Guess Who, The - Coors For Sunday Lyrics

Hey dream breaker, you gonna laugh now that you fell down?
You broke my will and stole my soul, without even a half-ass frown

You got Coors for Sunday, you got a way with the negro boys
Comes to steppin' on their women, spendin' all your cash just to hear their noise

You got cool, not even you could ever get that hip
Seems your nose started runnin' every time you tried to let your backbone slip
You know it ain't right when you're screamin' in the morning

You got kings at your table, they're just a backstreet bunch of clowns
Steppin' out, have a look over, I hope I'm there to see you tumble on down

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Guess Who, The Coors For Sunday Comments
  1. jtange08 granny

    i wish that we could go bring back the boys in their prime god they were so good.

  2. Charmaine Hanslit

    Love that funky beat! Domenic Triano was something else!

  3. Ronald Charles Epstein

    In high school, my history teacher, Mr. Brown was rumoured to drink beer for breakfast. Is that how he spent his Sundays? He would not have gotten drunk on Coors, being too traditionally Torontonian for that.

  4. Capt Ted

    Awesome cut from long ago, still a classic with old Hippies like Me. Hope many of the younger gen check this out, seems a few out there ready to fill our shoes, Right On!Be Cool,The Captain

    Kate Heal

    Check out "The Sheepdogs."

  5. rick petroske

    Gary Peterson drums- percussion Bill Wallace bass . They both are outstanding on this entire album .