Guess Who, The - 8:15 Lyrics

Vision of mine can you see it
I know a sound can you hear
I've got a place have you been there
What time of day can you meet me
At 8:15

I know a song can you sing it
I've gotten lost can you find me
I know a game can you play it
What time of night can you meet me
At 8:15

You have changed my style
Knowing all the while
I would thank you for it someday...

Gonna keep on lookin' till I find you...

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Guess Who, The 8:15 Comments
  1. Luis Corro

    All songs from the American Woman are really good. Not one is mediocre....rare today to find records like this.

  2. dennis fravel

    I saw them at their peak of popularity--Miami University Homecoming, Millett Hall, Oxford, Ohio, fall 1970...

  3. 73challenger5031

    I grew up listening to these guys and finally got to see them live in the early 2000's with Bachman and Cummings. I'm so happy that I had that opportunity! Joe Cocker opened for them. What a great thrill it was! I was able to bring my wife and three kids with me! Always love the opportunity to pass on good music to my kids!

  4. rick p

    Love it!!!!!

  5. Michael Johnson

    these cats where the shit, still are, advanced for the genre. kick ass always will


    Michael Johnson: Man, you got that right! My Favorite group of all time. I'm 66 and still rockin' to these fantastic guys.

    dwight swan

    I remember the first time I heard this song. My buddies friend had this huge Altec cabinet, powered by a Dynaco amp.. The crunch of that guitar...Man just powerful... it was in a 10 x10 room..

    Gregory McGilvray

    Learn how to spell you illiterate IDIOT!