Gungor - The Beat Of Her Heart Lyrics

She was a tempest
Her beauty a storm
Oh her eyes they were filled with the sun
She would dance while I played her my songs
The earth stood while she danced alone

He was a tempest
His craving a storm
He lusted her body from deep in the grove
Enraptured or captured
Betrayed or betrothed
She would be his
She’d be his alone

So she ran, oh she ran from the satyr’s chase
She ran for her love and her life
She tred on a snake
Venom replaced both the beat of her heart and the song in mine
The beat of her heart and the song in mine

The music was morning
A requiem cry
I wept with my songs for the love of my life
It broke all the hearts of the gods in the skies
I played my guitar and the earth opened wide

How I played, oh I played in the underworld
Oh, I played for my love and her life
Oh, I pled with the gods
Give her back
Give a beat to her heart and a song to mine
The beat of her heart and the song in mine

Hades responded, a glint in his eye
I grant you your plea
You may leave with your wife
With one small request
I suggest you obey
You musn’t look back as you walk away

So we ran oh we ran to the dawning light
Oh we ran for our love and our lives
Once again I would hear the sweet sound of the beat of her heart
And the song in mine
The beat of her heart and the song in mine

My mind was a tempest
My doubt was a storm
I turned back to see
She really had come
Just as our eyes met
She faded from sight
That’s when I knew I would never find
The beat of her heart or the song in mine

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Gungor The Beat Of Her Heart Comments
  1. Dianex Gaming

    Can you teach me cause ill sing this for my baby Euridice

  2. Doyouloveme Forever

    She returned To Her First Love! Find the beat! Let US both Live!!!..He defeated Death...the next Chapter!

  3. Eric w Stringfellow

    This is based off of Greek god and goddess the song tells a story a Greek god would play songs for his wife but Hades wanted the gods wife as his so Hades took her then god played a sad song for Hades dog so he could get by the song stopped the dog as with the spirits in the underworld the god got too Hades and his wife the god made a deal with Hades on the way out the goddess was bit by I believe the snake who was sent by hera too kill hurcules but when the god looked back the goddess was fading and she died so ever since that he played sad songs a fat queen sat on him suficated him and he died but the happy part of the song is he was able too be with his wife again..........

    Edit:so that's for all the ppl who think it's a Christian song

    Furaiya Lim


    I hope youre joking right now.

    Z Dickerson

    I didn't think Orpheus and Eurydice were gods? I thought they were mortals

    Tyler Johnston

    @Z Dickerson They were. The commentor got almost all of it wrong

    Justin Hsu

    Do you actually read at all? This is the worse and most dishonest retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice I have ever read.

  4. Angelina Garza

    ok will probly get hate for this, but I've never heard of this guy, I'm not religious, but damn he is great. he got the myth dipicted perfectly and that's so admirable considering alot of Greek myths aren't usually. I was sent here from a comment in the musical section of YouTube. this guy is great and if he ever does more branching out of religious worship songs, I would totally listen.

    Z Dickerson

    Was it from an animatic of Wait for Me from Hadestown?

    Angelina Garza

    Suzie yes

  5. Olivia Shelton

    Well this song is supposed to be about Orpheus and Eurydice which I love that myth but it is so sad!

  6. OdaKa

    This song makes me cry... every time...

  7. a v a

    It's sad bc after this the guy gets ripped apart and stoned to death but he gets to join his wife though:(

  8. Mikey M

    When u need to know the Myth of Orpheus and you just need to memorize this song

  9. Sydney Park

    The sound of this song reminds me a lot of the Nightmare Before Christmas... it's awesome

    a v a

    Sydney Park it's about Greek mythology

  10. Evija3000

    Once in a while a song of this group just stuns me. This is one of those.

  11. Emma Michaela Thompson

    Yoh.. What incredible lyrics...and what a lovely and beautiful melody... I am so excited to have come across your music Gungor.. Have only listened to two songs so far, but they have both taken me on deep journeys. Thank you :)

  12. Josh Parrish

    Anyone tabbed this song out on guitar? The part during the first couple verses I can pick apart, but the "so she ran.." section is just too difficult for me to tell what he's playing.

  13. Rod Wallace

    Go into ALL the world!

  14. Rod Wallace

    1 Corinthians 9:19-23 (MSG) 19-23 Even though I am free of the demands and expectations of everyone, I have voluntarily become a servant to any and all in order to reach a wide range of people: religious, nonreligious, meticulous moralists, loose-living immoralists, the defeated, the demoralized—whoever. I didn’t take on their way of life. I kept my bearings in Christ—but I entered their world and tried to experience things from their point of view. I’ve become just about every sort of servant there is in my attempts to lead those I meet into a God-saved life. I did all this because of the Message. I didn’t just want to talk about it; I wanted to be in on it!

  15. Erick Diaz

    Wow that was a really cool song. It was like i was being told a story, great job.

    Min Pika

    U where being told a short :)

  16. lucky552277

    Are there any tabs out anywhere for this? I want to learn it but I cant find any.

  17. Tristan Ashby

    There are quite a few references to bible stories throughout this song,it has not totally strayed away from Christianity. I love gungor.


    +Tristan Ashby true....especially about not looking back

    Valerie Wren

    +Tristan Ashby This is verbatim the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. I also love Gungor's true musicianship and vast interests.

  18. Skye B

    Took me until halfway through before I realized it was that myth. I nearly cried at the end.

    Valerie Wren

    +Skye G Why?
    Christians can’t enjoy good literature and beautiful Geek myths too!? We as humans are fashioned after God the creator and creativity is one of God’s most incredible traits. Creativity is how we can come up with amazing stories, art, and music. This particular song is a magnificently poetic take on the classic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and many people before Gungor have put their spin on the tale. Check out C.W.Gluck’s Opera Orphée et Eurydice, it is a true masterpiece that transcends time. Gungor is adding to the tradition.

    Skye B

    @Valerie Wren ?? What are you taking about? Of course I wasn't saying that! I'd heard it was a myth before I listened to it, I just wasn't sure which one it was, and I do know my myths, let me tell you. So when I did connect the dots and realized which one it was, it made the song even better because that particular story had always made me emotional.
    Where on earth did you get the idea I meant that Christian artists couldn't indulge in a bit of classical Greek literature? I'm a devout Christian and avid fan of all types of mythology myself, saying that would have made me a horrible hypocrite; which is something I most definitely am not.

    Exempting that: I'll have to listen to this C.W.Guck. Gungor's music is a sort that I've fallen in love with and I'd be very excited if you could point me toward similar works.

    Bethany Lingle

    What happened at the very end??


    Bethany Lingle He broke the rule to not look back and she disappeared.

    Min Pika

    @Bethany Lingle After the goddess redied the god was squished to death by a queen/yes she was very big/

  19. Jungle_man7

    What I meant is it doesn't sound like a Christian song but, if you notice, the whole songs in the album are kinda a story of how the gods (idols or other things that we value more than God) disappoint us at the end. That's why the main song, I am the mountain, is placed at the end because it's the conclusion, that we are made of dust and filled with Holy Ghost. These gungor people are genius.

    Min Pika

    This is a song about a Greek god and goddess...............................

    Pablo Wilkano

    The* Holy Ghost. Why no definite article? It's written with a definite article in the Scriptures...

    Min Pika

    @Pablo Wilkano It's based off of Greek gods dude Persephone the female she was taken by hades the man who lusted her.She got bit by a snake and died hades now had control of Persephone Once the Male god who's name I forgot.Once he got Persephone he looked back he broke the rule she died again then The male god died so since he "would never find the beat of her heart" because she doesn't have a heart cause she's dead

    Pablo Wilkano

    @Min Pika my comment was to OP.. this isn't Christian music. But I am curious as to why people don't give THE Holy Spirit a definite article ("the" is a definite article) when scripture clearly does.

    Z Dickerson

    @Min Pika Persephone is a different myth. This is about Orpheus and Euridice. If you're interested, look up Hadestown, a musical about the myth

  20. Jungle_man7

    Here is what you should know about this song. It's not a Christian song but good music. .

  21. Kanavaya

    are they or are they not christian? I'm a little confused..

    HannahF Bolding

    @Karla Vásquez They have decided to distance themselves from being called "simply a Christian band" so as to deter any harassment from their family and reach a broader audience. They practice the teachings of Christ and want to share a love for life with everybody and how can a band do that if they are criticized for being called Christian and people turning the station just because they are a Christian band? Its just how they are reaching out


    @Karla Vásquez This song is an allusion to the story of Orpheus, which is why he says the gods. He's not referencing his own belief, but that of ancient Greece. Gungor is definitely christian.

    Caleb Burns

    Read his blog.

    James Andrew Gilbert

    @Karla Vásquez It wouldn't make sense if he said God. He ain't talking about a God that helps and that loves you and that is there for you. He is talking about "gods" that deceive and are false hopes of our own. His blog, as @Caleb Burns kinda stated, REALLY explains it well (in my opinion specially for the song "Yesternight". - ( the blog posts " _________ - About the Song  " are the ones explaining the songs:  there are some on page 2 also)

    Skylar Barger

    Yes, he and his wife are followers of Christ. Being such, his music is written from a heart that desires to uphold his integrity and character as a reflections of Christ in him. Just because you're a Christian doesn't mean you're restricted to writing 'cheesey' praise songs. :) He is a Christian who writes music. 

  22. Oscar Lopez

    Of course a Christian artist does not have to do Christian music. But is he or she is praising the Lord and received fame by praising the Lord then he or she should dedicate every single song to the Lord Jesus Christ! For example, gungor, his songs before this album were good worship songs to listen to. But now, his acknowledging other gods (in this song). I get it is a song and it is his right to put whatever he wants. However, first, I would never want to play in the underworld because I want to be with the Holy One in the highest if his presence ( though some of my actions do not demonstrate that). Second, being a Christian artist, the artist had a huge responsibility because he needs to be in the presence of Lord. Since he is aware that there are other believers out there that are going to be listening to this. Yes, gungor topics are edgy and risky. But if he wants to stray away from the Lord for whatever reason, he should not take others with him. Third, if he feels like everything in the "worship" category is the same because it is filled with repetitive material. He needs to know, we a servant does for the Lord is for The Lord, not for the eyes and ears of the people. We are here to give glory to Jesus!

    Jessica Martin-Weber

    yes I did, and I think Gungor doesn't have to sing about God for God to enjoy it. What if he wrote this song for God? Just because it isn't about our Savior does not mean that it's not for the Lord. God appreciates all talent, as long as it's performed for him. I could write a song about the world and how beautiful it is without mentioning God not even once, but that doesn't mean that it's not for him. You get my drift?

    Jessica Martin-Weber

    You probably hate C.S. Lewis then.

    Oscar Lopez

    I do not hate anyone. I am open to literature from every realm. And, inspiration can come from just about anywhere. This song is an amazing song that I enjoy. I am probably having trouble discerning this song in spirit. Great song.


    +choncha23 This is bad theology. I like that they played a song about a man trying to rescue his beloved out of the underworld/darkness (does that remind you of another man? Hint: Christ.) There's lots of songs in the Bible that doesn't praise God (check out Lamentations). I hope you'll be less quick to judge others and assume that if someone sings of his struggles (or of another's struggle) he's leading others to hell.


    This is just a story, he is Christian but he just doesn't only have to do Christian music the song isn't praising other gods it's just about a Greek myth and I am a Christian but i love this song and the idea of using a story as the lyrics for a song

  23. Allison Falin

    While I get what Charl C is saying, I don't think that a Christian artist has to always do "Christian" music. The talent they have been given can be worship regardless of the lyrics. It doesn't diminish their ministry at all.

    Eric w Stringfellow

    Allison Falin It tells a story of GREEK GOD AND GODDESS

    Justin Hsu

    ​@Eric w Stringfellow *looks at the infinite list of Hellenistic and Greco-Roman influences in Christianity, down to the Greco-Buddhist and Islamo-Christian Artworks and Academia as influences on Christianity*

    Not a real problem, and you know it. For millennia, Christian artists have created art dealing in classical subject matters (ie, the Renaissance all the way to the Modern period), and considered Hellenistic Philosophers as authorities.

  24. Charl C

    at first after listening to i am mountain i thot it was creative n all but after listening to yesternite then listening to this and i am mountain again.. well.. I'm starting to doubt if this album is really Christian.. srsly waste of talent if he's steering away from Jesus. praying he sees the truth again if he's strayed from it.

    James Andrew Gilbert

    As far as I can tell from the meaning he puts into the "secular words" ... he is still Christian for me. Specially in yesternight:

    Kate Walsh

     kinda like owl city with the wholw aecular thing

    Dominic Snyder

    This is the worst comment.


    He is still Christian just he doesn't have to make only Christian music

    Reid A Pinkerton

    This album is artful and brilliant, infinitely far above your myopic temptation to shove it in a box labeled "Christian" or "not Christian"

  25. TheTrekkie42

    No doubt my favorite Gungor song that I've heard so far. 


    And might be the best telling I've heard of Orpheus and Eurydice.

  26. BlakePProductions

    Orpheus in the Underworld

  27. waffleconeatethealpa

    Crying tears...Uhh! So beautiful!

  28. OhMyChinchilla

    They used gods because they're re-telling the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. :)

  29. Kevin Alexis Salas Padilla

    thanks for your music Gungor

  30. Jacob Mathis

    Absolutely beautiful.

  31. Marjorie Garrido

    Ooohhh it's brilliant!!!!

  32. Noa Jordan


  33. Sam Johnson

    Orpheus and Eurydice

  34. Jonathan Tefera Endale

    Lyrics! Lyrics! Lyrics!

  35. Ozzie Nieves

    Second time around. Great album. Like a perfect meal. Besides you using the word gods ( took my a while to digest G.U.T E. too) :-D thanks Gungor band!