Gungor - Vapor Lyrics

Oh the vapor of it all
It’s a chasing of the wind
The substance of the form
So pale and thin
Let the veil of earth
Be stretched again

All behold the holy
Trees clap their hands for you
Oceans, they dance for you

Heaven taunts the hearts of men
We can feel it from within
The beauty of it all
The mystery
The swelling of a voice
A rising sea

All behold the holy
Trees clap their hands for you
Oceans, they dance for you

You are holy
Infinite and holy

A billion suns rise for you
Clouds paint the skies for you
Mountains stand tall for you
Valleys bow down to you
Everything rising to
Sing all our songs to you

The impossible and holy
Kings become fools for you
Kingdoms to ruins for you
Vapor finds ground in you
Music finds sound in you
Everything rising
Everything rising
Everything rising
Everything rising
Everything rising

Come like dawn
Like grace
Like sunlight
Bring this world to life

Come like rain
Like breath
Like springtime
Bring this world to life

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Gungor Vapor Comments
  1. Jenn Swanson

    This is beautiful...visually and lyrically and musically. Thank you.

  2. ナNataniel ウィンドカタ

    This needs many more views, still don't know how I found this couple of years ago but thank you for this song

  3. Sloppyunderfoot

    I stepped upon this video by doing a search on "prettiest songs". The first time I listened it brought tears to my eyes. I loved the music. I listened again. This time the water works really gushed forward. They were tears of joy. Beautiful!

  4. David Leonard

    I just discovered this Christian group because of a video that criticizes the monotonous and repetitive Christian groups, and in this video it made mention of the Gunger group that is out of the ordinary, I was curious to know who they were , and I can tell you that I fell in love with their refreshing originality song. God bless them!

  5. K.W.

    I've went so long not hearing this...oof

  6. Emerald absolution

    Because we don't stay put

  7. Glenn Hall


  8. Favss

    we stannn. plus the beat? wowowow

  9. Airin Herrin

    This song is so twisted and vague. And is clearly not a glorification of God. Not once does it mention God, even in the end the video has clear representation to the "all seeing eye" that the illuminati uses in its music videos. Look at (Vapor- The Languristis) there's a stark contrast in the lyrics and message of the video.

    Gungor may have executed a beautiful song with great video content and sound quality, but it doesn't hold the power of its words like The Languristis. It doesn't clearly and purely glorify God.

    Why take God out? Why take out the humbling of the "powers of the earth"? Why take out the wonder and mystery of the fullness of God becoming man? Here are the first 3 verses and chorus that they changed from The Languristis.
    Oh the vapor of it all
    it's a chasing of the wind
    The powers of the world so pale and thin
    We will set our hearts on you again
    Heaven taunts the hearts of men we can feel it from within
    The beauty of it all the mystery
    The swelling of a voice a rise in sea
    Holy you oh God are holy
    Trees clap their hands for you
    Oceans they dance
    For you are holy
    Oh the mystery of it all
    I can never peer within
    I'll never find the words or understand
    The fullness of a God become a man.

    The rest of the lyrics aren't changed.
    Gungor may have executed a beautiful with great video content and sound quality, but it doesn't hold the power of its words like The Languristis. It doesn't clearly and purely glorify God.Why would they simplify such lyrics and add the "All seeing/knowing *Whatever eye" from the illuminati to their video?

  10. ric david

    Amazing my fav at the moment greetings brothers and sisters from London uk

  11. Ana Paula Leme

    Os detalhes arrepiam! <3

  12. Samuel Marks

    Dear Michael and Lisa, please keep doing everything that is in your heart and wonderous imaginations to do.

  13. Doyouloveme Forever

    I will listen to this again...because it honors Life and rebukes death.

  14. The Great Cornholio

    I was looking for a rage metal video and was brought here ...this song kinda brought peace to me ...who is this god?

    King Jango Bradock

    He is the almighty and King, who has power and truly loves you with all his heart. He sent his son Jesus who got crucified for your sin's because he loves you and wants you to have eternal life with him up in heaven. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever shall believe in him while leave ever lasting life". Jesus says he is the Way, the Truth, and life no one come unto the father except through me. So also know that Jesus is your savior. Read the Bible, the gospels, especially John. Pray to God all him who he is and he'll show you seek and you shall find him. Again I tell you my friend God loves you, turn to him. Peace and love be with you and may the holy God guide your path Amen.

  15. Lori Peeples


  16. lightyears2go

    don't get how this is deemed religious music but don't mind or care. best Earth anthem EVAR. astounding instrumentation

    •somebody else•

    lightyears2go the religious meaning is so apparent though how do you not get it??

  17. Penelope Skaggs

    Gungor always makes the most beautiful praise songs.

  18. Kevin Smith

    This song is so pretty and profound I can't get over it! Prob my fav Gungor song!

  19. Stefan DePaula

    +Gungor is there any reason why this song and its corresponding album is no longer available in the iTunes store or the Apple Music Library?

  20. Jordan Darrell

    Why did this song get taken off iTunes?

  21. Jonathan Peinado

    I’m trying to purchase this album, but it’s not popping up on iTunes, Spotify, or amazon music...🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. Rose-Linde Oosterwijk

    This song is amazing!

  23. ava stubblefield

    Some of you who are not christian and won't understand this :

    but everything you do, every accomplishment, mistake, and action is appreciated by the Lord.

    He loves you infinitely, and will never stop loving you.

    I hope one day, everyone will be able to see that.

    ric david

    Hello Ava ang greetings from London uk I am a 65 year old Christian and I came to know Christ very late in life after a very wicked and sinful life and whilst I know the Lord loves me I also know my sin grieved Him and it cost him His life on the cross so I find it difficult toaccept that my every mistake is welcomed by my Lord as my late very wise Scottish minister freind said to me all but the clouds of sin are yours Lord


    Every knee will bend. All who are born are saved. Some just take more time than others.

    Emerald absolution

    There are no labels on life's just is...

  24. Pavel Romanychev

    Phenomenal. The sound of pure adoration

  25. Eva K-eva0mwah

    Not only the music is amazing but also we have to give credits to the video maker. Excellent work sir, you truly captured the meaning of the song and beautiful minimalistic shots. Bravo!

  26. Max Kevin Ølstøren

    I love Jesus, he is truely a awesome father that is pure good and almighty. :)

  27. Ben Brand

    I noticed in the live version you changed the lyrics a little, why is that?

  28. Ann Esquivel

    Great song.

  29. Gustavo Cecille

    Those kids at the end of the video are filipino. Did Gungor visit the Philippines? :D

  30. Free Flyer

    Food for the Spirit. Come, O Emmanuel. 💖 Amen. This is pure art. Much Love

  31. Gaming Plus

    Anyone cringe when the kid was going down the slide at least a tiny bit

  32. Allison Mackey

    1:37 ... all behold the holy, gets me every time

  33. Ben David Trigg

    'Oceans' can't hold a candle to this song

    Jacob Verda

    Ben Trigg booo 🙃🙃🙃

  34. Josiah Macrae

    this song is absolutely beautiful

  35. Karina Oliveira

    This song is amazing. Its lyric is so beautiful. 😍😍 I'm in loving

  36. Free Flyer

    So beautiful! And, whomever does your filming, production & creative direction in all your videos is gifted.

  37. Gwen Molfetas

    Did they Change this?? I Always Loved this Song!! Lyrics are still Beautiful music is Good too!!
    We sing this in my church!!!!:)))

  38. Grayson B

    The imagery is so peaceful. Adding the strings and soft voices makes the video extra powerful

  39. ExistingContrariety

    Too good. This song. Because God. He is Holy.

  40. Denise Araújo

    This song make me worship God. So deep!

  41. marcheline717

    I am in awe. LOVE it so so so so OH SO MUCH.

  42. Sarah Muirhead

    Why did they change the lyrics? It was so much better the way it was before. "Holy, you oh God are holy" became "Holy, all behold the holy". So confused.


    I read it as "All, behold 'The Holy'" if that helps at all

    Sarah Muirhead

    I guess I just don't get why you would need to change it to "The Holy" if you are already talking about God and the previous version mentions God. Why make it more vague?

    Emily Custer

    Sarah Muirhead well, I'm not sure if this would help but my friend and I met Gungor at a concert a couple years ago and Michael shared with us his journey of discernment into joining the Catholic Church. So I think he changed the lyrics to insinuate that it is not just the role of God that is Holy, but it is also the Holy Trinity of Father Son and Holy Spirit that is Holy, collectively. It makes sense when I think of it this way.

  43. Ozzy 1036

    Beautiful...holy God

  44. K kid

    This is actual art

  45. Larissa Gabrielle

    ohhhhh it's such a beautiful song

  46. Axel mejía

    Mi respecto solo dios puede cambiar que Dios este contigo siempre gungor dios te bendiga

  47. Joshua Espi

    Me gusta!

  48. Eric da Costa Santos

    W o n d e r f u l !
    Like our G O D !

  49. A. López-González

    For Spanish Readers:

    Amazing lyrics!! Tremenda Letra!!


    Oh, el vapor de todo
    Es una persecución del viento
    La sustancia de la forma
    Tan pálida y delgada
    Deja que el velo de la tierra
    sea extendido de nuevo

    Todos contemplan al Santo
    Los árboles dan palmadas por ti
    Los océanos, bailan para ti

    El cielo se burla de los corazones de los hombres
    Podemos sentirlo desde dentro
    La belleza de todo esto
    El misterio
    La inflamación de una voz
    Un mar creciente

    Todos contemplan al Santo
    Los árboles dan palmadas para ti
    Océanos, bailan para ti

    Eres Santo
    Infinito y Santo

    Mil millones de soles se elevan por ti
    Nubes pintan el cielo para ti
    Montañas de pie alto para ti
    Valles se inclinan a ti
    Todo crece
    Cantamos todas nuestras canciones para ti

    Lo imposible y santo
    Los reyes se vuelven tontos ante ti
    Los reinos van a la ruina ante ti
    El vapor encuentra tierra en ti
    La música encuentra sonido en ti
    todo ascendente
    todo ascendente
    todo ascendente
    todo ascendente
    todo ascendente

    Ven como un amanecer
    Al igual que la gracia
    Al igual que la luz del sol
    Lleva a este mundo a la vida

    Ven como la lluvia
    Al igual que la respiración
    como la primavera
    Lleva a este mundo a la vida


    Israel Arias Fallas

    Gracias. Quizás necesita un poco de interpretación.

    A. López-González

    +Israel Arias Fallas Me parece que explicarlo es perder el encanto. En este caso Vapor no es "Steam" en inglés, es decir, no se refiere al agua en estado gaseoso sino a una especie de niebla o esencia como la del incienso o sándalo. Creo que se refiere al espiritú de todo...

    El primer parrafo hace referencia al Genesis, la canción evidencia la grandeza de Dios. Solemos verlo muy pequeño, el es inmemso abarca el universo entero. Solo Dios puede dar vida al mundo pues el es la vida por eso dice la letra "trae la vida la mundo" pues la vida sin Dios es muerte , pues no basta caminar, comer, beber, crecer y reproducirse para estar vivo, en el sentido divino, hace falta fluir en Dios, estar en él como dice San Pablo.

    Israel Arias Fallas

    Gracias. Aunque me refiero a otra cosa, no me expliqué bien. Quiero decir que hay que traducirlo de forma que suene adecuado y coherente, no sé si me doy a entender xD

    Natalia Silva

    está como para que @majosolis se mande un cover🤔🤔 jajja. gracias por tomarte el tiempo

  50. Gabriel Negrón Rodríguez

    This brings me so much memories of some christian camps I went. Gotta love it.


    I heard it at church camp too. I love this song

  51. Muga

    Truly a hauntingly beautiful song

  52. casey garcia

    What's with the eye, seriously?! Illuminati! The all seeing eye. Shameful.

    Andrew Blue

    That's no "all-seeing eye", you guys. That's an eye. Possibly drawn on to the tree, cooler if not. What's shameful is making mountains out of molehills and missing the message of all creation existing in and being upheld by a most holy God.

    Free Flyer

    casey garcia
    That's beautiful, mystical art. To me, it means the Eye of God. We are part of God (and God is part of us), and nature (the tree) is, as well! All comes from (IS) God! (recall, even Lucifer was a creation of God and it had to be that way to prepare the Way for The Messiah!) This is my interpretation. Blessings! Shalom


    casey garcia yea they really been dropping some sketchy stuff. Straid far from the old music. They probably did get indoctrinated by some illuminati stuff. Its no surprise

  53. Tassio Luz

    I got an EYE on you guys.
    There is only ONE God.

    Free Flyer

    ahhh but are we not made in his image...and Christ basically said, if you think I can work miracles, you will be doing this and more! We are part of the body and God is within every one of us... Think about THAT for a while...💖
    This illuminati thing has got to stop. Look at their actions, intentions and THEIR HEARTS 💖 TRUTH enlightens... Much love

  54. marisa tatum

    in love with this song and the band

  55. Antonio H

    This song is beautiful! all the creation sing to the King!

  56. krmarcika

    This is the most beautiful video I've ever seen on youtube. The lyrics, a pictures, the music. It's great. I'd like to ask: with what camera was it filmed? God bless you.

  57. Stephanie Velazquez

    Im in love with this song!!!! <3

  58. Sonja Stalnaker

    moved me to tears... still trembling.. His glory is awesome

  59. El- Olam Pin

    Amazing Lyrics and cello. I listen to it almost every day.

  60. Maria Angelica

    Preciosa  canción!!!!!

  61. brandnewwings

    moves me to tears every time

  62. Daniel Difranco

    Michael, what is the meaning of the eye in the end, I'm intrigued?

    Daniel Difranco

    @Daniel Difranco Gorgeous song by the way.

  63. Flores Em Marte

    oh isso é lindo!.. a obra de Deus é perfeita

  64. Ivan Lebo

    i love the cello

    Raposo Sax

    @Ivan Lebo me too

  65. Dan Brobst

    I feel like we are the flowers. Only we rise and come to life as face the Son instead of the Sun. I definitely just felt revived by that vessel or illumination. Whatever you wanna call it. Great song. Gungor is back

  66. Josh Miser

    @Jy Bueno Michael and Lisa are a part of The Liturgists as well.  The song first appeared on the Vapor EP and is now on the new Gungor album with slightly different lyrics.

  67. Peter Brunone

    Breathtaking -- the video and the song.

  68. Isabela Nascimento

    Maravilhoso! A Deus seja dada toda glória. Digno,digno,digno,dignoo!!!

  69. Zigu


  70. Jose Correa

    this is BRILLIANT.

  71. Vivian Lins

    Surpreendente! Obrigada, Gungor!

    Clara Mouchet Soares

    brasileira tambem

  72. Josh Bueno

    Is this this song by the Liturgists or Gungor? Please someone explain me!!

  73. Josh Giraud

    that church font though.  But seriously great song

    Bailey Turner

    +Life Notes Haha! As a graphic designer, I was bothered by this as well. Makes me think it was done on purpose. Hidden meaning? ;)

    Tracy Carter

    +Life Notes What's a church font?

    Miriam Elizabeth

    +Tracy Carter Haha, it's just a thing. You rarely see churches using any elaborate fonts when in worship. My thing is it'll distract and at times may not be easy to read. And also, it makes the process easier to compile lyrics. It's one of those 'I didn't even realize that could be made into a funny joke!' moments.

    Sam Everett

    Honestly I usually hate fonts like this, but this looks REALLY good with the video for some reason. I have no idea.

  74. Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco

    dope. straight dopeness.

  75. RRFfanforever


  76. Dana Ellis

    Love it