Gungor - Step Into The Light Lyrics

Sight stuck within a mind
Imprisoned deaf and blind
To who we are, to who I am inside

God, everyone is God
God expressed in skin and teeth and oxygen
In id and dream and mind

To live we all must die
To live we all must die
Come step into the light

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Gungor Step Into The Light Comments
  1. Stephen Reynolds


  2. Micah Wong

    THIS SONG IS GORGEOUSI just wish it were longer.

  3. Araceli Rodriguez

    I love this album the most. I love the natural beauty of acoustic songs. Even the sounds that arnt pleasing to me personally I enjoy due to the profund nature of your words. if you dont mind me asking, I would love to know your logic behind all your songs, rather the heart behind them.

  4. Thành Công

    Too many songs at 1 time =))

  5. Michael Natrin

    Beautiful little tune.