Gunna - Who You Foolin Lyrics

(Wheezy outta here)

Who you think you're foolin'?
We got new toolies
We kinda fluent
I'm scammin' that work
I come from the mud
I came out the hood
Sometimes a gangsta need a hug
I'ma get out my problems, above 'em
Hate when people keep doin' too much
Keep it real, the streets show you no love

We don't need no one vouchin' for us
I been grindin' here, found me a buzz
I been searchin' for love and found lust
It's so hard to stop holdin' a grudge
'm on that dance, bitch, I shoot like I dance
My old squad kept the kid in the cut
Keep your strap, 'cause these niggas play tough
Pick and choose who the right one to trust
Pick and choose who the right one to trust
Keep it real, there's a lotta fake love
Niggas hate, but they bitches in love
And the Bentleyall white like a dove
I took off, ate this Xan, means it works
Pay that out or I won't do the verse
I want someone who can tell when it hurt
You can't tell me she ain't a slut

Who you think you're foolin'?
We got new toolies
We kinda fluent
I'm scammin' that work
I come from the mud
I came out the hood
Sometimes a gangsta need a hug
I'ma get out my problems, above 'em
Hate when people keep doin' too much
Keep it real, the streets show you no love

I don't need no one vouchin' for me
I be flossin', ain't talkin' 'bout my teeth
Car push-start, I keep losin' them keys
Chanel boss, my closet full of C's
My shit wet, Elliante VV's
I got pearls on my neck now, no beads
I get cash in my bank when I'm asleep
New blue-face, two-tone Patek Philippe
Beverly Center, shopping spree on me
New agenda, don't do nothin' free
Ain't no one of my foreigns on lease
All my bitches got expensive weaves
I still strive for my plan to get eased
I still talk to the Lord on my knees
Helpin' me take care all of my needs
And we take off that top for a breeze

Who you think you're foolin'?
We got new toolies
We kinda fluent
I'm scammin' that work
I come from the mud
I came out the hood
Sometimes a gangsta need a hug
I'ma get out my problems, above 'em
Hate when people keep doin' too much
Keep it real, the streets show you no love

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Gunna Who You Foolin Comments
  1. John Bruh

    This that China Grand Buffet type beat

  2. umid mardan

    when the Chinese guy makes his way to the hood

  3. William Self

    “I was searchin for Love & found Lust “ -WUNNA

  4. Money Ri

    Whoever disliked this song a bitch

  5. Muhamad Ali Daugherty

    this song makes me wanna be the dragon warrior

  6. ディラン


  7. TraysThoughts

    Beat makes me want to create a new jutsu 👌🏾👆🏾🖖🏾👋🏾🤙🏾🤞🏾👏🏾

  8. princesa

    2020 and still so hard 🥵

  9. Jordano Diaz

    I deadass thought this was produced by Jewfy

  10. zhongfly

    My fucking first gen Chinese mom even fuck with this song ❤️

  11. Martim Pinho Santos

    Kung fu panda 4 soundtrack

  12. Mc_sam Kagz

    this song sounds mystical

  13. Brenda Cunningham

    Showed this to naruto now I'm hokage🍃🍃🍃

  14. India Mcneil

    This song makes me want to drink green tea mixed with lean.

  15. J M

    play this while watching Gaara vs Lee

  16. Britten C.

    2020 and I still don't know wtf he saying, but that beat still go crazy🤣

  17. jaime davis

    yeah like in china but rap

  18. Quincy

    This beat makes me wanna visit wano, and drink lean with kaido

  19. Joachim Labissiere

    That shit fire no cap

  20. uKnowMe *!

    I once heard this while high. I was in heaven

  21. Juan Estrada

    This song makes me wanna start sippin on ginseng

  22. Nathan Milligan

    0.75 speed the best trus👌

  23. Nathan Milligan

    Ngl if i walked into a chinese restaurant and id never heard this song and it was playing i would start laughing😂

  24. Dankus Duck

    Why'd such a good beat have to be disrespected by this talentless rapper

    Nik LITE

    Chill man

  25. Steele Marshall

    played this to my uncle

    now he's my sensei

  26. Quae Johnson

    Who here in 2020 ?

  27. chrissy baby

    "I been searching for love and find lust" 😔

  28. Yaseen Iqbal

    When you at the spa bih play this and rub ya fu..........k yaas

  29. Kauê Gomes

    Escutei e virei um Hokage

  30. tyshawn


  31. kristin thomas

    This is so good I’m listening to listenin with AirPods

  32. *Me &U*

    Wheezy a fucking fool!! Lol aye Gunna sounded like Jacquees at on point

  33. Mad max 23

    Sound like J green “influence”👀🤔🤔

    Element XVI

    Jgreen is fye

  34. LeShark Baby

    Song of 2019

  35. hadoukient

    wheezy is out of this world

  36. Juhwan Davis

    Lol the new hidden leaf 🍃 anthem

  37. Alexis Day

    I can meditate to this jawn lol beat make you wanna connect with your higher self.

  38. yung jayvooo


  39. Taniya Terry

    Am the only person who doesn’t know what he saying but sill like this song

    IM Changkyun the little shit

    Same, i was just listening to the beat and didn't pay any attention to what he was saying :")

  40. Drake Cha

    Showed this to the Geico Gecko

    *he a dragon now*

    *and I saved 15% or more on my car insurance*

  41. Tania Castillo

    This makes me wanna watch a ninjutsu compilation

  42. Lewis Strange

    Does anyone know who the person that made this beat is


    Lewis Strange wheezy

  43. Neako Brasi TV

    This song come with a side of orange chicken 🍊🍗

  44. 死 Unknown_1p1 死

    I'm here from the village hidden in the bars,

  45. KWT

    right after Pain one shot the hidden leaf

  46. YUNGltg1

    Who ever made this beat is not playing no games none just no games because this is my jam

  47. Larry The Kid

    Asian niggas on Chinese New Years

  48. Joe ogunbiyi

    Gunna we need a vid

  49. Nicholas C.

    My third eye slowly opening

  50. Raam Ravi

    Great Song!

  51. amari esparza

    Sometimes a gangster need a hug 🔥🤧

  52. LavishShawn

    Fenna start throwing Rasengans and Rasen Shurikens inna min

  53. avoue

    this was supposed to drop wit gta chinatown wars

  54. Hoang Nguyen

    Lmao Killer Bee u lit

  55. B1tch Im M1k3

    Best samples of 2019 anyone?

  56. MKTV

    Beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. mdmr

    avece nopueo respirar

  58. Garth

    Showed this beat to my dog now it’s my dinner

  59. theultimaterom

    Tbh I was vibing to this until I realised Wheezy straight up stole this from a song called "Deaf Song". He just added some layers and called it a beat. :(

  60. Diego Rodriguez


  61. Cambro

    This my alarm 💀💀💀😭

  62. Kadafi

    When you fall into the Chinese strip club in the Hood

  63. Mulugeta Newaye

    when you order a song in a Chinese restaurant

  64. Mpa Cinco Montana

    When you make eggrolls in the projects😂😂😂

  65. Sultan AlJaloud

    Gunna wins 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  66. DaKnight94

    "Ive been searching for love and found lust" 🔥🔥

  67. XO TWOD

    Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

  68. Will San

    What is that string instrument called bruh it fire on this beat

  69. Random Guy

    this beat really do hit different.

  70. Kondzio Bro

    Me and the boys trapping in japan.

  71. Fly Lima Beats

    Gunna x Young Thug Type Beat on my channel 🔥🔥🔥

  72. Демьян Кузнецов


  73. mizrahiophir

    Naruto would've mastered the Rasenshuriken much faster if this song was playing in the cap

  74. itzfrostea

    This is the beat master oogway is vibing to in the afterlife

  75. Maximumgame Tuber

    Enemy: you'll never defeat me ha!


    GUNNA:Hold my chopsticks and my children's report card...

  76. Kumar Wise

    I obtained sage mode listening to this

  77. JujuDaGod1


  78. Top Comment

    If there's ever a Sleeping Dog's 2 this has to be in that game

  79. Navi

    beat makes me wanna commit seppuku

  80. AJ Uchala

    Who think you fooling, please don’t tell me it’s “who you think you fooling” because when I say it along with him it doesn’t sound the same. We saying two different things 😂 the song slaps but it’s just misleading. I put it in slow mo to just to make sure I wasn’t tripping

    Alexia Robinson

    AJ Uchala that’s what he meant though, the first phrase just flow with the beat better lol

  81. JasonTheHomie

    This in 1.25x 🔥🔥🔥

  82. Tajanah Turnage

    The hardest bars: I still talk to The Lord on my knees🙏

  83. SCI CREW


  84. Dean O

    Credit to the player stringing the Guzheng!

    Anyone know the name of the Chinese song? 🇨🇳

    Billy Kipruto

    Check the Genius page on this song or

  85. Trey Dale

    Is he a crip or blood?

  86. Zane Dabbs

    song hit so hard, my “orange chicken” started barking

    Nik LITE

    .... 0_0

  87. ZootedJuju

    the beat go harder than the fried rice

  88. Mac 10

    Nigga Said "i dont need no one vouching for !" I felt that

  89. Darnell Wright

    Drippybeat jutsu 🤏🏼🤚🏼🙏🏼👐🏼🤲🏼👏🏼

  90. Ronald Baskara ACD


  91. chris thomas

    *beat exists

    Rich Brian: “I’m good”

    Gunna: 🙋🏿‍♂️

  92. It’sKiaa Ali


  93. chris thomas

    When you can’t disappoint the clan

  94. Ariah Reign

    This song is NOT long enough 😫😫😫 REPAT (10xs)

  95. KingZaa Tv

    What kind of instrument that is?


    KingZaa Tv some chinese string instrument