Gucci Mane - Yeeeeaaaahhh Lyrics

It's Gucci, Gucci
Big Gucci Mane
Ay, let's move the cams
Like yay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yay, yay, yeah
Yeah, Gucci, Gucci, know I [?] bitch

Yay, yay, yay, yay, cakes, cakes, cakes
You want a nine? He want it
A half? He want it
A key? He want it
Some P's? He want it
Movin' cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes
I'll stop and go to case man, Gucci got the snakes man
Now I'm in the 6, I used to ride with verse [?] man
Yellow Corvette, same color as your teeth is
Underneath the brush they don't [?] on my yellow rims
Hundred bricks, rushed them, straight to the G state
Then I got the motherfuckin' Philly ass cheesesteak
Bar grill and my grill look like the family grill
Got your bitch on three or four X pills
Hundred G's, two hundred G's, fuck a record deal
Two mil, three four mil, give me your record deal
I'm worth a couple mil in jewelry, a couple mil
And I don't fuck around with Jimmy, nigga, think a nigga slipping
MAC 90, double clip, a banana, I'm bananas
I kill 'em when I hit 'em, I'm the young Tony Montana, bitch
In the middle of the EA, GA
Fifth ward? no man I'm Zone 6 affiliated
Bouldercrest originated, cremated, the last way
Any nigga who tried me, burn one, blast one

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