper alive

  75. 5StarBloodSuwoop

    why do you favorite videos of bitches with big tits??? btw one bitch is a guy "transmiss37" lmao are you that much of a loser? im just asking?

  76. Matthew Singh

    weezy killed it once again

  77. SideSwipez77

    I haven't laughed this hard in a while.

  78. kyro jag

    french montana n kendrick lamar nigga

    yung scrappy lol if u cant listen to the "new wayne" y r u on a song that came on june 4th 2012 titled with lil wayne in it bitch


    i agree lol!!

  80. kyro jag

    i hate frech montana.. i dont get y anyone. would like him on there team!

  81. italkshyt14

    Best song out. This needs to hit the radio.


    rofll k so get off a wayne video, and go listen to french montana. you down syndrome bitch


    and em admitted he couldnt fuck with weezy? whats your point. there both great

  84. IndigoSpencer

    He talks about the meaning of "talkin 2 myself" and our whole argument.

  85. IndigoSpencer

    Just here, watch this. /watch?v=oe6oam2RVB0

  86. IndigoSpencer

    No, the FACT that Em' was dealing with all of those issues I stated are 100% true, look it up.

  87. Rich Suav

    Old eminem eminem now

  88. Rich Suav

    To wrap up this argument down here wayne's better the eminem
    Old eminem eminem now

  89. IndigoSpencer

    *Wayne is

  90. IndigoSpencer

    Well I'm just saying is one of the top rappers in the game, but he's nowhere close to Eminem.

  91. IndigoSpencer

    Um, dumbass. If you knew what you were talking about, you would know that Em was going through drug issues, rehab, family issues, etc. Why do you think between 06' and 08' he didn't release any songs? He was saying he wasn't going to diss Wayne or Kayne because he couldn't "write a decent punchline even" because of his drug issues...dumbass.

  92. IndigoSpencer

    Oh really what song then?

  93. IndigoSpencer

    He NEVER said that.

  94. nicknicknick123321

    eminem is probably one of the best rappers alive today, you probably disagree because you wear skinny jeans and snapbacks just like your idol

  95. IndigoSpencer

    bs, even wayne admitted he can't fuck with em.

  96. IndigoSpencer

    No, but even if it was, Em would murder Wayne's ass any day of the week. I'm a fan of Wayne, but Eminem's lyrical skills far surpass Wayne's, and if you can't realize that, then you do not understand hip-hop and you are a dumbass.

  97. John Bill

    @italkshyt14 Nah he can still kill those too

  98. Kick 5000

    Kick5000 check out money hawk cc in this thing

  99. O.G. John Doe

    Bitch i'm still the best rapper i got bars like phone strength
    I get my weed from so & so
    I get my guns from such & such
    And all my homies got that weight
    You can call them muscle pumps