Groban, Josh - Smile Lyrics

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it’s breaking
When there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You’ll see the sun come shining through for you
Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile what’s the use of crying
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile
When there are clouds in the sky
You’ll get by if you smile
And maybe tomorrow
You’ll see the sun come shining through for you
Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile what’s the use of crying
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

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Groban, Josh Smile Comments
  1. 小林憲一郎

    Good music and good singer , you selected . Thank you ! 小林憲一郎 72 years old.from Japan.

  2. Adolfo façanha

    sorrir é remédio para segurar um grande amor

  3. Gjfjrgjfgj fjyfgcnfgng

    He the Joker

  4. Gail Parker


  5. Francisco Ferrer Galiana

    Maravillosa canción, esplendida versión de Josh Groban.¡¡¡

  6. Ada Esther Quintana

    Bella interpretación de josh Groban! Gracias❤️❤️🙏

  7. Alice Fricke

    My young and beautiful Josh, you will know heartbreak and you will know love! You are an awesome young man!

  8. pepi garcia garcia

    que belleza de voz ,espléndidamente hermosa

  9. Sara Brown

    Anyway I Haven't Smiled In Ages because I've Been Thinking Alot So Much Of My Dear Late Father in heaven?

  10. Sara Brown

    Smile Big & Pretty! What A Breathtaking Performance Ever Made By Mutiltalented Josh Groban?

  11. Elke Lange

    Thank you <3 <3 <3

  12. Santa Rosa Amanda Armas

    Smile gold voice blessings 😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏

  13. Santa Rosa Amanda Armas

    This was the Queen?

  14. Santa Rosa Amanda Armas

    Take care the same ours God Father Energy Supreming like not contamination please will be pure you soul. Blessings 🙏🙏

  15. Santa Rosa Amanda Armas

    The only one have competition in my favorite Frank Sinatra are you son. 🦅🦉

  16. George Wilson

    A perfect rendition. Josh now owns this song.

  17. Moutton Noir

    He looks a bit like Donald Trump Jnr

  18. Joan Dunn

    Josh has a beautiful smile may he always smile we all love you beautiful man

  19. Anna Malatino


  20. Sam Co

    I picked this song for my dad's funeral and it was perfect and beautiful how Josh Groban sang it, all my dad's pictures he was wearing a smile.

  21. Maryanne Abad

    I love Josh Groban. Such a lovely voice, and his vocal diction is so good..

  22. Lori Hertz

    Forever a Grobanite!

  23. George Wilson

    Josh's rendition of this song brings a tear to my eyes and a smile to my mouth at the same time. That's how beautifully he sings this timeless classic

  24. Mirella Cravotta

    😃,tempis 💜

  25. albert gerace

    A beauty for always and a day.Thank you!

  26. Alice Fricke

    I love you, Josh Groban!'

  27. Robert S. J. Hu

    Aloha JOSH.  I concur with you that a "SMILE" will keep me going on in life despite the unforeseen circumstances that weface through life's journey.  I am inspired by your steadfastness in hope and positive focus you have given me.  I firstheard you in 1986 when I was only 16  years old; I am now 76 years old and  everyday I listen to at least four or five songsthat you have blessed me and the whole human race.  I wish someday I can attend a real live concert.  For now hearingand listening to your YouTube postings and  cd's will suffice for now. I was born and raised in Hawaii and love yourmost comforting and serene heavenly voice.  God bless you and your family.  Fondest aloha!!! Robert S.J. Hu

  28. marion soucy

    Zack Brown country singer

  29. zoe chu

    Yes, a sweet reminder. I forgot I did this all my many years here on Earth.💛
    Thaaank uuu! 🙂🙃🙂

  30. Josette Portelli

    What a beautiful performance!! It gave me goosebumps!

  31. Karen Hoyle

    Such a handsome young man. So accomplished. I remember when he was on stage the first time at 17. Such a beautiful voice!! I wish him much happiness in life, and a partner to be happy with!!

  32. hassan Doukkali

    where is my hidden child ? ...i ll never see him maybe it's too long to wait all my life

  33. Sweet Memories

    lovely version of a beautiful song. Also listen to Streisand's version. At the end "Just smile" gets you right in the heart of emotion. Thanks.

  34. João Manuel Costa Sousa

    Uma voz mágica para uma canção mágica e intemporal !!

  35. Cheryl Slatton

    Josh love your beautiful smile. Yes wedo!

  36. Ethel Lima

    Josh Groban,maravilhoso.!!👏👏👏👏

  37. Janet Lindley

    Beautiful. Thank you Josh 😊

  38. Doraliza Duran de Morales

    Hermosísima canción, cuando uno está triste, lo arregla con una sonrisa......

  39. Doraliza Duran de Morales

    .iy linfo

    Doraliza Duran de Morales

    La sonrisa ayuda, siempre......... hermosa canción

  40. George Wilson

    What a voice he has been blessed with. The clarity of a bell!

  41. Say What?

    Josh is an absolute cutie with a great voice!

  42. João Manuel Costa Sousa

    Une très belle chanson interprétée par une voix magique et qui nous transporte vers un monde où l´impossible est un mot qui n´existe pas !!

  43. Ewa Rychter

    przepiękny głos 😊

  44. Lourdes Dodge

    Just Groban !

  45. Debbie Leyva

    I love this song of Josh's and his interaction with the Children's African Choir. Gives me the goosebumps! Those children are so beautiful and precious! They did a fabulous job! God bless Josh & The Children's African Choir. XO

  46. Espie Arao

    You are my favorite Josh Groban.I love you.

  47. Clifford Dalton

    I've always taken note that anyone with even remote connections to Jewish are perfectionists AND it shows Josh, you have a real gift my friend, long may it last for you.

  48. Maria Soares

    Lindo sorriso e Linda Voz!💟👍

  49. x0539p

    Hard to believe Charlie Chaplin wrote this song. It is one of my favourites.

  50. Svetlana Katchour


  51. Chris Fileppi

    Josh- your beautiful songs help a little with depression and unhappiness. My entire life has basically been unhappy and each day I reach out to your songs for hope and comfort. It seems you are a great guy and I hope you are truly happy. Just be who you are and if someday you have your own family cherish them. Most of all keep singing. God has blessed you tremendously and hang on to these words if you ever feel down. Most of all don’t succumb to pressure from the big boys that may challenge your way. They can go to hell. You are loved and make people like me happy with your songs. Love you and don’t forget it ❤️

  52. Betty Spearns

    Here for the umpteen time! Just love Josh singing this song ( well actually all the songs he sings).
    Makes me so heartfelt! 🤗❤️👏👏👏👏👏

  53. Leah Fitz

    He makes the perfect wedding songs

  54. Dagfinn Eikeland

    This song will last forever.

  55. dave anthony

    A beautiful song that has stood the test of time.

  56. Spooky Boo Streett

    Thx from south carolina

  57. Alberto Felix

    Que belleza......


    Favoloso...emozione profonda🎤💟

  59. Pamela Benavides

    Que mas puedo decir de este hombre hermoso que lo he seguido durante toda su carrera...eres hermoso Josh Groban, me encantas...sigo esperanzada que algún día vengas a deleitarnos con tu hermosa música a Chile.!!! TE AMO

  60. ミッフィラブ

    いろんな人のスマイルを聞いてたどり着きました。綺麗な歌声ですね🎵 癒されました。ありがとう😉👍🎶

  61. Rosemary Fraser

    It's beautiful. It was my mum's favourite song - I can often be heard singing it to myself.

  62. mariaemilia matoscordeiro

    Josh you are a nauthy boy!

  63. Leonora Tirazona

    hauntingly beautiful...thank you....eased the pain in my heart

  64. Lydia Novianty

    Is hard för me to smile!!! after He was past away. But love this Song 😭

  65. mariaemilia matoscordeiro

    Charlie Chaplin was, indeed, a genius. You, in your side, make justice to him.

  66. Jeliar 1212


  67. Maria Elisa Saltini Reichert

    Adoro sua voz e interpretação maravilhosa...

  68. Marie Doherty

    🎂Happy 37th Birthday Josh🎂

  69. Jennifer Loving

    Happy Birthday, Josh❤

  70. Gabrielle Dorr

    Wunderschönes Lied!

  71. ruth payot

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  72. ruth payot

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  73. Michele Beers

    smile mike its still worth while mimimike southing breathtaking to you too mike see mimi at home apt four o six ninety seven Hanover st lebanon nh go diner Sunday mimi wait for mike ok you got mimi tonight kisses hugs yes when do you want to walk inside towers you moving in your stuff some stuff ok yes walk what time you need mimi here ok happy mike makes mimi happy excited too we mike we mimi too here herray yahoo mimi glad you stayed here mike mimi love mike completely sweetheart my mike his mimi not over sorry too

  74. Eti Cohen

    אוקיי לא גאון, אבל ענק, יחיד בדורו, למה לא שומעים אותו?

  75. Eti Cohen

    איפה הגאון הזה היום?

  76. Raquel Agüero Piñero

    Sublime ! Gracias ! Inolvidable tema de Chaplin interpretado por la maravillosa voz de Grosban

  77. Becca Csendes

    Love it!

  78. astero avgoustinou

    Χαμογέλασε φιλαράκι μου !

  79. Sumi Yati

    i like his voice..verry like

  80. Ingrid Fristed

    Beautiful ;:)))!!! THANKS ...............................

  81. Alda Aquino

    Linda canção!

  82. Armand Q.

    Sorry, he's a great artist but he literally butchered this one. Completely uninspired, washed up arrangement and out of tempo. There is a reason why jazz singers do it much better. He should stick to opera or something. According to the late Charlie Chaplin the man himself, Tony Bennett sang the definitive version. Everything else is redundant.

  83. Anita Mayle

    A beautiful song written by Charlie Chaplin... Nat king Cole and Josh are worthy..xx

  84. Carol Reid

    Beautiful face and beautiful voice inspires me.
    Thank you

  85. Bruce Langille

    I have always loved this song because it gave me strength.Now I have found out that I have short time here and all I can do is cry.I was the one always smiling...Josh Gorban brought that back to me.I listen to it everyday and it gives me strength and I don't know how.His voice is so powerful and true.How could I not believe a miracle can happen.But what I know now is eating at me from the inside out...literally.My last wish is to see him live.But I can't.May he keep bringing Joy to the World and all his fans like me!God Bless,Happy 2018,Bon Soir,Bruce

  86. Giovanni Campo

    Grande josh bella versione

  87. Nell Smith

    You and your song Brave helped me with a Critical care illness

  88. constantinescu elena

    Superb ! Thanks !

  89. Tineke Menson

    hallo wie het laatst lach lacht lacht het best Esther Jaloerse trefwoord.

  90. Kent fromwales

    Good gawd, JG is sooo handsome! Good voice too. I love this Charlie Chaplin song.

  91. Roxanne Wheelan

    you are adorable! Thank you for your music <3

  92. Jude Angione

    Ironically, I tend to play this when I need a good cry. There's a heartbreaking undertone to it.

  93. Kym Kantaris


  94. Chrissie Webster

    Josh at his best...........

  95. Nati Ventura


  96. Robert S. J. Hu

    Yes, we all must learn to ''SMILE'' when we encounter life's challenges.  Thank you for sharing this beautiful songand video that gives all of us hope.  Mahalo nui loa !!!!!! (Thank you very much!!!!!) Robert S. J. Hu

  97. Bondan Susilo

    Tersenyumlah...... damailah dunia ini......