Groban, Josh - I'll Be Home For Christmas Lyrics

I am dreaming tonight of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know it's a long road back
I promise you

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents on the tree

Christmas Eve will find you
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

If only in my dreams

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Groban, Josh I'll Be Home For Christmas Comments
  1. Sprinkly Hatcher

    I am literally crying in awe ON PURPOSE. This is soooo pristine, angelic, and beautiful!!!!!

  2. Maximum Effort

    Thank you Josh 😭🙏!

  3. Edo Kospra

    I am dreaming tonight of a place I love
    Even more than I usually do
    And although I know it's a long road back,
    I promise you
    I'll be home for Christmas
    You can count on me
    Please have snow and mistletoe
    And presents on the tree
    Christmas Eve will find you
    With a love like me
    I'll be home for Christmas
    If only in my dreams
    Christmas Eve will find me
    With a love like glee
    I'll be home for Christmas
    If only in my dreams
    If only in my dreams

  4. Lorelei Carr

    Most beautiful version of this song I've ever heard. My husband was a veteran of the Navy and passed away this summer. He loved Christmas and December was also his birthday month and our anniversary. It's hard.

  5. Rachel Pickering

    I just dedicated this song to my boyfriend who is injured by a ambushed. He was suppose to be home yesterday. It was on a Southern California radio station.

  6. Dal Redmond

    I hear your pain so clearly
    My wish for you this coming Christmas is that you are able to find some comfort in the good that you have for others.
    I am also all deceased. We have to look hard to find that joy we once had.
    Love of this Christmas is showered upon you.

  7. Jonathan Morley

    As much as I admire the "tribute to our troops" edition of this song, is there anyway to get a version without that?

  8. Buneary Business

    This guy has one of the most beautiful voices ever...

  9. Sally Bartholomew

    My son was in Iraq one Christmas. His wife and 3 boys miseed him and I did too

  10. montgomb3

    So sad, but beautiful. March 1st and I am listening.

  11. Brett Bryant

    Thank you for posting this version of I’ll Be Home for Christmas. The dedication to men and women who’ve given up some of their freedoms and so very much of their time to be the instruments of security policy of America may be a hard concept for some but I get it and I’m deeply, humbly grateful for their collective service. Christmas is a time to be with those we love. I continually pray for those who serve; for their safety and success and especially their safe and peaceful return home.

  12. Richard Bramley

    I play this every Christmas. It was my Mom’s favorite Christmas song. She’s been gone for years now, but hearing it, brings me back to all the memories.

  13. Jusa Kiki

    a;lways be sooo nice to be together on Christmas

  14. montgomb3

    The most beautiful christmas song ever arranged. Brings a tear to my eye when I hear this guy (Josh Groban) sings this song.

  15. riggs xamot

    Dec 1 2018

  16. Ellen Lo

    It will be nice if there is also video with this beautiful song.

  17. David Bilavarn

    November 2018!!!!!

  18. William Anthony

    Even without the added effects, this is a truly sad song. It always has been.

  19. Brian V.

    Wow, this version really gets to your heart. Thanks to all the military serving and defending our freedom. You are the true heroes.

    Manuel Orozco

    Brian Valendez Happy Veterans Day

  20. Ada Esther Quintana

    Hermosa canción! Gracias josh Groban 😍

  21. Eric Laird

    When I was at sea for Christmas this song would bring tear's to our eye's every time,forward combat deployed,GOD bless our troop's!!!...

  22. Isaac Pedroza12

    This Is The Reason I Love Christmas Is The Time For Family Celebrations All Over The World I’m So Blessed To Have My Family Here This Christmas With Me

  23. Steve H.

    Maybe I'll get to see my nephew this Christmas. He has not been with us since 2014. Protecting his country beloved. Maybe, just maybe!

  24. riggs xamot

    1 more month !

  25. Nathan Deal

    Even though it's still a few months till the season comes around, just listening to this song, and thinking about all that it promises helps keep me calm and collected when I'm going through a rough patch, and reminds me that no matter how bad things get, I'll always have my family and friends to stand beside me and support me.

  26. Kampf der Clans - Fury's Assault

    Came for GiGi Hadid

  27. Manuel Villaça ATOR

    Delicious! Merry Christmas...

  28. MrMusicguyma

    Nice, heart-tugging version.

  29. Steve H.

    This is a very emotional song for me, especially since we have a family member serving in the military overseas. And,  like the lyrics sung so beautifully by Josh, this family member will not be home for Christmas. But, like he sings, they will be home in our hearts and dreams. God's Blessings on all of those men and women serving at home and abroad, to protect our great country and freedom throughout the world!!!!

    Manuel Orozco

    I feel sorry for you. If World War 3 is declared sometime within the next four years with Trump as our president, I can't bare to watch my brothers go to battle.

    Steve H.

    Why feel sorry? In case you haven't heard, freedom isn't free. Ben Franklin said it the best----" Those who would exchange temporary security for peace deserve neither security or peace"! And the family member I mention chose to seek to qualify for the branch he is in. He earned his place, it was not given to him! And he is glad he chose the branch where less than 3% of the population  qualifies to be a part of this organization.

    Manuel Orozco

    @Steve H. Because you never know if anyone of your family will die young for honor and doing what's right. Being autistic I will be protected by not going into battle. 

    Manuel Orozco

    @Steve H. Merry Christmas by the way 

    James Davis

    Steve, thank you for your sacrifice, and for your service man's sacrifice.

  30. George Wilson

    What a perfect rendition of this beautiful song.

    Manuel Orozco

    Never expect perfection is my motto but I agree.

  31. DravenGal

    Makes me get choked up whenever I hear it. So beautiful.

  32. Emls479

    I literally can't listen to this without crying

    Emily Ann

    Emily Holyoak SAME!!!

  33. _tck18_

    The La Porte High School American Sign Language performs this song and it's truly the saddest thing you will ever see. All the girls performing it end the song balling every time.

  34. Julie Wentworth

    Always makes me cry.....memories.

  35. Emily Ann

    When I first heard this four years ago, I felt just right bad for the military families who won't have their loved ones home for Christmas.

    but my first and only boyfriend who died in June 2013, and since the Christmas after that, this song just brings me so much pain. I know no one in the military, but it pains me just the same since a deeply loved one will never be with me for Christmas. he's with Jesus. as beautiful as this song is, I can hardly bear to hear it. it wakes me up every time this plays on my Christmas radio in the middle of the night, and it just brings me so much pain, I feel tears.

    Josh brought a whole new meaning to this song in this version. And it's amazingly accurate these days. it's part of his charm I guess

    AJ Fuentes

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    Steve H.

    We never "get over" their absence in our lives, as I know from my two deceased parents. We just learn, with God's wondrous grace, learn to live with them being gone!

    Emily Ann

    Steve H. That's true

  36. J.S.

    A deeply moving & profound piece of music

    Emily Ann

    Jana Scont ikr. Josh brought a whole new and modern meaning to this song when we hear the messages to and from those in the military

  37. Melanie Caldeira

    3:51 gigi talks

  38. Josna Lama

    Awww gigi ❤️

  39. kew 13

    Gigi hadid is 3:52

  40. Bryce Leung

    his best Christmas song

  41. Tugce Ercan

    I'm just here because I heard Gigi was in it


    Snapchat? 😂

    Tugce Ercan

    M 18 indeed lol

    maya priel

    Tugce Ercan me too😂

    Sahar Souilass

    Tugce Ercan saaaammee 😂😂😂

  42. nephilim357

    absolutely beautiful. makes me smile with joy each time I hear.

  43. Gυнz.jαм NewJack

    one of my favorites christmas songs

  44. K Andrews

    Gigi Hadid sounds so cute in this!

    Jasmin Appleby

    K Andrews you got here before everyone else haha

  45. VDiBi76

    This is my favorite Christmas song aside from traditional songs of Navidad from Peru.

  46. MMAFighter38

    God bless ALL our men and women serving. Your sacrifices are felt & appreciated across the world.

  47. Spirit Quest

    Such a BEAUTIFUL rendition. God bless!!!!

  48. fig1954

    This old veteran weeps when I hear this. I spent 3 Christmas's IN combat. Only one Christmas 7 day leave granted to me. When I returned home, I was unaware how much we Viet Nam vets were hated. It was awful that Christmas eve. I was beat up, spit upon by several people and called every filthy name there is. I got to my sisters house about 1 a.m. Got a call at 07:30, the next morning, to report back to the ship for emergency deployment. Only 10 hrs. home. I really just wanted to get back to my brothers, where we would understand each other and watch each others back. I'm not bitter, just sad that it happened to so many of my brothers. Remember the past. Forgive it and learn from it. I'm old and alone now. All my family have gone on to be with the Lord. Someday I'll again see my dear friends that were killed. I served loyally and support all our military. Thank you for listening. Thank you for posting this video tribute. God Bless all of you.

    Karen Watanabe

    If you live in the Boston Metro area you would be welcome to join us on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or both. You are loved and appreciated.

    John Francis

    Thank you for your service.
    I grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood and a number of my buddies were in Nam.
    I started college Sept 1966 and lottery number came around in 1969?
    I wanted to be a chopper pilot but had bad eyes.
    in my neighborhood there was no such dislike of vets.
    mostly Hollywood types and communist sympathizers (although they didn't understand who was pulling their chain)
    Now we may end up fighting Chinese communist forces in future.
    my uncle was Marine infantry in Korean war.
    it never ends.
    And may God Bless the United States.

    Andrew Trotter

    You’re not alone, anyone who puts their faith in Jesus is never alone, I see this post is from 4 years ago, but if you happen to be listening to this song, Merry Christmas 🎁

    Crystal Roberts

    Thank you for your service, but also acknowledging our Lord. God bless you and Merry Christmas!

    Rebecca Duncan

    fig1954 I'm not sure if you will ever see this post but 4 years (1/4/20) after you wrote it, I awoke with this song in my head; particularly Josh Groban's version and I just had to hear it. What I wasn't expecting was to be moved by a post such as yours. It breaks my heart to know that you had those experiences, but also warms my heart to know you were able to forgive. At the end of the day, that's what Christmas is all about...honoring our Lord and Savior's birth with goodwill and love towards our fellow man, regardless of how they treat us (although it's hard). If we only treated people the way they treated us, this world would be in a worse position. It's about choice and I chose to see love and goodness in people and if someone like you can keeps me inspired for the future. THANK YOU SIR FOR YOUR SERVICE and please are not alone.

  49. Hannah Sein

    his voice makes me cry tears of joy.

  50. Susan Laird

    I love this.

  51. Chris

    This song brings me to tears every time. Dammit Josh!

  52. George Rivera

    To all my friends, brothers and sisters away from while on active duty, to my fellow veterans, Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you home safe to your families, friends and loved ones. Please be safe, and come home. I love you and we all love you and know that we so much appreciate your sacrifices on our behalf. We need you to be home. Please come home.

  53. Isabel Martins

    Very important to those who are away...
    Thank You so very much....

  54. Manuel Orozco

    What a heartfelt song for all the men and women serving our country in these desperate times overseas and away from their homes! Here's to a Merry Christmas to those who are healing from the tragedies in their lives and in the world this past year especially for Paris and 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

  55. jess spino

    36 days christmas 2015 wow !!

  56. gcmacyman

    I can't stop crying right now


    +gcmacyman Me either. Makes me want to give every U.S. Soldier out there a hug and tell them thank you for allowing us to be safe <3

    Steve H.

    Me either!

  57. Rose K

    How beautiful a voice from our Heavenly Father Our God , to lift up praise to our brother Jesus Christ ,to sing with the holy angels... I found Josh last year 2014 an could not remember his name this yr ,the Lord brought it before my eyes , what a blessing,this 2015 after the loss of my precious husband Jessie this blesses my heart to worship our Lord God in Jesus ,with Josh Groban... Rose

  58. bandofbrothers2025

    I get goosebumps everything he starts. I feel like Christmas is here.

  59. Brenda Sizemore

    I am Christian. Therefore, Christmas is of great importance to me. Being in service with our church family is of top priority. Sharing the true meaning of Christmas is paramount!!! Second to that is all of my family come to MY house for Christmas since both our parents have passed on. Christmas Eve my house is so full of laughter and love. There are two Christmas Trees, one in the formal living room for my own children, grandchildren, and son in laws. Another is the den for siblings and their families. You can hear yourself think, and your are arm to arm in family. Tables have to be set in the dining room, den, living room. Wherever! And then I try to just find a place to sit down and "SOAK IN FAMILY". I love to just try to find a soliary place for a minute or two and "hear" each person......whether they are laughing, talking about fashion, the men telling their outrageous hungting stories.........I just try to "appreciate the fact" that we are once again together for the celebration of the Greatest Night that ever took place on the planet...................Christmas!

    Jacob Showalter

    Brenda Sizemore merry early Christmas


    "Christians" are NOT looked upon by God or Jesus as "Favorites" during Christmas time. Please, Get alot more Real then that.

  60. Victoria Provost

    CTY anyone???
    If you don't understand, go about your business.

  61. Rcthegamer 5511

    this is a good song for me it fits for when i missed my grandfather and now he is dead and i missed him he's been dead for 3 years .

    Bethel Adiele

    May his soul rest in perfect peace

    Manuel Orozco

    I have a grandmother from my mom's side who died December 3rd three years ago one day and three weeks before Christmas. She was diagnosed with leukemia

    Emily Ann

    Rcthegamer 5511 I know how it feels. my first and only boyfriend, whom I loved since we met when we were five (best friends throughout childhood), died three and a half years ago. Christmas pains me, and this song brings that pain

  62. baby lovie

    when im alone on chistmas is one of the worst feelings with no home no family no friends no pets just me and myself... one of my happy dreams is snuggle bunnies


    +baby lovie you and me both. I haven't opened a present in 10 years. The music is the only thing that helps me keep my sanity.

  63. Hadid News

    3:51 @GIGIHADID's voice: "Hi Daddy! Mommy, Bella and I are wrapping presents to put under the tree and we saved one especially for you. We miss you a lot and we hope that you can come home soon. Merry Christmas."

    Gianluca Berger

    Hadid News That one broke my heart

  64. Janes Dough

    The angels have voices and they sound like Josh.  Amen!

  65. kym sutton


  66. James Davis

    Wonderful rendition of a heartbreaking song. Thank you for sharing it.

  67. HalfwayBeret

    It's funny how before Groban, I always found this to be an average Christmas song at best. Now it just melts my heart. It's probably my third favorite Christmas song, behind Same Old Lang Syne and Johnny Matthesis's cover of Sending You a Little Christmas... Yeah, I like em bittersweet. Though to be fair my number four is Santa Clause is Coming to Town by Springsteen

    Susan Laird

    +HalfwayBeret Totally agree................

  68. jess spino

    39 days CHRISTmas 2014.

  69. Jack Banister

    I try not to shed a tear every time I hear this song, but I fail every time. Beautiful.

  70. Jarrod Smith


  71. Adrianna Acevedo

    Beautiful beautiful song ❤️

  72. Todd Dierdorff

    Having spent Christmas 1968, in Southeast Asia, with the temp at 90° and humidity at 90%, with a homefront that wanted us not to come home, I find this version incredibly moving and angst inducing. I so appreciate our troops, these days, and pray that they never have to encounter the sort of aggressive dislike and disrespect we did, way back then. God bless and keep our troops, wherever they're serving!

    Manuel Orozco

    Very touching. the Vietnam War must have been so overwhelming for you and your fellow troops. I did really enjoy hearing about your sad times there.

    Jim Finigan

    My Dad served in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne. I myself served in the Marines in the 80s. I spent many Christmases away from home. Merry Christmas to you my brother! Semper Fi!

    William Anthony

    Todd Dierdorff- The hippies have developed selective amnesia. They can't seem to recall the way they treated returning Vietnam War Veterans. Many who lived through that era remember, however, as do the Vets, who can never forget!

    Now many of those hippies are teachers and professors, and have been poisoning the minds of students with their anti-American rubbish for years. Not until the last of them retire and die off, will this country be safe from their cancerous influence!

    Andrea Hedrick

    My daddy spent 3 tours of duty in Vietnam away from my mom, one of the few times he shed tears in front of me was in the grocery store shopping for Christmas and this song came on. How much he wanted to be home during those times he told me. I miss you dad, so very very much!

    George Rivera

    I was there with you.

  73. Vicki Wong

    From a Canadian Lady to the North...Wishing All Soldiers Everywhere who can not be at home for Christmas... A Very Merry Christmas, A Safe New Year, and God Bless You All Ladies and Gentlemen. RESPECT. :)

  74. qwikshot16

    I love this song, and love josh's voice ... but this song is extremely painful to listen to this year ... 'cause the 'old man' won't be coming home any more, especially for Christmas

    r.i.p. dad -- we miss you more than we can say ...

    Todd Dierdorff

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I pray for you a blessed Christmas, with wonderful memories of past Christmases.  God bless you.

  75. leona hawker

    I am woman and I too went in the service.  I think it is very important that we support our troops.  It is very hard around the holidays especially the first Christmas away from home!!!!

  76. Paul Schneider

    It's a shame we have to listen to these military people leaving messages for their families. These should be private messages. I'm not at all interested. The public relations machine, part of the huge military industrial complex, stages this nonsense.

  77. Renee Holme

    this makes me cry every time!

    Jack Pontes

    Very nice!

    Renee Holme

    thanks Jack! how are you guys? Merry Christmas :)

    Jack Pontes

    Were great. Looking forward to our trip to the Philippines; my first.

    Sent from my iPhone
    Jack Pontes

  78. Kevin C

    Makes me cry when I hear the lovely messages from our troops. God Bless our Troops and Merry Christmas

  79. YangHee Iris Jang

    I always feel peace and hope.. with this song.. hope everyone have a wonderful Christmas..!

  80. johnny thai

    deepest thanks and appreciation to all of our soldiiers around the world who fight for all of our safety. know that we hope to see you all home with your families.soon and that you are in our thoughts prayers.may the Lord Bless you all the way He's Blessed us all with you Peace in God's Blessings. Merry Chrstmas

  81. Rusty Horse

    I'm not much of an emotional person, but when I hear the military shoutouts, it makes me cry to think of those that are not coming to their home here on earth, but have rather gone to the home in the sky.

    George Rivera

    For years I would cry for my dead friends every time I would hear this played over the radio in my car.

  82. Donald Hagenwald

    Sad.  Far to few soldiers will be home for Christmas, and far, far to many will be in their ultimate home on Christmas.  Thanks to those who serve, and may God Bless you all.

  83. George Rivera

    Those of you who served, and who serve, God bless you, watch over you and bring you home safely. I know first hand how evil war is. From my heart and from my soul, I am sorry, and I want you to come home safely. Thank you for your sacrifices. 

  84. Kyndal

    If there are any Men and Women in uniform who might read my comment, I just want to tell each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart, "THANK YOU" for your wonderful service to our country, your service to our country is very much appreciated. I just want to tell you "THANK YOU" for my freedom. Y'all are the most wonderful Heroes!!! :) All you brave Men and Women in uniform, I just want ya'll to know that y'all have my 100 and 110% support and my prayers. Hope y'all will stay safe and that y'all will come home safe and soon!!! Again I just want to say, "Thank YOU!! Your biggest fan, supporter and prayer warrior,

  85. Chris

    This song has so many feels. All of my family is retired from duty, yet, when I hear this song I get reduced to tears. 

  86. Bryan Garten

    Why are you guys arguing about the roles of men and women during a tribute song? They all have a right to miss their families when they are far away. They all have the right to define their roles in a marriage. I raised my children. If I were married to an Artist or Entertainer chances are I would have to raise our children too while they traveled. Additionally, some women soldiers joined the military for a career opportunity or for an education. War is not always absolute. Merry Christmas

  87. Adventure Crafts


  88. Daniel Heitjan

    No, dads and moms have different roles in the raising of children. I mean no disrespect to anybody either. I just think moms of young kids should not put themselves in a position where they can be sent away from their families for extended periods of time. The modern feminist dogma that men and women are equal in every way is about as valid as the geocentric model of the universe.

  89. John Doe

    You're argument is pretty invalid. What about dads in the military who join after they have kids? The same cane be said for them, but i bet you wouldnt say anything about that. I mean no disrespect to any men or women in the armed forces, im just pointing out whats wrong.

  90. Fred Sprague

    Beautifully done !

  91. Daniel Heitjan

    Mothers should take care of their children. I realize this is not the world of two generations ago when most women stayed home and tended the hearth. But kids need their moms. If this woman's "heart" leads her to the military, what is she doing having kids she can't take care of?

  92. Daniel Heitjan

    OK, angry person, I get your point. But the lady is not fighting, and nobody dragged her over there against her will -- our is a volunteer military, remember (especially for the women, who are not even required to sign up for the draft). She chose that life, and in my opinion she chose badly. She is a mother and she should be at home with her child.

  93. Tj Sircy

    shes fighting for your sorry ass, thats what shes doing in the military. and for you not to respect that makes me absolutely sick to know that you're an American. shame on you!

  94. Baley Brianna

    why am i listening to this , its not even christmas , its june

  95. Daniel Heitjan

    God made us to love each other. That is our main purpose in life. Do the best you can for the people around you.

    Maximum Effort

    Daniel Heitjan Thank you 🙏!

  96. Daniel Heitjan

    Every time I listen to this song, and hear the bit from the woman who's missing her 4-year-old daughter in St Louis, I cry and then I get angry. What are you doing in the Army, lady? Go home and care for your daughter. What's more important than being there for your family and loving them? Such fools we've become!

  97. Star Gazers' Field Entertainment

    This makes me think of my Grandfathers, both in the air-force.

  98. Brian Martin

    What the heck are you talking about?

  99. dogsoap

    I don't think you have your facts right.

  100. Connor Wills

    It's such a shame that this most recent scandal has happened, and at christmas time no less. If I had any idea Josh Groban molested children I would never have bought this album