Gucci Mane - Ice Cream Lyrics

[Hook - Quavo:]
Mister ice cream man [x4]
I'm sellin' ice cream [x2]
Mister ice cream man [x4]
I'm sellin' ice cream [x2]

I'm sellin' ice cream and popsicles
I'm sellin' all ladies and skittles
24's on the ice cream truck, got the pots and the pans
Yeah I'm bout to cook it up (whip, whip!)

Sippin' on lean like slushy
Got a foreign bad bitch, she russian
Smoking on gas and [?]
Got molly, got xans, got cookies

Got coke, got dope and I get'em out the boat
Kids on the block kill for the ice cream cone
Xanax bar with a [Klondike bar]
Ice cream man I'm a retro star

Pull up on your block
Like Gucci brrt the whole block
Remixing, nigga rerock (remix!)
Them birds come in by the flock

[Hook - Quavo:]
Mister ice cream man [x4]
I'm sellin' ice cream [x2]
Mister ice cream man [x4]
I'm sellin' ice cream [x2]

[Gucci Mane:]
House full of mexican (que pasa)
Cook the dope one time again (muy bien)
Shooting dice cause I'm a gambling man (eres muy guapo)
Heroin from Afghanistan
El holmes I can't understand that
What you mean? I don't talk english I can't comprehende
Fuck you mean? Got this F&N can you comprehende
Fuck them bricks, you said there where coming wednesday

[Hook - Quavo:]
Mister ice cream man [x4]
I'm sellin' ice cream [x2]
Mister ice cream man [x4]
I'm sellin' ice cream [x2]

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    Boa wtf is that

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    I'm selling icccceeeeee cream

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  26. Damian Diaz

    man this is dope the chorus and the beat its all good

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    Classic Gucci. Gansta Verses And Hook On A Almost Kid Friendly Zaytoven Beat. I'll Never Get Tired Of It. #Free Gucci aka #Gucci Mane LaFlare aka #Gucci Montana aka #Big Gucci aka #Gucci 2 Tymes aka #Trap God aka #Big Guwap aka #The Machine

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