Guest, Leah - 7 Years (Rewrite) Lyrics

Once I was seven years old and my mama told me to be the kindest girl that I could be
Once I was seven years old

This is a scary world, I didn't let that phase me
We put our brave face on from the morning til the evening
And by eleven I learnt words that hurt more than bruises
Life is a restless game, we're tryin not to lose it

Once I was eleven years old, my daddy told me - my heart had to be the prettiest thing about me
Once I was eleven years old

I've always dreamt so big, and I'm a keep on dreaming
And in a hopeless world, I've always kept believing, I've always kept on breathing, always kept achieving
Despite the sticks and stones, I will not be defeated

Soon I'll be twenty years old and my brothers told me to hold the ones who love me most so closely
Soon I'll be twenty years old

I wanna make a change, make this place a little better
We need to live within a world where everybody matters
No, I don't wanna see anyone's sons or daughters cryin, cause they don't fit in with what society has taught them

Soon I'll be twenty years old and my friends have told me to keep my chin up when my tears are streaming
Soon I'll be twenty years old

Soon we'll be thirty years old, what will our lives hold? Will I be satisfied with all that surrounds me?
Soon I'll be thirty years old

No matter how old we are age is just a number
It's never too late to love
To reach or care for each other
To forgive a brother, or to find a lover
Life is a mystery waiting to be discovered

Soon I'll be sixty years old, my life will be a story
Where my children tell their children about me
I'll watch a generation rise up to change the nation, the past lays down foundations for the future celebrations

Soon I'll be sixty years old, will I be all alone cause I never valued what was all around me?
Soon I'll be sixty years old

Soon I'll be sixty years old, and God will show me that he was by my side through my every heartbeat

Once I was seven years old and my mama told me to be the kindest girl that I could be
Once I was seven years old
Once I was seven years old

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Guest, Leah 7 Years (Rewrite) Comments
  1. Timsal

    I love the original song but this is simply a masterpiece <3

  2. Eriana R 07

    2:46 Makes me feel a sense of pride/ it makes me feel like this generation really can change the world for the better.

  3. Amazon Unicorn

    Omg amazing ❤️

  4. Trine Petersen

    Even tho nothing compares to the original song, I must say; this is really good and she is really talented

  5. Carly M

    I need this on Apple Music!!😩

  6. Sami

    Amazing 😍💕

  7. Jay C

    Damnnn...I’m one of those that don’t accept what society tells me what I need to do

  8. Nabila Akhtar

    "We need to live within a world where everybody matters"

  9. Witchy_Book_Fam

    Damn I needed this song in my life it honestly couldn’t have come at a better time than tonight I was crying and this honestly makes me feel better .

  10. martha stewart

    “Soon I’ll be 60 years old and God will show me that he was by my side through my every heartbeat.” WOW... AMEN!!

  11. Evil Little Tiger

    This. Is. Amazing. So glad I decided to listen to this.

  12. Melizabeth

    This is so amazing. So deep and so much emotion. You’re so talented :)

  13. AbriesCatrus

    “In a hopeless world I always kept believing” gash it’s getting hard to now

    Mallory Newcomb


    It’s not always as simple. Sometimes strength looks like weakness: for example when I’d be exhausted and studying hard for my science exams in college, strength was not saying “I’m not tired”... it was taking the time I needed to work, taking respites every now and then... it’s that voice that just refuses to let you give up. It’s not thinking about what I’ll people later just about what do you want to do right now.

    Reacting is not bad but it is very admirable how Leah finds a way to hope because it would be easy to give up.

  14. TheEmeraldHuntress

    Wow she should be famous with a voice like that. Also the way the video was filmed 🙏 amazing

  15. Claire The Ravenclaw

    Is it just me or is this better than the original? You go girl!

  16. Dutchgirl

    This whole song just.. It hits me

  17. spicy wafflezz

    "Life is a restless game, we're trying not to lose it"
    OOF that hit close to home

  18. Gibby Gibbs

    I remember listening to this when it first came out years ago, and thinking it was beautiful and feeling like one day it would relate to me, but it wasn't that time. Since then I've graduated high school, moved out of my province, and started a whole new life and now this shows up in my reccomended. I connect to this song now, thank you.

  19. Rabbits GOOGOO

    Nobody's talking about how pretty she is :O

  20. larajanemc1987

    So I will b thirty years old will I b satisfied with what’s around me.

    Well 32 n am not satisfied. This world is a horrible place. Or should say some people in it make it a horrible world. With there belief and there actions

  21. Breanna Longwell

    This is a beautiful song 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  22. Devin Jarand

    0:00-3:54 really gave me shivers

  23. Cidra Hamidaddin

    Global Warming: OMFGHAHAHAHHAHHAHA😂😂😂......ya right

  24. Mary Max

    Fucking phenomenal rendition..... YOU ARE A HERO AND WARRIOR. #lightitupforlove

  25. noolives99

    I hope “phase” me was on purpose

  26. Jasmine Collins

    200 likes and comments and I’ll do a cover of this song!!!❤️💕

  27. Cabery GT

    No matter how old we are, age is just a number damn that hit me too 💓

  28. Abigail Stapert

    Damn this song hits home

  29. Allee Harris

    Chills, literally chills. Amazin voice and amazing message.

  30. Raigen Benway

    Ahh amazing!!!😍😍

  31. Blahblah Blahblahblah

    Couldnt make it past 15 secs withou shouting "Guuuuuurrrrrrlllll!!!!!! "

  32. Zach Montour

    Not only is she a beast at singing, but the message holds POWER!

  33. Willow Nell Slater

    “My brothers told me to hold the ones that love me most so closely”

    Sooo true

    Mallory Newcomb

    Willow Nell Slater

    I love how she mentions friends, family members and she at one point switches the script & its “soon *we* will be 30 years old”. I think she absolutely did those changes in person

  34. Jayla Daily

    You are amazing

  35. Jane Queen Rose

    I really want this to be on Spotify, it'll be playing 24/7.

  36. Taylor Salisbury


  37. From the heart of an Empath

    Amazing. Wasn't a fan of the original. But you smashed the rewrite

  38. Ada Ahrberg

    Im not crying

    You are

  39. Shyla McFarland

    the soon i’ll be 20 years old and my brothers told me to hold the ones i love most closely but differently, i didn’t hold my brother close enough and it’s too late to go back RIP Alexander August 23rd 2019 💔😞

  40. Nick Gilchrist

    2:25 - 2:42 really hit hard

  41. Deborah Alvarez

    Does this relate to you?

  42. Carly M

    I need this on Apple Music!!!

  43. Raven Point

    I had always seen this in my recommendations, and never clicked it, decided to click it today and, oh my god. If this didn't hit you hard, dislike, and if this is true, hit the like-ON HER VIDEO! That was beautiful Leah! Keep going, girl!

  44. Maliha Zobayed

    with all these comments of like certain lyrics affecting people at this point, every line has affected SOMEONE, this rewrite speaks IN VOLUMES

  45. JustRandom person

    The Lyrics are super powerful♥️

  46. Amy Robinson

    “And God will show me He was by my side through my every heartbeat” - that spoke deep for me oh my goodness. It just completely reminds me that God has never not been there in my life and will forever continue to even 40 years in the future.

  47. got no name


  48. Ana D'assenza

    I love this so much! Such a powerful voice passing a powerful message... 💙 Thank you!

  49. Maria Luiza Korber De Camargo

    Ngl i dont like her voice

  50. Ninahbell 2002

    No words can express how I feel about this. I have actual chills, I needed this so much right now and my friend needed it perhaps even more than me

  51. Serenity Reneux

    Damn that was deep wish I could sing like thatT~T

  52. Brooke Walker

    This song has brought me to tears, it's so relateble and better than the actual song.

  53. la ragazza viola

    I'm soooo in love with this!! Even more beautiful than the original!!

  54. Adam Pugh

    Wow such a amazing voice and so powerful words

  55. MisswolfQueen 22

    wish this version was on spotify i love this more than the original so muuucchhhhh❤️❤️

  56. Brittneyy Wrightt

    This was so moving... How did I not find it sooner 💙


    youre voice is absoulutly beautiful

  58. Ka'Rissa Weldon

    "Life is a ressless game and we're trying not to lose it".
    Man gets me every time.

  59. Monica Nunez

    This is better than the original version

  60. J C

    “Crying ‘cause they don’t fit in with what society has taught them”
    Example: Society wants me to only do endless hours of homework, project, and studying instead of living what’s left of my teenage social life.

    Mallory Newcomb

    J C
    Preach honey, hope you’re enjoying Christmas break

    J C

    Mallory Newcomb I slept for three days straight and finally began watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and rewatched Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated. 🥳

  61. jessica osborne

    goo on lass what a voice keep it up:)

  62. XxStein 99

    Is there any place i can buy this song???

  63. Lexi Medley

    brought me to tears

  64. David Wellman


    Something to add along with Regina Spektor, Hollyn, and Lauren Diagle.

  65. Hope Gazey

    i love this

  66. Mel Ziemann

    Thank you

  67. yasmine townsend

    Will I be all alone like I am now and have been since birth

  68. Mami Zam

    Oh my.. What powerful words

  69. Okee Dokee Productions

    This definetly made me cry.

  70. Delaney Parker

    I've always dreamt so big so I'm going to keep on dreaming and in a hopeless world I've always kept believing." I will not defeated." "No matter how old we are, age is just a number, it's never too late to love to reach or care for each other, to forgive a brother." relate so much❤️I love this whole song.

  71. Delaney Parker

    I love this remake/cover❤️👍

  72. lynxadventure21 Ana

    Wishing this version was on Spotify

  73. Funny Phinney

    I'm not gonna lie... I like the lyrics but I'm not a big fan of her style. I feel like it was a bit over dramatic and overpowered the message she was trying to make

  74. Momma Bear

    Her eyes are gorgeous

  75. Orange Goat

    Please put this on spotify! ToT

  76. Amelia Que

    Could u put this on Apple Music?? I would have in on repeat forever!!!🤩

  77. ShaDHP23

    Once I was 12 years old, my father told me "Don't bother with a wife, you're gonna be lonely."

  78. Jess Coulson


  79. Sharifa shahsahen

    So, so better than the original

  80. Brandon Marquardt

    Your so talented girl

  81. Sweetheartlove

    Good song bad singer

  82. Kirsten Peterson

    Anyone else just want to look like her and have her voice?

  83. Eternal Confusion's Puppet

    I had to come read the comments yet again so my full attention wasn't on the video because I was about to be the cause of a flash flood.

  84. Kandy Birdsong

    That's is so powerful! I love it!

  85. Mackenzie Brown

    Your a great singer
    To me your better then all the famous singers♥♥

  86. Alivia Steward


  87. Tina Henry

    This is what the people need to hear

  88. nicoleee

    if you are reading this, then you've probably rewatched who knows how many times. things will get better bbys, take it from me, it takes a while to live the life you want to live <3


    i love this. thank you so much.

  89. Maddison Coombe

    Leah: at 11 I heard words that hurt more than bruises
    Me: at 4 I hear words that hurt me more than bruises
    Also me: once I was 7 years old I saw things I never wanted to see

  90. Maddison Coombe

    I saw this on once I was seven years old karaoke and every said it was from Leah guest and OMG I LOVE YOU ALREADY

  91. Sky playz

    Your lucky to hav a dad <3

  92. Ashton Rylee

    I remember listening to this 3 years ago ...

  93. Crystal may

    Wow you are amazingly talented beautiful and sweet!!!! Can't believe I'm just now seeing this. Hope you continue to follow your dreams and always enjoy whatever path you're living 🤗

  94. Meg Griffin

    I like the song you rewrote but your voice sounded so dry and unemotional. Guess I just don't like your voice though. No offense though.

  95. Amanda Logan

    ⁰1234567890xxxv building

  96. Kaitlin Wayne

    She's incredible 😍😮❤️💖💗💞

  97. Regina Long

    good song and voice