Guess Who, The - Dreams Lyrics

I was lost and tossed on a misty morning by a drunken sailor and the genie in the bottle let me down,
I was raised on Cain, in the name of the Father and the Mother and the brother and the other who was never even round,
On a windswept coast with the Black Knight falling I was heard to be calling that my ship and all its crew were going down,
As the sun ran slowly by a childhood rivulet a jeweled King summoned me, commanding that I run and tell the town,
Saw you, saw me, run quickly now,
Run and hide away,
Run and hide today.

In a room in a castle full of faceless lovers I was cut and bleeding and the image in the mirror struck me down,
I was chased and beaten by a well-drilled team of little men breathing colors and abandoned in a coffin in the ground,
As a pale young virgin made a meal of a martyr she was hailed as Holy by the only ones who stood and held their ground,
When a bright Mona Lisa with the eyes of a tiger read a new proclamation I was stricken from her list and never found,
Saw you, saw me, run quickly now,
Run and hide away,
Run and hide today.
Seems they come and go so quickly,
Disappear like sunlight in the evening,
And they may not ever be explained.

Seems like they come and go so quickly,
Disappearin' in the air like a breath of wind,
And they may not ever be explained,
And I woke up thinkin' I was dyin',
If you find one hang on with all you got
Way down deep, deep in your soul,
For it may not ever come again,
And I woke up crying like a baby,
Hey yay yay yay...
No they may not ever be explained.

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Guess Who, The Dreams Comments
  1. X Y

    👍👍👍👍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼the besttttt!!👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤💘

  2. Randall Kennedy

    I thought this Guess Who lineup was their best.Peterson was right. Cummings should have kept it going. Better than his solo stuff

  3. Chad Porter

    I was conceived when this album came out good ol ' 75" I love this band , Burton is a genius

    Ontario Guy

    You have a really good memory Chad!

    Chad Porter

    Ontario Guy thanks

  4. zandra torledo

    love song

  5. Ronald Charles Epstein

    The guy with the hat looks like Jimmy Fallon.

  6. JR Shea

    One of Burton's best.

  7. Jesse Hale

    Road Food is a killer album as well!

  8. rick petroske

    One of songs RCA needed to release as a single . I liked it back in '75 and still do . Gary Peterson always felt Burton did not give this new band line up enough time to work . Granted Flavors and Power In The Music were a all new sound to many long time Guess Who fans . Through it all Burton's voice defined the bands sound on records and in concert and always will .

    Jesse Hale

    I have to admit that "Flavours" and "Power In The Music" are two of my favorite Guess Who albums, Dominic was great! These albums captured that Canadian feel to it, circa '75, both were recorded in Toronto, and set the tone for Burton's sound for his late 70s and early 80s solo albums!

  9. bonilla997

    master piece