Groove Armada - Easy Lyrics

(All right all right...
Yeah yeah...)

'cos looking back it was easy
It was easy
'cos I know that I can sacrifice
Looking back it was easy, easy, easy
It was easy
Looking back it was easy

'cos looking back it was easy


'cos looking back it was easy
It was easy
'cos I know that I can sacrifice
Looking back it was easy, easy, easy
It was easy
Looking back it was easy

'cos I know that I can sacrifice
Looking back it was easy, easy, easy
It was easy
Looking back it was easy

It was easy

(it was an easy job)
(something to do by you)
(something to do by you)
(by you, by you, by you, by you)

(mmm, mmm... all right all right) [x4]

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Groove Armada Easy Comments
  1. Danielson Scott

    A Groove Armada sticker is on my jeep,love it

  2. Captain Bart

    The back story to Richie Havens performance is moving.


    =??? I would love to know it!

  3. Kevin Powell

    Really really Wanna see them live ! What about this one singing !! Sorry don't know her name, " mary " .... Mary's just pure perfect !! Voice, lovely smile, sexy ! .... Etc....

  4. Captain Bart

    The Incredible Neneh Cherry.

  5. Justin Forrest

    One of the songs that made me fall in love with house music

  6. Justin Forrest

    Goosebump track

  7. Kelvin Matthews

    Absolute tune!! Still love this. Cos looking back it was easyyyyyyyy

  8. Antyk Berbeć

    Z A K U R W I S T E !! !! !!

  9. Mark Gibson

    Love ♥ British 🇬🇧 House 🏡 Music 🎶

    Pure Quality..*

  10. geordie boot boy

    Epic tune

  11. Reclining Coffee Machine Strikes Again

    So chill

  12. Clara Anastasia

    keren paraaaah

  13. Stuart Wilkins

    I concur with Harry's comment below, best version of this song live. I would also like to add that Brixton Academy is one of the best venues around and this was the best band line up. Top drawer

  14. Victor Rodriguez

    Best song ever!!!!

  15. blackflagqwerty

    Too hard for 60 ppl!

  16. Robbie Blunsom

    2019 and on!!

  17. William Reed


  18. ಠ_ృ

    A piece of my childhood right there.

  19. Cameron James

    Different time , different place .. listen closely ..

  20. Ana García

    COME TO MÉXICO!! 🙌💃😎🎶💕

  21. gc nj

    Simply song ...damm sound dam good she is good to

  22. taza98

    Oh wow... 2018 and this still sends shivers down my spine. Always got to dance when I hear this. I'm 50 in a few days but don't give a fuck..gotta dance!!!

  23. Israel Reuben

    2018 fam still rockin

  24. Zsé Zsé

    What a voice!!!!!!

  25. W W

    Best version I've heard.

  26. Sam Mac

    Does anyone know if they still do love shows cos all I've seen in recent years are DJ sets and they just play tech house:(

    Captain Bart

    thats a Google question, not a "hey everybody" question for YT

  27. juliaiglesias79


  28. micholas beeker

    I remember the first time I heard Easy back in Summer of 2002 when I was 20 years old. Man, what a great summer that was.

  29. Justin Case

    This whole concert is magnificient...I need to experience the energy of GA IRL 💗

  30. Lita lsumu

    ... ah...ah right ah right....mmmm♥🌊🌊💃🌺

  31. Marco Costa


  32. mataeciccio

    Angelo perché non ci sei più, mi manchi tanto

  33. Wes Edmonds

    It wasn't easy for 34 people.

    Sergio Müller


  34. Fábio

    2018 still rocking it!

    Sherri Sunshine

    @Gabriella Nobrega x

  35. Karina Torres

    come to Argentina PLease

  36. azamorph

    31 people disliked this? 31 people suck and have no life.

  37. diprestful

    COMO se llama la cantante de color?

  38. Krysti4n0

    <3 it!!!

  39. Feather Black

    The singer is adorable. :)

  40. Blas Castro

    Nice ..But cant never be compared to the studio version vocals by Sunshine Anderson. Goosebumps !!!Powerful


    woooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111

  42. Mike Guerin

    takes me back. almost emotional.

  43. Marius Justus

    mmmmmhhhhh Perfect.obrigado merci Dankeschön thanks for this ,,easy" song

  44. Marius Justus

    Black is mmmmmhhhhh

  45. Marius Justus

    i'm a rasist i love block woman and i'm whity white and i'm proud about that sweet chocolat if you ever taste you'll never forget thanks Afrika greetings from good old german .

  46. Marius Justus

    4.50 mmmmmhhhhh easy yeah was für nen geiler song Dankeschön

  47. azamorph

    What is the name of the Singer? She's hot.🔥 🔥


    Valerie Maxfield


    Or Valerie Malcolm

    Parsa Tabeghanoon

    It's not EASY to find her name

  48. Christian Dorra

    great performance

  49. Jeffective

    They put on such a good live show... Real talented musicians.

  50. joaquin gascon

    que buena musica¡¡¡¡.Que ritmos te levanta de la cama auque tengas sueño jjjjjjj

  51. Adrian Escobar

    have this maxi on 12" such a nice track !!

  52. Fernando R Vergara Villanueva

    Uff ¡¡¡

  53. Harry Hungria

    best version so far..she killed it..

    gregory francois

    what's the name of the singer please ?

  54. Esmeralda Peciña Matias

    Quieroooo estoooo

  55. Esmeralda Peciña Matias

    la hostia. Vampnossssss

  56. john sutcliffe

    What is the singer called. She absolutely rocks!

    Dalas Dalasov

    +john sutcliffe

    Easy Tofind

    Barney Philippou

    +john sutcliffe Valerie Malcolm

    Tim Lamont

    Valerie Maxfield

    john sutcliffe

    Easy Tofind? Weird name for a girl...

    F X

    lol, he ment Easy ToFind :)

  57. Refuse To Lose

    AWESOME ! <3

  58. zobolus

    yeah, that's the one

  59. AJota Tube

    Thanks for uploading! I missed seeing this video, which was taken down from YouTube a few years ago.

  60. essie finch


  61. Elly Caputo

    The best

  62. Crystal D'Esprit

    played this concert on my dvd player so many times. Epic!

  63. John Sutcliffe

    watching all the live versions of this song on you tube..its nailed here!! amazing vocal performance...