Group 1 Crew - Beautiful Lyrics

La, la, oh, oh, oh, oh
Ay, yo, B, yeah
Let these people know what beautiful really means

I've been thinking 'bout the way I see myself and I
Just can't understand why I say
All those hurtful things about myself, my insecurities
They don't seem to just go away

And it's hard for me to understand you loving me
Through every mistake that I make
I'm so glad that you will never leave, keep reminding me
How you see me every day that I wake

I'm so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, uh, oh, uh, oh
I'm so beautiful, so natural, not typical
I'm so beautiful, there's nobody else made like me
I'm so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, that's me

Yes, you are, yes, you are, yes, you are
Yes, you are, yes, you are, yes, you are

I love the way you made my smile 'cause it fits my face
It's so wonderful, unbelievable
And every color in my eye is just the perfect shade
It's so incredible, indescribable

Now you may think I'm not a perfect size or overweight
But I'm huggable, oh, so, lovable
Let's put away our silly thoughts and fall in love with life
'Cause there's so many reasons for you to smile

I'm so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, uh, oh, uh, oh
I'm so beautiful, so natural, not typical
I'm so beautiful, there's nobody else made like me
I'm so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, that's me
I'm so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, that's me

That's me, I like a girl who got some confidence
Uncommon but with common sense
Quick to help her mama with the groceries and condiments
Doesn't live fast and loves life and gives compliments
Someone who I can ask about life and knows what time it is

Never late to meet me even though I am
Give her some sorry excuse but she always understands
She can take me in some sports, basketball was her thang
But at night she throws some heels on and her love is still the same

Don't need a cover girl or Maybelline or maybe I lean
A 'lil closer to the side of viewing her as a queen
And overthrows my life with the sense of humor she brings
I'd give my life away to hear her sing, to hear her sing

I'm so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, uh, oh, uh, oh
(I'm so beautiful)
I'm so beautiful, so natural, not typical
I'm so beautiful, there's nobody else made like me
I'm so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, that's me
I'm so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, that's me

I'm so beautiful
You're so beautiful
Woah, woah, ooh

This goes out to all my ladies out there
You're beautiful
So don't be afraid to be you
Let your hair down, put your smile on

You're beautiful, you're beautiful
Yeah, hmm

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Group 1 Crew Beautiful Comments
  1. zion chan

    This song I remember from soo long ago. I had a friend that heard this song all the time and so I remember this song. But I moved countries a long time ago and then when I went back to where she lived I couldnt find her and ive been trying to find her for so long. I cant remember her last name, it was Mikayla lee or lang or something. So ive been trying to find her on internet for a long time lol with no success. And then remembered this song. I havent heard this song in nearly a decade

  2. TheElecon

    Cuando estaban juntos los tres :( 2018

  3. AJ Hollins

    7 years ago. thats crazy!!!

  4. Camel Beauty

    I love this. This deserves more views and likes

  5. Trap.boys.edits

    This really meant some thing to me :)

  6. Nazareth Mejis

    Love music beautiful gril yeah

  7. Dizimon-

    This is my dads ringtone from when I call him

    Friedrich Boettger

    That's beautiful. Your dad rocks bigtime.

  8. Larissa Silva

    we are all beautiful

    DENISE Bourne

    bnnju uh tout tty


    But you're more.

  9. Jakyra Boyd

    I'm so beautiful !! <3

  10. Connie Cody

    We are all Beautiful

  11. Denisse Serrato

    I put this song when I fell that I'm not beautiful

  12. Katy Cunningham

    Love this song :)

  13. Rose

    im so beautiful!!!!!!! ^_^ When I hear this song, it isn't self-worship, it's reminding yourself that your beautiful in the eyes of God.

  14. Raphael Monteiro

    Download now !!!

  15. destynee heath

    I saw them at the awaking festival 2013 it was amazing

  16. Aliana Torres

    i love this song it thought me to be confident of myself no matter what you know BEAUTIFUL

  17. Andy Kinil

    *-*' me encanta.

  18. Nadine Desire Moraleja

    This song always makes me smile :)

  19. shelbie brock

    I'm beautiful, I'm so b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l that's me!!

  20. shelbie brock

    They did really good at soul stock in 2013!!!

  21. Chad Collins

    they were at tobymac hits deep... epic!

  22. jessica zuniga

    Luv it!!!!

  23. Katy St. John

    <3 this :))

  24. Lucero7003

    Yes so rigor

  25. DreamChaser0414

    Heard them yesterday in britt Nicole concert

  26. Casey Hillard

    just saw them in the britt nicole consert

  27. Ami Ruiz

    I love this song !

  28. Apostolicgurl Aguilar

    Im BEAUTIFUL because God made me perfect!!<3:)

  29. jade graham

    every girl is beautiful and every guy is handsome.<3 because God dont make mistakes.(:

  30. lisa deas

    great song really hits home for me

  31. Alexis Robinson

    mee tooo!!

  32. Noemi Mareco

    you got the complete lyrics of the song? I want to translate and not encuentroo :/ if you got in English as I want, so I translate it, thank you very much!

  33. bearryorange

    i agree

  34. Hannah Morse

    Saw them at winter jam and I lovee this song!:)

  35. Johann Kirstayn Rivera

    To all my girls OUT THERE.

  36. swaaagzz

    YCAB12' <3


  37. Nia Johnson

    Yes = )

  38. mangafreakchibiko

    Saw them live at YC!!! They are so inspiring and amazing

  39. Serina Frawley

    mee too williamsburg??

  40. Nia Johnson

    i saw this group at bucsh gardens

  41. Michelle Martinez

    Cool this video was uploaded on my birthday

  42. GodGirlAlways

    I LOVE THIS SONG SOOO MUCH GROUP1 CREW allll the WAY!!!<3333333

  43. pantachromestar

    I heard that G1C started out with Manwell and Pablo. Blanca was good friends with Pablo's brother, Josh, and was hanging out at his house. Pablo and Manwell were recording in the basement, and they asked Blanca to sing, and that's how she joined.

  44. pantachromestar

    1:03 Second verse.

  45. Constance Smith

    @misswinnie1998 Blanca and Manwell (the singers in G1C) are siblings, that's probably why you got confused.

  46. SoccerWWEHokieLover


  47. Tonya Cutter

    I lve this group its my favorite group love you guys

  48. Tonya Cutter

    this song encoruge me alot all the time i think i'm not beautiful

  49. Lj Suobiron

    ...I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

  50. KateLynn Prem

    itz okk

  51. misswinnie1998

    @purpleluva527 yh sorry about that i didnt think they were married i thought they were brother and sister

  52. Cyp Pag

    @amoloqesoy in English please..
    :) (:

  53. KateLynn Prem

    there not what???

  54. Noemi Mareco

    @MegaSweetlion tenes la letra completa del tema ? la quiero traducir y no la encuentroo :/ es super urgenteee ! contesta porfaaa!

  55. misswinnie1998

    @purpleluva527 there not

  56. Kayla Lajeane

    i luv u guys

  57. palaworianz09

    this group is totally underated lol. you guys are better than some of the artists out there

  58. MaxineLynn

    love this song so much <3 got to see them at Gracefest this last weekend and i have had this song stuck in my head since!

  59. Melody Maffiodo


  60. KateLynn Prem

    i cant believe that manwell and anjelah johnson r either married or getting married there so cute together♥♥♥

  61. Reversity

    Always glad to have this song around on "those days"...

  62. Cyp Pag

    I’m so beautiful, so natural, not typical
    I’m so beautiful, there’s nobody else made like me
    I’m so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, that’s me!

  63. ItsMeCourtney1

    love this

  64. KateLynn Prem

    ITZ SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!

  65. GV511

    awesome song

  66. Kirsten White

    i love this song .