Gucci Mane - Girls Kissing Girls Lyrics

Girl after girl
Girl after girl
Girls going wild I got girls kissing girls
Girl after girl
Girl after girl
Girls going wild I got girls kissing girls

Me her her and her, grab her by her hair
Naked girls in here, girls touchin on girls
Your lil precious daughter, got her high as hell
Make her pop a pill, still let her hit the blunt till
She feels like I feel, will not just cost a lil
Back round like a hill, these hoes are for real
Me her and her friends, they look like they twins
She so fuckin fine that I touched her up again
Told her next time she can bring her other friend
Then I lost her number never seen again
The best brain in the world, do her thing with a girl
But don't call her yo girl, yo listen I a'int with yo girl

Girl after girl
Girl after girl
Girls going wild I got girls kissing girls
Girl after girl
Girl after girl
Girls going wild I got girls kissing girls

Girl after girl
Girl after girl
Girls going wild I got girls kissing girls
Girl after girl
Girl after girl
Girls going wild I got girls kissing girls

Poppa, Poppa Bear, I'ma need some honey
Chew it like a gummy, stupid juicy oozy runny
Listen Gucci Mane I got what u need
Keisha and Alisha and Tamika got the weed
Girls everywhere Gucc go and get the camper
White girls too ohh Julie Annie Amber
Can I squeeze your boobs, let me see your boobs
Ain't none of these bitches on my cruising altitude (altitude)
Minaj is the name, it's me and Gucci tag team Wrestlemania brain
I'm stupid uh I'm stupid can u teach me how to read
Lil mami get to flashin get yo Mardi Gras beads

Girl after girl
Girl after girl
Girls going wild I got girls kissing girls
Girl after girl
Girl after girl
Girls going wild I got girls kissing girls

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Gucci Mane Girls Kissing Girls Comments
  1. Major Love

    This song is for
    Shakira and Jennifer Lopez when I hop over Miami Strippers Bowl in 2020 Lol 😂

  2. Fly Eagles

    Gucci a legend man

  3. Icy Robin

    The best brain in the worlddddd !!!


    Who still bumping this in 2019!🔥🔥🔥👀

  5. Shaq Matthews

    2019? Str8 🔥 🔥 🔥 real Gucci(well dam)

  6. Lee Spoon

    "Pay close fuckin attention"

  7. Solomon Taylor

    The real nicki


    Back when we all thought nicki and gucci were together in 1017

  9. Juan Lopez

    We still traping this shit out..!

  10. OfficialJJayRap

    Damn dis a classic mixtape

  11. y0o0o0 m4ma

    remember there was a version without holiday talking. dam who has it ?

    Info Revolution

    It could be on audiomack. Type up *Gucci Mane Writing on the Wall (No DJ)*

  12. PlamTreez

    He Need To Release The No Dj Version Of This Mixtape

  13. Alan Ranta

    Way to set back feminism by 20 years.

  14. DJ Jon804 Remixes

    2016 and I still ain't forgave DJ Holiday for this shit....smh


    I don't know why Gucci allowed that shit on his song.

    Michael Evans

    lmaoo he screaming waaay to much

    Justin Dir

    DJ Jon804 Remixes this song dirty

    KC Knows Best


    kevin melendez


  15. Svn Thrty

    i was searching kissmane lol

  16. Cellytyree

    Make her pop 2 pills , still let her hit the blunt till she feel like I feel .

  17. bet I fucky ob itch

    Gucci hit

  18. Niecey TheIcon

    This is the shit

  19. DJ Jon804 Remixes

    we need a version without annoying ass DJ Holiday

  20. Rasha Mcneill

    Pull up witcha daughter got her high a$ hell......GUCCI DAT DUDE YO

    DJ Jon804 Remixes

    your lil precious daughter, got her high as hell

    Rasha Mcneill

    oh lol still my shit tho

  21. Ed B

    When Nicki was a beast I liked her better when she was with Gucci

  22. Amanda Parrish

    Free gucci

  23. XxEndZonexX

    3 Bitches, Thats Crazy!

  24. Travis James

    Fuck yea

  25. Beautifuck

    fuck u dj holiday

  26. Flavio Montesdeoca

    fuck u

  27. 20Terrell20

    girl after GIRL....Girls Kissin Girls!!!!

  28. Bornrocketstar

    nicki went out like a nut ...left gucci & used him smfh

  29. PimpSlapDaHo OnTwitter

    The best brain the world, do her thang wit her girl, but dont call her ya girl or let her hang wit ya girl

  30. XxEndZonexX

    Well Damn!

  31. Ghettopurpman22

    Gucci made Nikki

  32. Tarantino 305

    girls kissing girls had it seen it done it lmao xD MOLLYS does the trick

  33. Wallis Norman

    Me her her and her

  34. DJ Jon804 Remixes

    3 Bitches Dats Craazy !

  35. Nikki Jay

    She fucking sucks now and her Beez in the Trap song was just as horrible as her lace front wig in the music video.

  36. Trey Grant

    My shit

  37. Intelligent Hoodlum

    that shit is not like her old flow , that sounds like someone white trying to be black .

  38. PonchoJack

    Holiday shut the fuck up.

  39. Hannah Michelle

    I Love this song cause the beat is cool and so is his voice.

  40. UncannyLZ

    @4745shaq She is on her new album..look out for Beez in the Trap ft 2Chains

  41. Kira Mathews

    omg i couldnt walk down the hall without hearing someone singing this

  42. Stubbo242

    Me her n her

  43. mrflair919

    like TRAP MUZIK
    type in j ram - go hard

  44. MAJOCification

    good shittt

  45. Aryanna Cheyenne

    Nicki is soo amazing<3

  46. Doota Most

    mane holiday hyped the song

  47. Kyle Sutton

    i like dime bags like this

  48. Alyssa Mariee Lopez

    @Robsta61969 She Still Raps !

  49. Robsta61969

    @RomanNickiBarb Yeah, this is when she actually rapped. sellout

  50. Aryanna Cheyenne

    @erikdhe How about both of them are good?(:

  51. Alyssa Mariee Lopez

    I Like Gucci But Nicki Is The Reason I Am Here

  52. Erik Suarez

    @Str8Sunny fuck you gucci is badazz and nicki is fake

  53. Erik Suarez

    I like girls who like girls(:

  54. Patience and Nature

    @ninefoegroova This pathetic ass nigga > ninefoegroova thinks its cool to type "q" instead of "g" for nigga..... Girls do that shit... you must be a sissy or something.

  55. Patience and Nature

    @ninefoegroova im lame because I like Air Jordans....???

    This pathetic ass nigga > ninefoegroova

  56. 805ad

    i like turtles

  57. Darrius Jones

    i like gurls kissin gurls :)

  58. Quentin Henny

    15 people don't like lesbians !

  59. 1 Noah mccall

    nicki verse lame ass hell. It's amazing what a ghost writer can do.

  60. Patience and Nature

    I like Air jordans =]

  61. edcerc

    i wish this was longer and it was just gucci

  62. Louis Guthrie

    sounds like a 36 mafia beat

  63. Princess Cathey

    I like girl after girl!

  64. Darrius Jones

    omg nicka minaj is so sexc ill fuc her and get rich off her

  65. Victor Olvera


  66. Andre Shipmon

    yall hoes can have it...

  67. Elijah Pearce

    how many people know about history here? or anything not to do with trying to be a gangster wanna be? cause this music is SHIT not the shit but shit like shit on a stick

  68. 2chairsnare

    holiday season!

  69. Eli Zabeth

    @modedwarfare2 She wasn't really with Gucci like that. They just had the same manager (Waka Flocka's mom) but I know that she isn't Gucci's mamager anymore. Although Idk if she's still Nicki's manager.

  70. iaf gdy

    @cenashly download the mixtape

  71. iaf gdy

    @datchick67 u buggin

  72. jdogg430

    gucci went in and nicki minaj fam

  73. Smash Adams

    why couldn't nicki stay like this

  74. RealRiteZaya

    nicki bodied dat

  75. Justine N

    omgggg holiday needs to shutttttttt uppppppppp

  76. Ongetrepreneur

    is there a version without Dj Holiday talking shit over it

  77. MsChaiva

    Miss u phiff dog. hell rd. and 249 forever! Yup VA....

  78. MsChaiva

    Miss u phiff dog. hell rd. and 249 forever! Yup VA....

  79. 23bigmayo

    this is for us lesibans

  80. 23bigmayo

    lovin this song its for us lesibans

  81. Stephen Cummings

    dj holiday...SHUT UP!!!!

  82. Stephen Cummings

    wow dj holiday ruins every song.

  83. John Lopez

    @dollamayne lmao, aint that the truth

  84. dajah sullivan


  85. Diamond Oh

    @dollamayne lol

  86. omarionboo54

    @THtSk8r CTFU no bull shit

  87. Michael Last

    someone need to shoot holiday's bitch ass he fuckin anoying

  88. jacob stanford

    shut the fuck up dj holiday

  89. Deandre Gantt

    dj holiday make the song better bitch

  90. Chymistry

    then i lose her number...neva seen her lol

  91. Joe Whitaker


  92. whiteboymagicc


  93. konoko spears

    Too many pills will fuck u up be careful gucci!!!!!!! put put pleasee listen gucci mane I got what u need

  94. simone crawford

    listen gucci mane, i got wat chu need. kesha and alicia and tameka got the weeed...

  95. osom36


  96. john brown

    @dollamayne yea i tried downloading this track without dj holiday btch ass yelling in the backround but i culdnt find it... btch ass ngga tryn still all da credit, cant even hear wtf gucci was sayn in the bginnin

  97. chaiyana

    @MzVIA1993 yea ii kno riitee no homo shee go hard always

  98. SErVt91

    beat is hot but this is some real garbage

  99. Kiara Hughes

    drumma boy