Gucci Mane - Freestyle Lyrics

Uh, uh
New mixtape, Writing on the Wall, baby
What's happening miss lady? I see you!
Y'all go getcha lil buddies
You can come over and play right here [*splash*]
Ha, freestyle, I'm going in, Gucci, ha [*airhorn*]

I got a pearl named Jennifer, met her on O-National [?]
Why am I Grand National [?] Her oral sex spectacular
All off in Los Angeles, met this girl named Angela
Angela, she lick the balls while rolling blunts and drinking up
Paris, me and Pamela, Pamela's a freaky slut
[?] girl, forgot her name, but her head ridiculous
Jasmine, Jazz, & Jessica, bet they fell in love because
They know I'm Icy as fuck, all they get is groupie love
New York, I got Tabatha, Tabatha took half it up
Turned around and backed it up, I call that there "stepping up"
Fresh out, Gucci wanna what? Freaky Girl that wanna what?
Baby girl I tell you what, you and your girlfriend there can come
Mary, Sara, Keisha too, one of me and three of you
I think I need more of you but for right now you three'll do
Mixtape, Writing on the Wall, mixtape, Writing on the Wall
Fuck her like a, treat her like a, then I pass her to my dog

Yeahhhh, it's Gucci! What's happening?
Bling-blaow-brrr, haha
What's going on, man, Writing on the Wall, man
New mixtape, man
Man we gon' need like 150 sweaters
Skull-caps and gloves, yeah, earmuffs
You know what I'm talmbout?
Mink game immaculate, man
Jewelry game, you know, extracurricular, you know?
I got pee diamonds, man?
You know I'm talmbout? They just plain, haha
I ain't bullshitting, man
DJ Holiday mixtape, Writing on the Wall
Producer Zaytoven, shoutout my nigga Mario
My nigga Waka, whole Squad
We outchea

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