Guetta, David - 2U Lyrics

No limit in the sky
That I won't fly for ya
No amount of tears in my eyes
That I won't cry for ya, oh no
With every breath that I take
I want you to share that air with me
There's no promise that I won't keep
I'll climb a mountain, there's none too steep

When it comes 2U
There's no crime
Let's take both of our souls
And intertwine
When it comes 2U
Don't be blind
Watch me speak from my heart
When it comes 2U
Comes 2U

Want you to share that
(When it comes 2U)

Cupid in a line
Arrow got your name on it, oh yeah
Don't miss out on a love
And regret yourself on it, oh
Open up your mind, clear your head
And gotta wake up to an empty bed
Share my life, it's yours to keep
Now that I give to you all of me, oh

When it comes 2U
There's no crime
Let's take both of our souls
And intertwine
When it comes 2U
Don't be blind
Watch me speak from my heart
When it comes 2U
Comes 2U

Want you to share that
(Share) When it comes 2U
Want you to share that

When it comes 2U
There's no crime
Let's take both of our souls
And intertwine
When it comes 2U
Don't be blind
Watch me speak from my heart
When it comes 2U
Comes 2U

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Guetta, David 2U Comments
  1. Bliarmy Kpopera

    When it comes 2U

  2. Ebin

    I'm really high and like omg they're so beautiful

  3. deymar alan lujan

    NO ENTIENDO INGLES pero esta musica me gusto xd

  4. Brayan Jennings

    My type is blond White girls that are thin or skinny. This song means so much because I found my love who’s Older than me. No person I would ever marry than her. She’s the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I love everything about her. But great song and nice girl models but I found the one for me♥️😏

  5. Jim young

    This video is my go to workout fav...I get energy n inspiration frm this video.....❤

  6. MinJi Park

    I prefer Jungkook's cover, his voice and rhythm agree with the lyrics of the song.

  7. mila Santos


  8. November 09

    How many Justin Bieber are in this video

  9. bfrag

    Les 105k dislikes je vous emerde bande de chien

  10. Cristhedfw

    the one who didn't like the safe video is gay

  11. Íris Abdalla

    What beatifull girls!!

  12. Callum Reed

    Safe to say after watching this video I am definitely not gay

  13. Kieanna Staker

    I swear Stella is my fave 🥺😫😩🥴

  14. __ARTUR__

    Ищешь русский коммент? так вот он, ставь лайк чтобы рашн комментариес было больше луйков)

  15. Tani_Leo

    Sara Sampaio is the most beautiful to me. One if the blondes is gorgeous to me 8n the video but not outside the video. Not that women should be evaluated according to their beauty, but the video is based on beauty, and I have the need, at this moment, to say who I like most.

  16. 糖果綠

    i can still watch this video with out music


    muito bom top

  18. Sank Roshan

    My favourite part of this song 2:21 - visual and the audio at the same time <3

  19. 권혁진


  20. Jolana Radosinska


  21. Matyoongi_ARMY Min

    Thank You Jeon Jungkook!

  22. Tiago Neves

    just a song lol, feel good when hear it

  23. Pretty_ baaby

    They should have put Gigi Hadid Bella Hadid Kendall Jenner Sofia Richie and Emily Ratajkowski instead of these models because I don't know any of these models lol.

  24. AnechkaDen

    Hi justin bieber 😁😁 OOPS UMM hi david guetta😑👌

  25. katelyn :]

    who's here from jungkook?


    does jungkook like this song?

    katelyn :]

    권혁진 he made a cover of it :)

  26. Christopher S.

    I met her on the pole, where she dances for me! Now she's on top of the world with me... One Life... Live and Die, that's the code! 3/21

  27. Christopher S.

    The models don't love you; they just want to show-off! That's Victoria's Secret!! HAHAHA

  28. Yum Del

    As a mother if one of those tiny and super thin créatures that eat nothing at table, despite your efforts to cook Nice meals,I can tell your that I de rather have a normal girl, with a big appétite.Cause I M always worry she might become ill one day, as my daughter eats like à bird. Yes, she s 32 at 16 and she sooo pretty and intelligent, she s French, at school, with An average note of 16/20 un littérature, English and maths. Her boyfriend had just cut her haïr yesterday and did à professionnal job!

  29. Isidora Stojic

    We watch theres bra

  30. long le

    So điêu luyện

  31. Madevilz

    Damn, how many times can one fall in love in 3 min? 🤯

  32. Einfach nur Schayan

    2020 ???

  33. Soumia Moussaoui


  34. Elle Welle

    3:09 everyone ☺️

  35. JM Nieto

    The beats are killing me! ❤️

  36. Isa Vasconcellos

    Algum brasileiro????

  37. Invincible Onyx

    So everyone's just going to talk about the models rather than the actual song itself?? Aight Imma fuh with ya'll

  38. chaotic quips

    Song’s good but the drop is meh


    That my boy he is so sot and the song to l love you

  40. SarahJams

    Hey those models worked mfking hard for those body. Your envy is the least that they deserve. We are all beautiful. Them, me and you 💜

  41. Wanderson Fagundes

    Love you

  42. angel brown

    romee is soooooooooooo pretty

  43. Moonmoon Pati

    such a meaningless video song with padded bras :( ... may be they could show a beautiful story instead

  44. As i Am

    This video makes me feel good about myself 😍

    Beautiful girls n beautiful music 🥰

  45. Cooky 97

    Aunque la canción sea de Justin prefiero la versión de jungkook....

  46. daniel oliveira

    The sting of poetic bees is the libido of the verses of love of honey, made in artistic combs, in the idyllic marriage of hives! Home, from the eyes of a sincere woman, is a man's paradise! The park gardens, the Dutch tulips, the wonderful flower, are the ecstasy of the rainbow's imagination; the passport, for the palace of the lyric allegories of poetry! The burgau, the stones, and the boulders are theological and philosophical teachers, who teach and polish the character of human beings! The boatman of hatred, spectral and dismal, navigates and lurks, with the hood of darkness without remorse, in the depths of the soul's shadows; captured by the nightmare of the death of feelings! If God puts a skyscraper inside a seed, He can also put faith inside the heart of a human being! Who knows, knows who makes the hour, and waits, with hope and long-suffering, the promise happen! Why do women imprison a man's heart in the dungeons of his personal whims and throw away the key? The soul is a repertoire of chess moves, articulated, strategically by thoughts, on the complex board of life! Women have the mythical traits of mermaids in their souls, and they make men drown in their deep kisses! Poetry is the defibrillator of sonnets and odes, which restores artistic parade, in people's lyric hearts! Who opens the doors and windows of dawn in the blue castle of [email protected]@@ Even if the waves of the ocean, and the constellations, sing a serenade, with the orchestration of the moonlight, it will be vulgar and trivial, to erect and emphasize, the fullness of your beauty; of sparkling honey flakes and alalabastrins, almonds of the afterglow twilight, blooming in the eternal spring, of the allegories of the poetry fairies @@@ ZZZ

  47. Megan Mckenzie

    It's sad that Josephine skriver isn't in this vid 🤔😥😥

  48. Boydoo

    hah, Classic Victoria and her secrets...

  49. Damla

    Romee 😍😘

  50. Jo Xo

    It’s not fair

  51. Ameer Hamza

    So the type of songs girls listen to



  53. maria luisa razo


  54. GrandexTingz

    Maybe I can skip one or two meals

  55. thatgolgappawhichbroke170

    These girls are beautiful that gives me confidence in myself.😍

  56. duongle.910

    1:10 She has a beautiful eyes ☺️

  57. Virgo exclusively

    🖤♠ SaSa ♠🖤 Lets take both our souls and intertwine ♠🖤

  58. Khalil Boss


  59. Bubble Guppies

    this video is why im dieting

  60. Maria Stefanny

    Whoever i am, i feel like part of angel when sing this songg hahaha

  61. DA2 PLAYER

    When i watch this video I am pretty sure she,s talking to me( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  62. DA2 PLAYER

    I am not a girl but this video still makes me do exercise

  63. Erik Gamer FF

    J with mybbody sorry

  64. windy x wishes

    Don't be ashamed of who you are, you should know some people out there could be in the same situation. You should accept yourself for who you are and I know words can hurt but, some others have also been through the things you've done so remember, your not alone you have the entire world that might be in the same situation, you need self love in order to become better and happier!

  65. Mahaa Hamad

    الحن يشبه الاغنيه الدينيه حقت سامي يوسف (You came to me)

  66. Maryam Raaid

    My baby jungkook sang it better 🥺💗

  67. Panda Bearly

    Like who is looking in 2020***

  68. Pooky1991

    Feel like I'm walking through a mall now

  69. Ayse Akdeniz

    Ne zaman acıksam açıp bu şarkıyı dinliyorum bütün iştahım kesiliyor thnx justin zayıflamamda en büyük yardımcım sensin ❤️❤️

  70. Jeon Jungkook

    Only I came for the cover of Jungkook?
    Solo yo vine por el cover de jungkook??

  71. moonlightalfie

    nostalgia omg

  72. Randa Oliveira

    Uau, só modelo top

  73. Twinkle Banerjee

    I pity for these women who can't eat and have to stay on liquid diet and train whole day to look like a stick.. Damn the depression they must have!

    Mustafa M

    Twinkle Banerjee it’s okay. They will become vegan and be all moralistic about it but in reality it is because it is a good cover for a eating disorder

  74. Crescent moon

    This is the best motivational video about weight loss lol

  75. Kove4 Z

    I an just here for the girls

  76. Momo amv

    Le clip c'est une pub pour les soutient gorge 😂😂

  77. Daniel Ewenkhare

    I always said that I want to be a model When I Grow Up

  78. Nathalia Ribeiro

    Certeza que esse clip tem aver com hailey

  79. Sahil Lokhande

    Bra panties advertisement I think 😂😂😂😂

  80. gggaaammmee

    Good good

  81. Mundo Army

    Essa musica e do jung kook do bts. Que ladrão


    Watching this at 12:38pm 𝐰𝐡𝐲? 𝐈𝐝𝐤

  83. Southside Suicide


  84. Nqobile Soboyisi

    I came here because of jungkook's cover of this song

  85. GoldenBeast236

    Imagine that one off this girl's is your girlfriend
    How lucky are you


    Unlucky cuz i got no dick to put in


    oh same

    Soyan 976

    She will just cheat on him because she has too many choice.


    they all are my gf's they just dont know it yet

    Soyan 976

    @HEXZ0R 😂😂

  86. Isaias Velazquez

    Me preguntó si hay pibas que todavía les gusten estos temas

  87. Agrima Chauhan

    Jungkook's 2u cover😍😍😍

  88. Jessica 09/06

    bruh I came here after I heard Jungkook's cover of this should listen to it if you have some free time

  89. Dilay04 •

    This Song is just 3 Years ago released but it feels like a whole decade

    Mohammed Mechennef


  90. marwan pablo

    Wow amazing 🖤🖤🖤 2020

  91. the pretty french

    My Sister : sara il love you

  92. xanny.1211

    Hey, don't worry, you're beautiful :)

  93. Clélia Itah

    ya dla cochone

  94. Meryem Çimen

    Uuuu perfect💜👍🏻

  95. Alex Caspian

    It might be something else if Justin Bieber will appear in this video with Victoria's Secret models