Gucci Mane - Southside And Guwop (Outro) Lyrics

All the bricks mixed I'm focused
Take the whole load smoking
No IG stay focused
Dump 'em on the road keep rolling
Snitches got me moving slow motion
Thousand pints ain't no motion
Feds got a young nigga glowing
Get rich or die trying like Jody
My bankroll I can't fold it
Bank so big can't post it
Pull up in the club and we loaded
It's robbers in the club and we noticed
It's killers in the club and they know it
Send bullets in the club and they know it
It's hitters in the club and I notice
It's envy in the club and it's showing
All the cash in I'm blowing
Different countries I'm touring
The messy bitch is so boring
Only thing I'm fucking is foreign
Got diamonds on my neck I'm litty
Pull up and go big on Diddy?
So how you goin big on Biggie?
Young nigga selling kush like midget (Gato)

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Gucci Mane Southside And Guwop (Outro) Comments
  1. Squad God

    Me.Wopington 🔥

  2. tyshawn

    Album fire

  3. tyshawn


  4. tyshawn

    Gucci is unreal

  5. Emmanuel Oni


  6. Slim Ware

    Got Diamonds on my neck I'm Litty!

  7. Dante Roberts

    Man why tf this song don’t have a million views?? On god they missing out!!

  8. SamiRimaS

    The Best

  9. Dante Roberts

    This song so fuckin raw 🤦🏾‍♂️🏹🏹 why the fuck this song wasn’t 4 minutes 😬

  10. Jojo Cobb

    This shit suck! Lil Baby got the A on lock with that “Street Gossip” YNIC. Jeezy the only OG that can get the streets back.

  11. Anthony Duckworth

    Guess I'm have play few more time cause I'm not feeling it...

  12. Alex Madou

    the beats is fire !!

  13. Stubbo242

    It's envy in the club and it's showing
    All the cash in I'm blowing
    Different countries I'm touring
    Domestic bitches is so boring
    Only thing I'm fucking is foreign

  14. fury Dentro al mondo


  15. Jennie

    1️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ 💯

  16. Marquez Ware

    pull up and go big on diddy so how you go big on BIGGie.

  17. Andrew Gallegos

    Awready Gucci

  18. Ty Brown

    low key garbage

  19. Dante Roberts

    Gucci really talking on this one.. you have to fuck with this.. this how bro living right now 🤷🏽‍♂️👍🏾

  20. LeBraun

    this should've been a whole song🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Mac TTG


  22. Sebastian Alvarez Garcez

    Got 3mil stashed if i die today 3mil burried wit me

  23. Ricc Rozay Rush



  24. Zayer

    Would've liked a Young Sizzle (Southside) verse...

  25. Go Getter

    domestic bitches so boring, only thing I'm fucking is foreign. facts (Caribbean and Africans)

  26. Der Messias

    craziest track on the whole mixtape

  27. Edwina Warren

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! THIS AIN'T GUCCI! If you like this mans music then good for you but I will neva trade on my nigga gucci. The real gucci! Not this IMPOSTER!


  29. BigBizz87

    Need to make this longer, beat straight fire and Gucci killed the flow!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Daniel Johnston

    Real shit this got me at a loss for words💯 gucci god fym🔥

  31. Maritza Velázquez

    Letal gucci Mané exelent OMG up gucci

  32. Phxntom

    Who here before 140k?

  33. rell chapo

    should of made this a whole song

  34. 2Short 2x's

    Every track 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Maria Villalobos

    gotta love the beat though


    Love Gucci mane , Most of the time can hear his music for free on youtube or SoundCloud 👌🏼 an I’m talkin bout the whole project in order ! Luv that shit

  37. Collin Johnston

    should've turned this into a Full Track.

  38. g10118

    Fuk 12, trust yourself

  39. g10118

    Fck I w9sh this track was 24 long

  40. Sebastian Alvarez Garcez

    Is killers in the club and they know it

  41. Jason Moses

    BEST GUCCI ALBUM BY FAR.. we all love old Gucci he has many hits but just think about what album you can listen to from back to back since his first main stream cd.. I mean every song...Go Go GUCCI

  42. Kenken 34

    No IG stay focused!

  43. Justin Gonzalez

    Bro this is way to short I need more🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. Tara Cunningham

    I wish this one was longer

  45. noemy cisneros

    Here before 1mil

  46. Eduardo Corral

    Keeps getting better 👍👌

  47. Dominar La Vida


  48. Omer Boat

    That jan hard asf

  49. Cece Green

    I miss the fat Gucci 😂😂😀😀😍

  50. Cece Green

    Shit 1017 brick squad monopoly
    These young cats don't know what's up on that 1017

  51. Nicholas R

    Best. Outro. Ever.

  52. vkt187

    why dafuq this is so shooooooort???????? dammit

  53. Michael Evans

    Hardest outro i ever heard!!

  54. Brick1017Squad

    Ill take a Southside beat over metro

    Broo no way hahaa

    metro beats lazy honestly

    Kelpo G

    @Broo no way hahaa I love both Metro and Southside but if one has lazier beats it's Southside honestly.

    bastien pelletier

    @Broo no way hahaa metro has way more knowledge about sound and music than southside


    Sickest song on the album but also the shortesr

  56. Kush Tgu

    This that old gucci. Not the new one

  57. King Terry

    Somebody tell Gucci he married now, calm the fuck down

  58. John Smith

    southside doesnt fucking play around when it comes to the drums

  59. Justin

    Why only 1 minute

  60. Myke Clark


  61. Myke Clark

    Listen to da intro https:/

  62. Nicholas Jackson

    Pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  63. Chase N. Paper

    My bankroll cant fold it

  64. NextMoveTv Gucci And Southside Outro GTAV VIDEO

  65. Jermaine Baber

    Gucci Mane and "SouthSide and "Metro Boom all he need on the track and "Zaytoveen" too..The three best produces...

  66. Khokos o7o

    All i think im fucking is foreigns WOPPPPPP

  67. flexmoney78


  68. laptop droptop

    Song so good put it at .75x just to make it longer haha

  69. Bibek Mgr

    It's gucci.haa

  70. MasterMind79 MasterMind79

    dis shit is trash.....

  71. Street Kid

    I miss the old guap trap back

  72. Nighthawk Viper

    Malcolm is UNSTOPPABLE

  73. Grindin4Cash Hustle

    🆕 🆒🎹🔊👏👏🎹🎹🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹👏

  74. Datrick Minor

    wow i heard this beat before, southside was cooking it in the studio few weeks ago.


    Datrick Minor do you have the link? This beat is amazing

  75. Leveezy Gutta Muzik

    #Leveezy 🔥🔥

  76. Based Marcus

    Gucci the only rapper with the hottest outro on every album 🔥

    Ketu Aten

    So hard

    Ya boi Connor

    Based Marcus not east atlant Santa tho

  77. sam blum

    the fact that Southside 808 made EVERY BEAT >>>


    sam blum FACTS Hes to fiee

  78. Winnie Bangsi

    This fire 🔥 not long enough 😩😩🙌🏿

  79. iDrkTV

    Gucci just dropping us presents, like, here you go boys!! Gucci is the man!!

  80. Shiggman Z

    Y’all are a bunch of dickriders

  81. shakur laflare

    this one kinda decent everything elf so fucking goofy, if you don't know gucci listen to scholar or supposed 2. them songs touch my soul this new shit man s curl gucci wack as fuck

  82. Ricardo Deal


  83. Sergio Holguin

    Christmas gon be cold af!

  84. r4ch

    Bruh this album was wack, i know change is good but i truly miss the old street gucci

    Darko Dujmovic

    bruh this album sounding like old gucci,tf you talking about


    Nah man this doesnt sound anyting like old gucci, go listen his chicken talk album or smthng


    true whole album is bad and doesn't really sound even close as old wop, but that outro is godlike


    You gotta listen to this whole album a couple times wasn’t feeling it at first but this shit grew on me 🔥🔥🔥 right under droptopwop

    Farmer With A Shotgun

    r4ch whats ya fav gucci mixtape?

  85. Michael Myers

    Every Christmas guwop never fails. SANTA MANE 🎅


    LilMich Myers *East Atlanta Santa

    M L

    Rell Rell lmaoo he wasn’t talking bout the actual album he was callin Gucci Mane
    Santa mane

    Michael Myers

    Que Jordan yea you got it

  86. Tara Cunningham

    Goodness Gucci! Dat beat go hard!

  87. Meechie Two'z

    Should've been longer 😥

  88. Seth #traplife#sodmg

    Need a guwop x lex luger album

  89. Berlaind

    Enter my channel and watch my 4.8 million video you will be surprised

  90. sixsense foundation


  91. José Gonzalez

    What happened to off the boat ?

  92. Mike Pippen

    Gump Shit ...GuWop...Rip Doe B Lil Reggie Fathead .... Bama Bosses