Gungor - Am I Lyrics

Am I a ghost
Am I an animal
Am I an angel
Am I God
Am I meaningless
Am I anything at all
Am I
Am I a spirit
Am I the chaos
Am I the light
Am I alright
Am I loved
Am I an alien
Am I a sight
Am I alright
Am I a dream
Am I a memory
Am I a wave
Am I okay
Am I the stars
And am I infinite
Am I a mist
Will I be missed
Am I
Are you there
Are you listening
Are you anything at all
And are you good
Are you infinite
Are you awake
Am I okay
I am

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Gungor Am I Comments
  1. Kyle Gutterman

    Curiosity is like the apple in the garden. The Lord said, "You are the apple of my eye." Who is there like The Son of Man? Who is like God? Jesus Christ? The image of the invisible God?

  2. Matthew Prigge

    very cool

    Bryan Grünauer Chagas

    Thank you!

  3. Christian H.

    Wondering why it was taken off spotify. Really missing it :(

    Bryan Grünauer Chagas

    Christian H. Right? According to a recent newsletter, they are reviewing the band's positioning and removing some of the songs that don't fit. Like Am I, Whale and some of my favorites in the Body Soul Spirit trilogy.

    As far as I know they will do upload those songs somewhere, I just dont know where yet.

    Thanks for the comment! (:

    Pilgrim's Promise

    Whaaat? Why???

  4. Elijah Ratliff

    I have literally listened to this song more than 50 times... I love it so much, it speaks to me.

    Bryan Grünauer Chagas

    Thanks for your feedback! I clearly love this song as well. Feels refreshing to hear we're not alone in our questions :)

  5. Erica Verrier

    Love your video and the images fit beautifully with the feel of this song.

    Bryan Grünauer Chagas

    Thank you, Erica! Glad to see I achieved that :)

  6. Luz Ferri

    Muy lindo laburo! :)

  7. Michail Verlan

    Awesome music video man. I enjoyed the extra colors and effects, they really added to the atmosphere of the song.

    Bryan Grünauer Chagas

    +Michael Verlan Thanks a lot for the feedback, I worked hard to make visually interesting effects that also made sense with the music :)

  8. Rodrigo Teixeira

    Parabéns Bryan!!! Ficou sensacional!

    Bryan Grünauer Chagas

    +Rodrigo Teixeira Muitíssimo obrigado, Rodrigo! :D