Gungor - Us For Them Lyrics

When the lines are drawn
When you’re in or out
When it’s us or them
And we shame the doubt

It is all a lie
All we ever really need is love
There’s no need to shed more blood
Look upon the cross
Look upon the cross

See the face of Christ
See the mercy in His eyes
Every valley shall be lifted high
Now our enemies are blessed
The heavy laden rest
For His judgement is love
His judgement is love

There is no more guilt
There is no more shame
All our darkest sin
All our deepest pain

Blessed are the poor
All the lonely broken lost and torn
See a kingdom comes to us
A war that’s fought with love
Our only war is love

Prepare the way of the Lord
Wielding mercy like a sword
Every mountaintop will be made low
Know, He holds the earth like dust
And His judgement comes to us
And His judgement is love
His judgement is love

We will not fight their wars
We will not fall in line
Cause if it’s us or them
It’s us for them
It’s us for them

We reject the either or
They can’t define us anymore
Cause if it’s us or them
It’s us for them
It’s us for them

Cause if it’s us or them
It’s us for them
It’s us for them

Prepare the way of the Lord
Wielding mercy like a sword
Every mountaintop will be made low
Know, He holds the earth like dust
And His judgement comes to us
And His judgement is love
May our judgement be love

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Gungor Us For Them Comments
  1. Jacob

    I miss faithful/religious gungor... I understand God has a path for everyone, and sometimes on that path you lose your faith in being itself, but I can't help but feel a certain magic they had was lost when they lost their faith.

  2. Allan Brown

    Love this!

  3. Shane Montgomery

    May God in God's mercy find us as a nation who embraces this at every level...weeping over the truth here and how I so easily miss this...

  4. Shalom Liddick

    I like this song a lot!! Thank you for powerful lyrics.

  5. Mary Brewer

    Oh how I love this right now. Thank you thank you thank you. Happy Advent.

  6. Game Czar

    So relevant....

  7. Cristobal De La Cruz

    its us for them

  8. Lara Carolina Alves

    Amo demais!! FANTASTIC

  9. Zeeza Allamoi

    Absolutely brilliant. I'll definitely have this on repeat.

  10. Michael Bennie

    This song holds the tension of angry, indignant judgment and the irritatingly radical inclusion proposed by the carpenter/rabbi I claim to follow. My heart aches for the Americans whose invisibility seems proven by who their country just chose as leader, and I am angry, incensed. So now, can I embrace "us for them"? Have mercy on our one nation under President Trump. And have mercy on me, God.

    Michael Demarest

    This too shall pass.

    John heine

    Michael Bennie your political agenda is irrelevant to this song. wait 4-8 years and complain about the next one because I'm sure you were singing a similar tune when Obama was elected/re elected.

  11. Mlle Nono

    Steffany borges ?😍💓

    Caroll3z -.

    2 PELA STE ❤

  12. Ministério Ouvir e Crer/Natal

    Love it!!!!!!!

  13. Jeremiah Thompson

    awesome work, we need more of this in contemporary Christian music blessings

  14. God's Blessing

    awesome song I absolutely love it...

  15. Daniel Maximiano Pereira de Paula

    Surpreendente, o que falar de Gungor. A música deles está a ano-luz de distância.

  16. Matthew Ahn

    I love this song so much. Thank you, Gungor

  17. singing4hope

    I sometimes get confused of Gungor and All Sons and Daughters. :'D They are both husband and wife team too

  18. Sarah R

    Love! Love! Love!

  19. María Villarino

    You are simply great. This lyrics are so deep and helpful. thanks

  20. dewy.drawz

    I cannot get enough. <3

  21. Deborah D.

    Exquisite Beauty - God is love. "His judgement is love!" YES! Blessings to YOU GUNGOR for writing and releasing this song...Thank you! "Preparing the way of the Lord" with His agape love fire burning in my heart with you! Keep going this is fire to my soul.

  22. Luis Rivera

    this is art

  23. TheHuntsmanC130

    One of my new favorite songs!

  24. Ellie Anne

    I connect with this song so much.

  25. Brent Smith

    Very powerful...Thank you
    Blessed to have been led here

  26. Shawn Knoblauch

    Love frees from burdens of sin.

  27. Samuel Southard

    To say that truth, doctrine, theology, accountability, right and wrong don't matter ONLY love is to "throw the baby out with the bathwater". All of these things matter. Love is only a component. Biblical truth is still very significant. We CAN'T just love people and leave truth behind. We ALSO can't afford not to love people.

    Matt Avello

    It isnt up to you. The only thing that is, is if you are love, or you are not. Not your place to judge, and God doesn't need your input. God's judgment has always been love, even if you cannot comprehend why, or how- your heart already knows what the head denies.

  28. Bianca Portugal

    Meu crush me apresentou essa banda, agora que ele foi embora não paro de ouvir

  29. Carl Thomas Gladstone

    Detroit train station? In my neighborhood friends. Thanks for this work. Important lyrics.

  30. theSneakySasquatch

    wish i could say I'm surprised that this is so good…but I'm really not. gungor, you guys are something altogether original. keep on keeping on

  31. CyclopsWasRight

    This song is too powerful.

  32. Sara Giovanna

    Wow super good song 👌🏻

  33. Sonja Stalnaker

    cool video - especially what you did with the shadows

  34. Beatriz Frizon

    How can someone possibly dislike this?

  35. Maria Angelica

    Hermosa canción!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Dev Sorrell

    Thank you for representing Christ faithfully and honestly! It is very refreshing to find someone as open and earnest as you are, thank you for helping to lead me back to Christ!

  37. Trevor Graham

    Wow, that guy ran for ever, I'm impressed!!

  38. jony Borges

    put it on spotify!!  please ^^

  39. louisee21

    These are brave lyrics, exactly what we need to hear when war is at stake again, when communities are looking at each other with suspicion.
    I think Lisa and Michael Gungor are a wonderful made-to-be team, combining powerful sound with precious lyrics. Listening to this song has been like looking up to the cross and its power for the first time all over again. I listen to French worship songs too, Matt Marvane for instance. Our next presidential election is not so far away now and sadly there is a racist party gaining influence in France. In his song "Noirs et blancs" ("Black and White"), Matt reminds the believers to show love and respect to everyone. I notice this same inspiration in your lyrics.

  40. Anna

    Muito bom! Não só o ritmo mas, também, a letra é maravilhosa!

  41. Travis Rabble

    What is it with all this religious propaganda in music nowadays, its embarrassing to listen to your dark age mentality, i hope all the homosexuals and abortions you hate so much bring down your despicable religions. Thank you.

  42. Waby Liberia

    Whew... New songs from Gungor.. New songs and prayer. Perfect for that study on Exodus...Yesss....thank you Lord!

  43. Sarxos2003

    Hoo boy... this one hits hard.  SO much truth in one song!  Definitely going to be a constant worship song for me for sure.

  44. Dive Light in Black and White

    In the past years, Gods judgment had ceased being a scary thing to me. I remember wondering why the Psalmist would ask of it from God, then coming to the understanding that if God is love, everything seen by God, is seen through that lens. its just cool to hear that in a song.

  45. Brad Soland


  46. Sam Burrows

    This is so great. The gospel is offensive to us not because of who it excludes, but because of who it includes. Keep doing what you're doing!

    Reid Russom

    +Sam Burrows
    I love that! Sounds like something Nadia Bolz-Weber would say!

    McKenan Bundy

    +Sam Burrows Can I quote you on that?

  47. PricklyPear111

    This song is amazing. The fact that you're willing to risk misinterpretation and misunderstanding to make such a beautiful statement of faith is inspiring.

  48. aosborn2

    Now that I understand what is meant by, us for them, I couldn't agree more. Once again, Gungor's music has awakened a part of my soul that sadly lies dormant most of the time. Something stirs in my soul when I listen to this music that doesn't with other Christian/worship music. When music is so elegantly simple and speaks what words can't say, it's enough to bring tears to your eyes in wonder and worship. It is for that reason that I love this band so much. I like a lot of music, Christian and secular, various genres, but Gungor is my favorite by far. Not just my favorite Christian music artist, but my favorite music artist hands down. The music speaks more than just the lyrics.

  49. reliablebow

    As i listen to this Wonder of a song, I remember the recent killing of 4 children who would not denounce Jesus, and lost their heads, yet, it came down at that moment by THEHOLYSPIRIT in those Beautiful Children's Lives...USFORTHEM

  50. eggnogninja

    This is incredible. Thank you so much for making music!

  51. Yasmin Meza

    una de mis bandas favoritas!! ... que hermosa cancion! que Dios siga haciendo su obra en ustedes, realmente son un exito!

  52. Atlas

    Great song! Btw, a nice kierkegaard reference. :)

  53. Twiggy T

    I cannot hit 'like' on this song enough!  

    This song is definitely about the God I serve!

  54. Davi Oliveira

    A ideia é forte. Muito boa!

  55. Lautaro Maldonado

    genios!!!q tema tan diferente, con su sello propio. Dios los bendiga a esta banda y les guie en cada paso que den.!!

  56. Brent B

    Sounds great. Message is sadly not the whole story and thus very misleading.
    Jesus is coming back and will kill lots and lots of people because they chose to love sin and themselves instead of Him. 
    That day His judgment is not hippie free love. It is justice. 
    We can't pretend Jesus just overlooks everyone's sin and we all get to go to heaven no matter how much we sin and don't even try to die to ourselves and treat Jesus as our Lord. 
    He forgives if we give Him our lives. He isn't fire insurance and just cause we feel bad about our sins sometimes He just gives us the ok to sin all we want. 
    No, we aren't perfect, but read the life of Jesus folks, He isn't easy and isn't nice all the time. He told a rich handsome young guy most of would have signed up to go away because that guy loved money over Jesus. 
    Jesus isn't a pathetic loser that hopes we just pay Him some attention once in awhile. He demands it all.


    @Brent Brewster "Judgement comes to US" maybe talking about His judging us Christians? I could be misinterpreting the song, but it seems that Gungor may be trying to say that Jesus loves us, AND we need to love our enemies (us for them) above ourselves. Given the current political and religious atmosphere in the world, this is really a much needed message.

    Eric Herrmann

    I agree!

    Brent B

    Have any of you listened to their podcast? Read or listened to interviews on the new album? Know that he didn't even believe in God anymore a year or so ago? 
    I am really certain of my view or I wouldn't give it. They do not believe Genesis is literal and once you decide you are God and get to decide what parts of the bible are fairy tales and what God really can do in your great mind, your opinions need to be questioned even more than we should take anything and line it up with the bible. 
    I listen to lots of music folks. If they intended this to just be a message to those who made Jesus Lord and surrendered all of their life to Him, and die daily to their sinful desires as best they can, then yes, in that light it would be fine. Look at Hawk Nelson. They currently have a song called "Drops in the Ocean" on this topic, but it is clearly to those who follow Jesus. 
    The Gungor song makes it sound like all Jesus can and will ever do is be a free love hippie and no matter what we should just accept folks and make them feel their sin is cool with us and Jesus. it isn't. Sin separates us from God, makes us enemies of God. The lost are not just gonna get a hug sadly. Hell is real. Jesus really is gonna come with a sword and kill the enemies of God one day. 
    They like many today. Rob Bell for instance, pick what they like and pretend the rest isn't true. They basically lie and mislead. The bible is still true. Sin is still sin. Hell is still real. 
    Jesus still saves if we make Him Lord, not a fire insurance policy. We don't really submit to God if we decide what parts of the bible we think He is serious and what parts are ok to dismiss. 

    Ron Plute

    @Brent Brewster Very nicely said Brent! You are on the right track.

    Parkourist Life

    Brent Brewster God has no Enemies and there is nothing weak about love, love is quite powerful God doesn't want to send anyone to hell Thats not what this is about

  57. _yaacov_

    once time again and again

  58. Marjorie Garrido

    You are awesome!

  59. Jordan Tomeš

    Different. But so good. Thank you guys.

  60. Tamás Fábián

    This is perfect with rainymood ;)

  61. rae rae

    Thank you Gungor, once again, for creating such a powerful sound with equally powerful lyrics.

  62. Jessi Lance

    So, I've been listening to Gungor's music for many years now and they have been my all time favorite band for quite some time. Their lyrics and music move me in a way that other bands can't and they have deeply influenced my faith throughout the years. That being said, what is everyone's interpretation on the line "if it's us or them, its is for them"? I don't really know what they mean by that...

    Brent Philip Sorensen

    You can not call the accounts of Noah as myth and the account as Adam and Eve so he does not change his view on it at all. You either believe the bible or you don't. false Christianity right their he even talks about enlightenment which is an new age Freemason illuminati saying. I'll pray for you not to be snared in the wolfs trap. We as Christians are to be ready to see the truths. Having strange fruit or beliefs is crazy not believing the whole word of God

    Brent Philip Sorensen

    Nice copy and paste lol

    Brent Philip Sorensen

    It's just crazy how ignorant Christians are to false doctrines and beliefs


    @Brent Sorensen The literary genre of Genesis is what is being debated. Not the truth of it. The truth of the Noah account isn't found in its historicity, but in the way it reveals the nature of God. God provides the world with a means of salvation (the ark). This story reveals the love of God manifested through Jesus Christ who is our salvation. The ark is a 'type' of Jesus. The meaning (read: truth) of the Noah account does not change one bit if it is history or simply a story.

    Tim Ryder

    @Brent Sorensen All bow to the mighty all knowing detective of False Doctrine. The people's champion crushing his foes one YouTube comment at a time!

  63. Kanika Green

    But they just keep getting better, how?!

  64. brandon andress

    kingdom music.

  65. Matias Uusisilta

    Now this is my kind of christianity

    Eric Herrmann

    This argument has been going on for a month I'm over it haha

    Nexsus Archon

    @Eric Herrmann XD IKR. blugh why do I keep commenting. -_-

    Antonio Cruz

    +Nexsus Archon Well, if we really are Christians, we will do all the things mentioned above. When one really converts to Christianity because he was truly convicted by God, he will respect Scripture, Doctrine, accountability, theology, and everything else. Remember, when one loves someone, he will respect and try to honour the loved one as much as possible. Now, going with this about Gungor, I do not really believe he DOES believe in theistic evolution and all that, what I really understand (by how he has talked about it in his blogs) is that this seems more believable to him, as happens in everyone. I'm pretty sure he will soon mention he went back to biblical literacy.

    Parkourist Life

    Brent Philip Sorensen you are looking at his beliefs before his love for God and his message and that's what he's preaching against we can't always be right and we shouldn't dislike someone for being wrong

    Parkourist Life

    Matias Uusisilta great way of putting this, much respect!

  66. Pachanga

    Time for a guitar cover.

  67. Daniel Sobral

    Muito bom como sempre!

    Denise Santos

    @Daniel Sobral a Gungor sabe surpreender!

    Yohana Cardoso

    Muito bom mesmo. ❤

  68. Amie Waters

    So fantastic. Its like you are taking all these modern worship tropes and flipping them on their heads, revealing the truth of love. We need more of this. So much more of this. Cant say enough good things for this track. I am so psyched for all of One Wild Life. Hope it comes out on vinyl someday!


    @Ace Waters you said it Ace!!!


    +Ace Waters Ace you have the top comment on this video!

  69. aflyingfig

    So many tears. I can't stop listening.

  70. Tyler Common


  71. Kris S

    Awesome !

  72. Gabriel Lucas

    what a sound!