Guetta, David - Sweat Lyrics

Can you be my doctor?
Can you fix me up?
Can you wipe me down?
So I can rock it rock it
Make you give it up give it up
Till you say my name
Like a Jersey Jersey shuttin' down the game

Be my head coach
So you can... you can
And never take me out
Till you can taste the way
Do it again, and again till you say my name
And by the way I'm so glad

I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat
I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat

I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat
I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat
Sweat, sweat

Can you, can you get me up like I'm late for my first class
So I can give it to you rough like a first draft
Hold you like a paper plane
You know I got paper babe
Them dollar bills
Girl I'll make it rain

Holiday Inn
Come and meet me on my eighth floor
Damn it feels good but I feel bad for them next door
I, I I I apologize
Whe when I slip slip slip like two girls into slip n' slide

I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat
I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat

I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat
I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat
Sweat, sweat

Where you goin?
Whatcha say?
I'm why her river flowin'
To another lake
By the ocean by the ocean
On the beach on the beach
Let me dip my feet in
And make you sweat

I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat
I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat

I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat
I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat
I just wanna make you sweat

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