Guetta, David - Battle Lyrics

We don't hide, no we don't
We don't shade from anyone
'Cause you and I know better
They don't know we have eyes like mirrors
We don't need any armor
'Cause we got spirit and that's enough
So let them say whatever
It doesn't matter if tomorrow there's a war

My love, we've won
And I run, I run through the battle
Oh, I run, it doesn't matter if tomorrow never comes
My love, we've won
And I run, I run through the battle
Oh, I run to you

Oh, I run
Oh, I run

All moments on the spire
Set it off like a cannonball
We're gonna burn forever
It doesn't matter if tomorrow there's a war

My love, we've won
And I run, I run through the battle
Oh, I run, it doesn't matter if tomorrow never comes
My love, we've won
And I run, I run through the battle
Oh, I run to you

Oh, I run
Oh, I run

Oh, woah
It doesn't matter if tomorrow there's a war

My love, we've won
And I run, I run through the battle
Oh, I run, it doesn't matter if tomorrow never comes
My love, we've won
And I run, I run through the battle
Oh, I run to you

Oh, I run
Oh, I run

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Guetta, David Battle Comments
  1. Rajaa Saad

    Idk why but this song hit me so hard, I started crying. :'(

    Rajaa Saad

    Not saying that it's a bad song, I just cried. It's probably the best song I've heard in a really long time.

  2. Karim Elaasri

    Somehow this song goes with what's happening now between Iran and the US, hahaha

  3. Darren's Northern Life

    Donald Trump says Iran
    Media says Iran
    Whole world says Iran
    Faouzia says I-Run

    Keep being different young lady😜

  4. Sara vlogs


  5. phanice rennys

    This would make such a beautiful wedding song

  6. Mohamed Amine EL DABAR

    Heeey 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Omar Mohamed

    Why this song didn't come out in one of their channel till now??

  8. Follower of Jesus Christ

    She has such a beautiful strong voice❤

  9. Issam Eddine Elkoursi


  10. Bryan Christian

    underrated song

  11. jessica ArmyBlink

    This young lady has an amazing voice
    I love hee songs Tears of Gold
    And you don't even know

  12. trimèche emna chourouk

    you are amazing girl

  13. I post stuff

    I love the parts where she sings but 0:53 is like so good and weirdly reminds me of smth

  14. Elleah Ghouralal

    Guys, I've just realized that this is a song about twinflames! It's so true! This happens after the awakening of the two persons that they share a mirror soul! Wow! 💖❤💕🔥🤗

  15. Bou Hassa

    If you know.. theyre both from morocco origins 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  16. Ranya Boumerzouf



    love Faouzia❤️

  18. Roberta Davis


  19. Songz Mark11

    I just wish her success both in her Academics and her Musical Career... My Fav Arts now...

  20. Songz Mark11

    Faouzia with the Unique Golden voice.... Beautiful Song with David Guetta..

  21. Арслан Конусов


  22. Apromi Muhlisin

    Im here bcz of Faouzia...
    Love from Indonesia...

    Mohamed gaming. XYZ

    I love faouzia

    Mohamed gaming. XYZ

    اغنيكي جميله جدا ورائعه جدا

  23. Nondumiso Mgobo

    Wow guetta damn I love this song ✊👌💖💖💖💔 you inspire me all the time every song you write touch me thank you man

    Paul Idiaghe

    Nondumiso Mgobo You should also give credit to the singer @faouzia.. and check her out too!!!! She’s so amazing. Thank me later!!

  24. Yasmine 34


  25. Alex Kuyf

    How music can keep your head in the game❤️

  26. wayne Rodriquez

    Mmmaaaannn💘✨...this song is hella lift💥🔥

  27. Kahini Dewan

    Damn😍😍😍😍her voice

  28. HiJoo_ Bado


  29. karim bounou كريم بونو

    faouzia 🧡🇲🇦

  30. Captain Glassface

    David Guetta ❤💚 Faouzia 💚❤Moroccan PRIDE 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦❤❤❤❤

  31. Mai Mohamed


  32. Maha Mohamed

    Wow I just find it in 2019 and I'm so grateful for that 😌👏👏🔥

  33. Bambilegacy12

    Surprised Faouzia isnt bigger after this song

  34. Asif Kiran

    Wtf her songs is so lit

  35. ALI

    How this song has only 600k views !!

  36. The striker Talal

    Put the fuck in every sentence and hear it

    It’s so fucking funny

  37. Pressed MV

    nice song, she is so underrated atm, she'll get there. OBVIOUSLY

  38. super black dragon


  39. Haru Dal

    What an incredible voice faouzia♥️♥️♥️

  40. Roses_Are _Angels

    0:51 how the heck did she hit that???!! i sound like a dying proud of my queen!!!

  41. poppy paul

    she needs a better song, this is not it.

  42. حلويات ومملحات محمد

    Sia's style

  43. youssef Chahbi

    Nice voice...threatening even the most famous ones

  44. Your Heartbeat

    David always use almost the same beat. Listen Titanium by Sia and Laserlight by Jessie you will understand what I mean

  45. ƒŘĒĘ ɱȺɲ


  46. е м а и е

    David Guetta 🇲🇦❤ faouzia 🇲🇦❤
    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦 i'm in love with Moroccan creativity

  47. Esther Kuria

    My boyfriend just sent me this song....Am breaking down right now...Giving up was never and will never be an option...WE'RE ONE ✨

  48. Korvata Stingrejv

    Dobar si davide u svom poslu.ali uvjek moze bolje

  49. Trah Pyon

    Faouzia fans here..🙋‍♀️

    Hailah Muhsen

    Trah Pyon here girl

  50. Korvata Stingrejv

    David gueta cura ima perfomanse rijetke I jedinstvene.

  51. Claudia Horisberger

    Wannabe Sia👎 No own style?!

  52. Doja Hyung

    OMG she's so freacking talented ♥

  53. Houda Mammeri

    Dz dz dz 😍😍😍

  54. Abdo Elouaai

    Moroccan song

  55. thedevil 567

    How did I just knew about this song it’s amazing

  56. mini azzers

    How du u have 1.77 mill subs????

  57. Moto Spit

    Who else has this song on repeat mode 🔂? This song is just Heavenly, the vocals, the best, the rhythms, the lyrics 😍❤️☺️💯✅🤩

  58. Aida Hossam

    Fouziya is Arabian woman

  59. Robert Bryk

    Fucking amazing

  60. trina bay

    my only complaint about this song is that she's autotuned.

  61. Sophia G

    I’m literally OBSESSED with this song!!!!! Faouzia’s voice is amazingly, uniquely, stunningly beautiful!!!!!!!😍😍😍

  62. Mehmet Şahin

    Ayran, içtikçe iyi hissedeceksin.

  63. MR Xli

    It doesn't matter if tomorrow never comes!!

  64. Ana Bellemlih

    Faouzia killed it

  65. Lildinofam

    I’m here because of Faouzia.

    Mohamed gaming. XYZ


  66. Sara Alhersh

    I forgot how much I love this song

  67. Sfdvsgd Behdheg

    (It doesn’t matter if tomorrow there is a war ) I felt that 💖

  68. Sheeps sleep while you stare

    Is this real!?

  69. Ale Rodríguez

    I always thought it said "Iron", which had nothing to do with the song at all, instead of "I run". Now I can die in peace

    Edit: Wow! Thanks for the 100 likes! (Just kidding, noone will ever like or even read this :c)

    rix domingo

    because it's a prequel of David Guetta's Titanium.

    Darren's Northern Life


    Iman Abu

    When you study so much chemistry 😂😂

    Adrian Vucaj

    Ale Rodríguez shut the fup’ just wait for ur hundred likes

  70. shireen

    she's so underrated

  71. Marvin Randich

    hakuna mkenya huku

  72. Bad ide'yuh

    Looks like euro 2020 official song

  73. Marouane Tilmatine

    i don't understand why she didnt became famous yet, she's so fucking talented!

  74. CN_ xoxo_

    We need the acoustic version of this sooong!!!

    skyy borinsky

    Yes! That would be amazing!

  75. Oubairouk brahim

    So prouuud she's Moroccaaaaan <3 <3

    Lovatic Rexhar

    David guetta too he has moroccan descents ❣

    Abdo Elouaai

    @Lovatic Rexhar yes he is , so I can say this song is moroccan

    Lovatic Rexhar

    @Abdo Elouaai yayyy moroccan gang up up🙌

  76. somebody stole my jams

    imagine if Faouzia and Brendon Urie did a collab

    skyy borinsky

    Omg yes! Those vocals would be off the chain the house!

    Ali Lafhal

    i can't even imagine!

    Paul Idiaghe

    Was literally thinking out that today.


    I was thinking about that! It would be amazing!

    Victoria Obaniyi

    That would so amazing! They should honestly link up

  77. Wolf Warrior

    This reminds me of Wonder Woman I love her 💜

  78. foxie what did the fox say

    I won ...

  79. Inconnu Off

    Faouzia her voice is so Amazing !!😍

  80. DA1

    There should be a Liverpool FC 18/19 season montage video with this as the song

  81. Larissa soares


  82. Anthony Ghanem

    Iran iran to the battle 😂😂

    Lukáš Šaradin

    Dude, you have made my day :D :D :D

    Sfdvsgd Behdheg

    Omg yeah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  83. Marische C

    *I run to you*

  84. VipeZ_Gr1zzly

    Das ist mein Lieblings Lied 😍

  85. dnanything

    I don't know who writes these songs for her.
    for all I know, it could be her.
    But either way... powerful and my heart is stuck during each song she sings.
    Well done.

    Praise Oluwafemi

    This was written by David and probably his team and he wanted her to feature in it. The rest of her songs she writes herself.

  86. Matthew Hickman

    Absolutely love Faouzia.. More recognition I think!! 👌🏻😍🎶 It really does sound like Sia help write this aha..

    Andrei V

    She is so underrated!! I heard her on Radio b96 in romania

  87. nour nour

    This is a deadly mix, I am dead, that girl has a very powerful voice omg! I would say : Cher with a more contemporary twist
    Unbelievably talented, a Guetta's music ... Heaven!

    Fredrick Waganda


    Aida Hossam

    This girl is (woman ) , and she is Arabian c:

  88. Clark Irvin Gao-gao

    Faouzia 😍

  89. charles orwa

    It doesn't matter........ I'm running to the battle.

  90. ĹyyLy Lylyane

    Juste amazing love it 😍😍💘💘

    Jadon Wipf

    Lydia Dida amazing

  91. Ducky Duck

    Talk about her voice, too
    She is underrated 😞

    Kadira Chehaima

    David Guetta يهودي مغربي وفوزية ابنة مدينة الدارالبيضاء المغربية

  92. Rionne-Jean Robert

    Love this song for reals..☺😍

  93. el frida

    Oooo ayran

  94. SRA FrOTHy

    Most epic part( to you)

  95. Mirriam Merritt

    Beautiful 😍

  96. Sandra Iessa

    she's a star man what a voice!!

  97. DJ Ernest Nežić

    Most powerfull song I’ve ever heard😁

  98. Yahia Ouansa

    oohhhh IRAN XD

  99. Rahaf ALqureche

    Faouzia’s voice is beautiful, I knew this was gonna be a jam coz she’s singing

  100. NewMelody

    *Any David Guetta fans here?* 🙋

    Marou nina

    Fouzia fans

    Natasha Kim

    No, here for Faouzia only

    Nada Ahr

    Faouzia's fannn❤❤❤

    Dirar Rizqullah

    Faozia fans here