Guetta, David - The Whisperer Lyrics

I was standing on the edge
I longed for a new beginning
But I couldn't look down
No, I couldn't look down
I'm a coward

A million voices screamed in my head
And I felt sure that I would give in
So why couldn't I now?
Why couldn't I now?
Your voice was louder

By design God gave me feelings
And by design they shall not kill
But when the noises overwhelm me
I feel sure that they will

Oh, liberation comes in whatever form to save me
I hit bottom, and then the whisper comes
You whisper in the breeze
Whispers that I needed
Quiet words
Soothe the hurt

And though I struggle through the days now
It helps to know that you are listening
So I just wait it out
I'll wait this out
By the hour

By design God gave me feelings
And by design they shall not kill
But when the noises overwhelm me
I feel sure that they will

Oh, liberation comes in whatever form to save me
I hit bottom, and then the whisper comes
You whisper in the breeze
Whispers that I needed
Quiet words
Soothe the hurt

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Guetta, David The Whisperer Comments
  1. Rosalina Rosenkrantz

    When did david start play piano?

  2. Lil Sad go listen and share everywhere please

  3. G. Cas

    Thumbs up for the lyric video

  4. Silent Stone

    Mais quoi? Le début c'est Zelda

  5. Dan B.B.

    Is this the most underrated song of all times?


    What a masterpiece! This song is very underrated

  7. Dan B.B.

    Simple and perfect

  8. Sourav Bhattacharya

    Proud to say
    I'm a whisperer

  9. Silent Stone

    Zelda anyone?

  10. ranaa goestojourney

    1:41 --- NOT " i am burdened" ; İt's "İ HİT BOTTOM"

  11. Nassi Nasso

    Sia amaizing never stop listening to this song

  12. eric ousley

    Do you hear me whispering now.? I love you!!!

  13. eric ousley

    Beautiful song <3

  14. cutey cats

    This song made me cry...😢

  15. sha

    im burdened

  16. Mi mo

    This Amazin song should be recorded for "13reasons why"

  17. Beckster

    This song is so beautiful and the edit fits it perfectly ♡ (Sorry for my bad english :D)

  18. O.o Bad o.O

    🥰 Thank you May Jay for uplouding this most beautiful song and adding it’s proper, meaningful and soul touching lyrics to it! This song means so much to me and has helped me in some of my most darkest times.

  19. FiddlebirdBlue

    Thank you so much for including the Suicide Prevention Hotline at the end! I do no need it, but I have been suicidal before and deeply appreciate that you provided it for others who are suffering.

    Hang tight, friends. Things can always be good again.

  20. Shaggy

    I am coward

  21. Ido

    So underrated song

  22. Aurorya

    I'm so happy to rediscover this song that I had forgot !

  23. Cam Sam

    omg, I was looking for her everywhere, I love u

  24. Marcelo Rodrigues

    música tão maravilhosa, merece mais visualizações.

  25. Neil Hendrix Ibajan

    I think this song is about depression and suicidal stuff.

  26. ESC Thømås

    Sia my life ❤️

  27. ilaria bianco

    Sia & David Guetta you are incredible fantastic!😍😘❤💜💖

  28. Ioana Dumitru

    The vocals are sick here, Sia never stops amazing me 😍😍

    Alina Grozea

    Ioana, dacă îți place Sia, te aștept cu drag aici: <3

  29. Niloofar Ojani

    It's so purely written from the heart...<3

  30. Sia Lovers

    Sia la mejor del mundo #LoversForever #LSD

  31. Marlenn Olan


  32. Michael Montés De Oca De La Rosa

    Me encanta encontrar mensajes tan fuertes y buenos en canciones i love to sia...

  33. SUPERBAD Thisyear

    I cant imagine , if the one who sings this is my wife. Even i dont have tendency to suicide, this is masterpiece and very cool.

    May Jay

    SUPERBAD Thisyear that's why I made this video. To me, the lyrics speak to the insides.

  34. Zara VQ

    que lindo me iso recordar un momento muy lindo

  35. Agnieszka D

    Cudowna piosenka, ciało przeszywają ciarki...jej głos jest magiczny 💖

  36. Frostyphantom 999

    Omg I’m crying at how meaningful this is

  37. jimmy willemsen

    Somebody please !! put it on spotify!!!! it is AMAZING

  38. Daria Takova

    That is so beautiful it hurts! ❤️

  39. Maryam M

    I understand sia now
    When she lost her love 😔

  40. Elif Yıldız Batum

    There's only one word that can describe you and your songs, dear Sia. Actually two. Super, and unbelievable. You're unstopable.

    May Jay

    Elif Yıldız Batum she's truly unstoppable 💕

  41. Anna E Cather

    So sadly beautiful! I know this song is not new, but now it makes me think of Avicii.... 😥

  42. Marisol Arrollo

    La mejor

  43. Ricardo Rodriguez Flores

    I love this song

  44. Djoudie Alexander

    I was looking for this thank you sooo much!!!

  45. Léa Râleuse !

    Thanks May Jay

  46. rossella tagliareni


  47. Dominika 123

    Whats the whisperer?

    chris lovessia

    . . ."comes in whatever form to save me". My interpretation is that quiet words that soothe the hurt could come from a friend, family member, co-worker, poem or song. I worked for several years as a suicide hotline volunteer, and I hoped that by providing resources, as well as words of hope and encouragement, I could be that voice that might help someone who was feeling alone and desperate to make it for another hour, another day. You could be that voice if you know someone who is experiencing anxiety or depression First, be a listener, and then let them know that you care.

    May Jay

    chris lovessia love your interpretation of the music!

    Lori Cameron

    A great wind tore into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces, but God was not in the wind ~ and after the wind an earthquake, but God was not in the earthquake ~ and after the earthquake a fire, but God was not in the fire ~ and after the fire...a whisper, a sweet gentle whisper ~

    “What are you doing here?” the Lord said.

    M Whitty

    Tony Is Bae always imagined its God. Especially when she said by design God gave me feelings. .

  48. Riy Zedd

    2018 😉😊

  49. Ashley Jordan

    When you're feeling down, know that someone loves you.

    far ouk

    Is that right? 🤔
    Bcuz I always feel bad 😞

  50. ErPaoletto

    thank you,really ^^

  51. chris lovessia

    What an incredibly beautiful and moving song. Your graphics are unique and very well done. Thank you so much for this.

  52. Goo Bah

    "I hit bottom, then the whispers come"

  53. Maédima Furler

    My queen Sia
    #amodemais ❤👑❤
    Muito obrigado pelo vídeo

  54. Evilyn Scott

    i'm a coward 😭
    i cried like river i feel sick 😱

    May Jay

    yea, this song is heartbreaking


    None of that makes you a coward. I think it's brave to be vulnerable, to embrace powerful and painful emotions.

  55. עידו דקל

    Wow! Thank you!

  56. Daniel Cevallos

    me encantó jeje

  57. Lilia Furler


  58. Deborah Thompson

    I really needed this tonight.!

    May Jay

    Deborah Thompson I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I hope you're doing okay :)

  59. Anitka Ofc

    Dziękuję ♡

  60. Sanju Sam

    nice buddy

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  62. Jimin's Jams

    thank youuu