Gungor - Birth Lyrics

What is this light
Why does it hurt
Where is the warmth of the world
What is that sound
Why's it so loud
Where is the beat of the world

I know that voice
Singing that song
Please do not stop now, it feels so right
This world so harsh
It's treble and bright
But home is the warmth of your voice

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Gungor Birth Comments
  1. The Edge

    this song is so brilliant ... an awesome portrait of the birth experience from the perspective of the newborn ... a haunting and melancholic imagining of a child's first glimpse of the world - subtly terrifying, yet filled with hope and the anchor of its mother ... truly excellent writing, composing & recording

  2. Antoinette Van Beck

    I LOVE this playlist / album-- it's just so brilliantly put together. When I saw that it was available to buy, I jumped at the opportunity! ...only to find that it is not available for purchase in the US. Really disappointed by that and curious if it will be made available soon (or at all), though I also realize that the release date was long enough ago that that might not be something worth hoping for. I'd love to know if / when it is made available!

  3. Stephen Reynolds

    Beautiful song!

  4. Rosalie Herre

    I love that song :)

  5. Wanderson Marcelino

    God bless! I'm brazilian!

  6. Animate Every Day - Ben Gregoire

    I love your music.

  7. livebyfaith ga

    Gungor you are a blessing. Your music has been but a beautiful source of love. The sound, lyrics, and heart of your songs continue to make my faith more vibrant to our Creator & Source of breath. May Jesus continue to speak through your soul.

    Brandon DeLuna

    Such an amazing track. I've found it stuck in my head the past few days, but that's okay with me. The vocal melody during the verses is so moving.

    Myeong Cho

    Brandon DeLuna Yes, oh my gosh


    catch bro. freaking trump